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Productive Hitters Hidden by PH Appearances

One of the quickest and easiest ways to find productive Ottoneu hitters is to go to the Ottoneu search and sort by points per game. At the end of the day, that is what we are trying to maximize as Ottoneu managers – we all get the same 1,944 games split over 12 positions and we need to get the most points possible from those games.

However, those numbers can be skewed by pinch hit, pinch run, or defensive replacement appearances. A hitting putting up 1.25 points per plate appearance should score over 5.0 points per game, but if they have a handful of games with one PA, that will pull down the average.

To find players who you might be underrating by viewing points per game, it’s helpful to look at points per game as a starter.
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Ottoneu Hot Right Now: Most Live Auctions

As of Thursday afternoon, there were four players up for auction in more than 10% – a prospect, a guy finally getting a clean chance, a power hitting 1B, and a reliever. And all four of these players are legitimately interesting and worth rostering.

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Early Ottoneu Prestige League Analysis

We are less than a month into the season, meaning we have yet to hit the first Ottoneu Prestige League (OPL) cut. But it’s time to do your roster analysis, as Thursday will be the last day to start auctions in time to add players to your second-round roster – if you survive the first cut.

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Ottoneu Cold Right Now: Most Cut Players

The season is just two weeks old, but that doesn’t mean fantasy managers are sitting on their hands. We are busy overreacting to three-inning samples of relievers, two starts for starters, and a single hot (or cold) streak for hitters. And that means rosters are churning and cuts are being made. Here are the players cut in at least 10% of leagues in the last week, along with advice on how to handle them if they are on your roster or if they are now free agents in your league.

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Ottoneu Hot Right Now: Most Active Current Auctions

As always happens a few days into the season, Ottoneu managers are firing up auctions left and right, trying to grab the next big thing before it becomes too big for grabbing. Today, we’ll look at the six players who are being auctioned in the most leagues right now.

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The Ottoneu Players I Roster Most

Last year, I shared the 12 players I had on most of my rosters, broken into types of players. This year, I want to dive into the five players I have on more than half my Ottoneu rosters.

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Chad Young’s Ten Bold Predictions

It’s almost baseball season, which means we are in the heat of bold predictions season, and I can’t pass on a chance to throw out some hot takes. Here are my ten bold (slightly Ottoneu-focused) predictions for the 2022 season.

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Commit or Pivot: Handling Auctions that Don’t Go to Plan

The last two weeks, I had two auctions with the same problem – a player (or players) I wanted going for way more than I anticipated – but ended with very different results. In both cases, how I prepped for the auction played a big role in how I reacted to the market, adjusted, and eventually built teams I think are ready for the season.

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Players to Target for OPL

The Ottoneu Prestige League is back and whether you participated last year or not, I highly recommend you play this year if your team is eligible. For those of you who have joined, or intend to join, it is time to start thinking about who you are going to target for your OPL team.

Last year, I dug into roster construction for OPL, and I am using that same analysis as my guide for OPL this year, but what about specific types of players and names?

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Ottoneu Auction Prep

It has been a while since I shared thoughts on how I prepare for an Ottoneu auction and my process has changed quite a bit. With the lockout behind us, auctions will be coming up fast and furious in the coming weeks, so now is the ideal time to look at what I am doing to prepare for auctions this year.

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