The Sleeper and the Bust Episode 303 – Corey Dickerson/Jake McGee Trade

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Approximately 85 minutes of joyous analysis.

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I have an interesting question that I’m hoping will get discussed amongst the fine writers at Fangraphs (and maybe, hopefully, explored in an article that I can read):

Jayson Stark recently wrote about the KC bullpen being used as a model. KC’s front office has long had ties to ATL, which got me thinking… KC’s bullpen model, it could be argued, took just a couple years to win a World Series. BUT Atlanta in it’s heyday had all the resources in the world, loads of HOF talent, etc… the one thing they always seemed to lack was a dominant ‘pen… and it cost them several times (’96 immediately coming to mind).

Mainly I’m just wondering if comparing the extreme cases of the ’90’s Braves to the current KC roster (and their respective struggles and failures in the postseason) might provide a better idea of the importance the ‘pen. Have we been underestimating it’s importance all along? Could ATL have won 6,7,8.. maybe 10 WS if they’d just focused on gobbling up all the relief talent in baseball? The last question is, of course, going to wind up being speculation, but I thught if nothing else the ’90’s Braves offered such an extreme case of dominance, talent in every other area of the roster, long run of postseason berths, etc that the sample size was large and undeniably interesting.

Any thoughts? We’ve got a few months to kill and this could make a fascinating article.