The Screw Cancer League Needs Your Help

UPDATE: Thank you to everybody who submitted an application. We have filled all four open spots in the league, raising $1,258 for cancer related charities. We’ve also received an additional $25 from readers. If you would like to join our fundraising drive, read more below.


Years ago, in response to his own battle with the disease, Dave Cameron founded the Screw Cancer League, an ottoneu FGpts league designed to raise money for cancer-related charities. Per Cameron, the league has successfully raised over $30,000 since its inception in 2012. Cameron (and a few others) have bowed out due to new responsibilities. It’s considered gauche (fireable) for a MLB employee to play fantasy baseball.

Today, I’d like to briefly ask for your help in two ways. With our fearless leader gone, it’s time to form Screw Cancer 2.0.

New Owners Wanted!

First, we need up to four new owners. I’m new to the league too, having joined in November. We’re looking for two things from applicants.

  • Experience and success in the FGpts format.
  • Willingness to donate to a cancer-related charity.

Applications should briefly touch upon these two bullet points. Give us the abridged version of your credentials. In fact, using bullet points isn’t a bad idea. Send your applications to pitchin432 AT Use the phrase “Screw Cancer Application – YOUR NAME” in the subject line.

I’m told that in the past, spots were awarded to whoever was willing to make the largest donation. It wouldn’t hurt to include the amount you will donate in your application. If you have fundraising channels (you’ll see what I mean in a moment), perhaps include those too.

As an additional “fun” detail, we’re considering auctioning off the available rosters. Unsurprisingly, they are of varying quality. For example, Cameron’s roster has won five of six seasons and is the favorite to win season seven. It seems only fair that the biggest donation gets the bestest roster.

Our Fundraising Drive!

The second way you can help is with fundraising. One option is to make a donation to a cancer charity of your choice. There are so many out there conducting research, improving accessibility to expensive treatments, and offering other services to patients and their families. If you find the decision a tad daunting, I recommend starting at square one by asking google how to pick a cancer charity.

If you opt to make a direct donation, you should receive a receipt from the charity. I’d appreciate it if you’d forward that information to me – again at pitchin432 AT Use the subject line “Donation Confirmation – YOUR NAME” in the subject line. If you would like to remain anonymous, replace YOUR NAME with ANON (or leave it as YOUR NAME). Feel free to doctor up the receipt in MS Paint to remove any unwanted identifiers. I really just need the amount and name of charity for our records. By asking for the receipt, I’m only trying to ensure that our accounting is not… over-inflated. This information will be stored in a private google doc.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a preferred cancer charity and don’t want to do the research, you can give the money to me via paypal. Send a message to the same email above, using the subject line “Request to Donate – YOUR NAME.” Include your paypal account name in the body of the email. Once you transfer the money, I will then choose charities and donate on your behalf. Don’t worry, everything will be clearly and carefully accounted.

Full Disclosure: For tax purposes, I will be claiming all money donated in this manner as my personal charitable contribution. To me, this seems like a nice way to support important charities AND your local neighborhood fantasy writer. It’s up to you to decided if you’re cool with that. I’ll be matching money donated in this manner up to $300 (minimum $100). For visibility, I’ll announce all donations on twitter.

Your Support Is Appreciated

In some way, everybody has been affected by cancer. I won’t try to drag at your heartstrings by detailing my father’s losing battle. Most of you undoubtedly have your own painful version of that story. Joining or supporting the Screw Cancer League is a great way to weaponize fantasy baseball in the war against cancer. Thank you.

*This post is a charitable contribution and is not in lieu of an afternoon chat. We’ll have that at 3:00pm ET.*

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I hope there were more private communications sent about this than comments! I would seek to join but am not on the ottoneu level. If there was anything on the AL-only or mixed league level I’d interested. I lost my brother and grandfather to cancer in 2005-2006; like your last paragraph alluded to, this isn’t the place for a support group story, but since it hit home please allow the comment. If anyone’s picking cancer charities and are interested, two of my favorites are Tomorrow’s Children Fund in Hackensack, NJ which provides funding and assistance to families enduring battles with pediatric cancer at Hackensack University Medical Center, and Camp Sunshine in Casco, ME provides all expenses paid summer camp and winter resort experiences for children with cancer and their families.

I’ve been reading Fangraphs for a couple years now and missed this in the past; I’m really glad to see it and hope the success continues.