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2022 Ottoneu Arbitration Player Data

Yesterday we looked at league and team data, today we turn our attention to player data. This is, arguably, the more interesting data. It has an immediate impact, since it tells us something about player valuations as we get ready for trade season. It also is an interesting signal outside the Ottoneu universe for the same reason – it’s a signal early in the off-season about how players are being valued. Arbitration data has, historically, influenced my rankings, keeper plans, and more. The wisdom of the crowds can be a powerful thing.

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2022 Ottoneu Arbitration League and Team Data

Arbitration wrapped up Monday and before we move onto trade season (though some of you already have), it’s worth looking back at what happened in arbitration and what we can learn from it.

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Strategies for Closing Ottoneu Arbitration

Ottoneu arbitration is wrapping up soon (all allocations and votes need to be in by November 14, at 11:59 pm ET), so now is your last chance to make sure you got it right. For some of you, it means being annoyed your league-mates haven’t finished arbitration yet, and posting messages on your league message board begging them to finish up (note: this is me). For some of you, that likely means panicking, realizing you haven’t done it, rushing to your league site, and getting something in. For some it is just one last chance to make some edits and decide if you are happy.

Which group you fall in determines what you should do this weekend or early next week.

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Ottoneu Arbitration Targets – Prospects

“But wait, Chad,” you say. “You have told us so many times that allocation arbitration dollars to prospects doesn’t make sense! Why even write this article?”

“You’re right,” I reply. “I probably shouldn’t. But I am going to do it anyway. Let me tell you why.”

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Ottoneu Arbitration Targets – Outfield

Welcome to the next installment of everyone’s favorite series, “Ottoneu Arbitration Targets!”  I am your host, Chad Young, and after we covered pitchers two weeks ago and infielders last week, today we venture out into the wilds of the outfield. In this grassiest of positions, we find one established stud, two elite soon-to-be-sophomores, and an intriguing breakout whose up-and-down season requires a little extra thought.

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Ottoneu Arbitration Targets – Infield

As promised, I am continuing to share potential arbitration targets going position-by-position. Last week we covered pitchers; today we cover infielders.  Read the rest of this entry »

Revisiting Ottoneu Arbitration Strategies: Part II

In Part I, I went over the data I used and talked about two strategies – putting on arbitration allocations on players to try to force them into the auction and allocating to pre-breakout potential stars. Today, we’ll look at a couple more topics.

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Revisiting Ottoneu Arbitration Strategies: Part I

I recently read The Midrange Theory, by Seth Partnow, which I would highly recommend if you are interested in basketball analytics, but that is not why I mention it. I mention it because his chapter about the NBA draft got me thinking about Ottoneu arbitration and drove me to do some research that turned into this article.

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Ottoneu Arbitration Targets – Pitchers

Ottoneu arbitration is underway, and over coming weeks, I’ll be sharing some potential arbitration targets going position-by-position. If you are new to Ottoneu arbitration, check out this article from Brad Johnson a few years back – it is a collection of links to all you need to know about Ottoneu arbitration.
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Ottoneu Position Eligibility Changes

While the 2023 season is still months away, planning for your 2023 Ottoneu season is well underway. On the Ottoneu community forums, you should check out Niv Shah’s “End of Season Megathread,” which is really an off-season megathread and includes updates on what is coming, when it is coming and more.

Now that you have read that thread (you read it, right?), you’ve noticed that a number of things have already happened, including positional eligibility updates. And that has implications on your off-season planning.

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