ottoneu Arbitration Results

ottoneu arbitration came to an end last weekend, with more than 25,000 allocations totaling more than $35,000 handed out to nearly 450 MLB and MiLB players. The results, as always are occasionally interesting, often expected and sometimes surprising.

You probably won’t be surprised, for example, to find out that Carlos Correa received the most arbitration dollars, but you might be surprised that Mike Trout and Joey Votto – neither of whom were particularly cheap in most leagues, were among the 35 leading targets.

Total Dollars Allocated by Player
Player Dollars Allocated Total Allocations Average Dollars per Allocation
Carlos Correa 1396 755 1.85
Kris Bryant 1359 786 1.73
Jake Arrieta 1273 751 1.70
Josh Donaldson 1197 701 1.71
Nolan Arenado 1138 683 1.67
Jacob DeGrom 1049 661 1.59
Bryce Harper 966 572 1.69
Dallas Keuchel 961 631 1.52
Manuel Machado 907 585 1.55
Christopher Archer 793 565 1.40
A.J. Pollock 783 515 1.52
Kyle Schwarber 761 490 1.55
Noah Syndergaard 748 534 1.40
Anthony Rizzo 628 425 1.48
Mookie Betts 626 432 1.45
Miguel Sano 616 415 1.48
Paul Goldschmidt 570 377 1.51
J.D. Martinez 546 394 1.39
Gerrit Cole 509 378 1.35
Matt Harvey 460 327 1.41
Corey Seager 455 318 1.43
Corey Kluber 428 314 1.36
Sonny Gray 395 304 1.30
Lorenzo Cain 378 293 1.29
Max Scherzer 370 267 1.39
Carlos Carrasco 367 289 1.27
Zack Greinke 362 242 1.50
George Springer 360 270 1.33
Todd Frazier 351 267 1.31
Francisco Lindor 350 265 1.32
Jose Fernandez 338 244 1.39
Xander Bogaerts 332 245 1.36
Joey Votto 324 236 1.37
Mike Trout 308 186 1.66
Chris Davis 300 221 1.36

That is a table of the 35 players who received $300 or more across all leagues. A couple names jumped out at me. Trout and Votto, I already mentioned, but there are a couple more. I’m surprised how many players in here likely were NOT cheap already – Rizzo, Goldschmidt, Scherzer, Greinke are all pretty pricey in my leagues. I was also surprised to see Corey Seager make the list. His AAA numbers were more good than great, though they would certainly play for a SS, and he didn’t really have enough MLB time to prove himself – but it seems the ottoneu owners are not waiting to drive up his price.

A couple players mentioned above – Trout and Greinke – stand out for another reason. While they are not right at the top of the list (34th and 27th in dollars, respectively), they were 7th and 13th in dollars per allocation. It seems that they were not popular targets, per se, but had the “biggest fans.” The relatively low number of owners who targeted them hit them hard.

1,757 total teams were allocated to, out of which 31 (1.8%) were hit with the max possible $33. 145 teams (8.3%) were hit with $30 or more. That means that, on average, one team per league was hit with $30+ and one team out of every six leagues was hit with $33. This includes some leagues that didn’t have all owners allocate, so if your league had full participation, your chances of getting hit were a bit higher.

How about some really random stats? Seven players were hit with only one allocation across the entire universe – but were hit for the full $3 with that one allocation. Four seem like joke allocations or perhaps a result of collusion (J.D. Davis, Jeremy Jeffress, Mark Trumbo, and Seth Maness), but three – Alex Guerrero, Chase Utley, and Raimel Tapia – are likely the result of one owner who really just wanted to take a swipe at them.

Among players with at least 10 total allocations, Correa lead the way with $1.85 per allocation, but Tyler Glasnow tied Bryant for second – 15 allocations for $26, or $1.73 per allocation).

By position, your leading targets were:

  • C – Kyle Schwarber ($761 across 490 allocations)
  • 1B – Anthony Rizzo ($628 across 425 allocations)
  • 2B – Jose Altuve ($299 across 224)
  • SS – Carlos Correa ($1396 across 755)
  • 3B – Kris Bryant ($1359 across 786)
  • OF – Bryce Harper ($966 across 572)
  • SP – Jake Arrieta ($1273 across 751)
  • RP – Wade Davis ($161 across 128)

And overall by position?

Total Dollars Allocated by Position
Position Dollars Allocated Number of Allocations
1B 2442 1763
2B 1649 1337
3B 5226 3327
C 1149 809
OF 7606 5551
RP 1163 946
SP 12120 8766
SS 4109 2702
Util 41 33

SP and OF clearly the largest, which makes sense since they take up nearly half the starting positions on a roster. 3B and SS the next two big dogs (thank you Correa and Bryant and Lindor and Arenado and Sano and so on).

No big take-aways here – but allocations are among my favorite part of ottoneu, so it’s fun to look closer.

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“The results, as always are occasionally interesting, often expected and sometimes surprising.”

I had to re-read this sentence 5 times to figure out what exactly was being said.

“60% of the time, it works EVERY time!”