Bullpen Report: May 8, 2022

The 2022 version of Bullpen Report includes five different sections, as well as the closer chart, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

We will always include a link to the full Closer Depth Chart at the bottom of the Bullpen Report each day. It’s also accessible from the RosterResource drop-down menu and from any RosterResource page. Please let us know what you think.

  1. Notable Workloads: Primary closers or valuable members of a closer committee who have been deemed unavailable or likely unavailable for the current day due to recent workload.
  2. Injury News
  3. Outlier Saves: Explanation for a non-closer earning a save during the previous day.
  4. Committee Clarity: Notes on a closer committee that clarify a pitcher’s standing in the group.
  5. Losing A Grip: Struggling closers who could be on the hot seat.

The “RosterResource” link will take you to the corresponding team’s RosterResource depth chart, which will give you a better picture of the full bullpen and results of the previous six days (pitch count, save, hold, win, loss, blown save).

Click HERE to view the full Closer Depth Chart.

Notable Workloads

Liam Hendriks, CHW: 8 pitches on Saturday, back-to-back days. | RosterResource

I’m always unsure about whether I should even write about Hendriks in this section as the man rarely takes a night off. If you look at his “Pitcher Usage” row on the Closer Depth Chart, you’ll see nothing but the sweet green color of successfully converted saves for five of the last six days. He took one day off on Thursday, and if he throws again today (Sunday) he will have thrown three nights in a row twice this week. If he does get the day off, Kendall Graveman is the most likely reliever to pitch in a save situation.

Jhoan Duran, MIN: 32 pitches on Saturday. | RosterResource

Duran threw in both the eighth and ninth innings on Saturday night. He walked one while striking out five. Co-closer Emilio Pagán had the night off, so he is likely to get an opportunity in a save situation on Sunday after Duran’s multi-inning performance.

Lou Trivino, OAK: 1 pitch on Saturday, back to back games. | RosterResource

Since his return from the IL (Covid), Trivino has not worked a full inning, nor has Oakland had a lead late in the game to allow Trivino a save opportunity. Trivino finds himself on “High Usage Alert” simply because he’s been used in back-to-back games, but he only threw five pitches in those two games. While it’s assumed Trivino is back as the club’s closer, he’ll need to perform well in high leverage situations as setup man Dany Jiménez impressed in Trivino’s absence recording three saves in that time. If Trivino is unavailable today, Jiménez is the most likely candidate for a save opportunity.

David Robertson, CHC: 21 pitches on Saturday. | RosterResource

A double header against the Dodgers on Saturday taxed the Cubs pen and may leave Robertson unavailable on Sunday. That would make Mychal Givens the most likely to throw in high leverage since Rowan Wick is also on “High Usage Alert” after throwing 21 pitches on Saturday as well.

Lucas Sims, CIN: 27 pitches on Saturday. | RosterResource

Next-in-line reliever Art Warren did not throw yesterday making him the most likely to throw in a save situation should one come up on Sunday. You can read more on Sims and the Reds in the “Loosing a Grip” section below.

Mark Melancon, ARI: 26 pitches on Saturday, back-to-back days. | RosterResource

In his first outing upon return from the IL (Friday), Melancon recorded the final out to notch the save while only pitching 0.1 inning. He did walk a batter before getting that out, but he needs some time to work his way back into action. He was given that time on Saturday night and gave up five hits, three earned runs and blew the save. If he is unavailable on Sunday, Ian Kennedy is the most likely to get a save opportunity should one come up.

Injury News



Outlier Saves



Committee Clarity



Losing a Grip

•Lucas Sims, CIN

Three strikeouts in one inning is what you want to see from a reliever, but not when it also comes with two hits and one walk. Sims found his way into the win column due to an offensive explosion by the Reds in the bottom of the frame, but it should be noted that the frame Sims pitched in was the eighth and not the ninth. Maybe Sims came in to keep the game tied at two apiece. Maybe Sims really is losing a grip. Regardless, “Reliever on the Rise” Alexis Díaz has been one of the best arms in the pen and if the Reds lead going into the ninth were smaller, we might have seen him, or perhaps Art Warren, make an appearance. Instead, it was Hunter Strickland in the ninth with a seven-run lead and he performed well, giving up one walk but striking out three. Just as Jason Martinez wrote in his May 5th Bullpen Report, it’s hard to put too much focus into this situation where win and save opportunities will be few and far between. But, those holding onto Sims may want to pay close attention to the Cinncinatti pen in the next week or two.

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1 year ago

Thanks for this! Anyone know what’s up with Will Smith? Velocity drops across the board, huge drop in K rate, and a lack of saves / holds (2). Statcast still looks nice and red, but is he better than Boxberger, Minter or S. Wilson in SV+H league?