The Sleeper and the Bust Episode: 309 – Pick a Hitter


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Approximately 57 minutes of joyous analysis.

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Hey, I have a question. Would you pick the hitter or the pitcher?

I’m in a 12-team H2H dynasty keeper league with no contracts or $ (keep forever). We have 40 man rosters (32 MLB and 8 MiLB

Each spring we keep 28 guys (20 MLB and 8 MiLB) and we have a 12-round draft. I have an enticing trade offer that I’m mulling over.

I trade Strasburg/2nd round pick (24th pick)/7th round pick (84th pick) FOR Encarnacion/10th round pick/12th round pick

At SP I have – Arrieta/Carrasco/Cueto/Lester/Strasburg
At 1B I have – VMart/Ortiz

I’m enticed with EE’s power. I know he’s 33 and starting his decline phase; whereas, Strasburg is 27 and *could* put it together this year but I’m starting to have my doubts if he’s got that extra gear.

What side would you want to be on? EE or Strasburg?

The Real McNulty
The Real McNulty

who would you be able to get with the 2nd rounder? It’s really him+Strasburg vs. Encarnacion


Since it’s towards the end of the second round likely guys like Daniel Murphy, Fowler, Span…guys that the others didn’t deem worthy of keeping