Team and Player Shift Information

If you are looking for analysis here, sorry but there is none. What follows though is the information that might help others do their analysis. At the very least, you’ll have better information on shifted hitters and which teams which employ the shift the most.

Top 30 Players (Basically, any slow left-handed hitter)

Name Bats Shifts Hit Into
David Ortiz L 75
Lucas Duda L 63
Prince Fielder L 57
Ryan Howard L 55
Carlos Santana B 53
Brian McCann L 53
Brandon Moss L 52
Mark Teixeira B 51
Kyle Seager L 50
Carlos Beltran B 48
Anthony Rizzo L 47
Mike Moustakas L 47
Matt Kemp R 47
Adam LaRoche L 46
Adrian Gonzalez L 45
Seth Smith L 45
Matt Joyce L 44
Edwin Encarnacion R 43
Victor Martinez B 42
Chris Davis L 41
Stephen Drew L 41
Freddie Freeman L 41
Matt Adams L 39
Logan Morrison L 38
Pedro Alvarez L 36
Oswaldo Arcia L 34
Chase Headley B 32
Carlos Gonzalez L 31
Justin Morneau L 31
Albert Pujols R 31

Teams (Four NL teams in top half which is the same number as the AL East teams in the top eight.)

Team Batted BallsĀ Into Shift
Orioles 471
Rays 469
Brewers 426
Pirates 423
Astros 412
Red Sox 366
Cubs 348
Yankees 330
Athletics 307
Royals 275
Indians 252
Rangers 251
Mariners 232
Reds 226
Angels 217
Blue Jays 177
Mets 155
Diamondbacks 153
Tigers 146
Giants 138
Marlins 122
Rockies 119
Braves 108
Padres 89
White Sox 83
Cardinals 66
Twins 65
Dodgers 50
Phillies 48
Nationals 42

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Just a small nit-pick: the teams and players don’t line up at all. Thanks for the info!