Midseason Third Base Rankings

2014 seemed like a wasteland for the hot corner, and at the arbitrary mid-way point which isn’t a mid-way point at all, we find third base surprisingly deep. No longer is there a top tier with some guy named Miguel standing alone, far above all other tiers. There are four bonafide studs at third base, and you can drill down all the way into the teens and still find very good production. Names like Evan Longoria, Kyle Seager, Adrian Beltre, Pablo Sandoval don’t even crack the top-10 anymore and holy-crap-I-can’t-believe-I’m-going-to-say-it but Alex Rodriguez is relevant again. What a year.

Rank Who Quick Thoughts
1 Todd Frazier Most cautioned moderate regression from 2014 and he’s been even better so far. Take that.
2 Josh Donaldson Kendall Graveman is nice, but the A’s could probably use .293/.351/.532 21HR 65R 60RBI.
3 Manny Machado He’s 23. What’s his line going to look like at 27?
4 Nolan Arenado No HR’s in July after 12 in June. But who cares. No signs of fluke anywhere. No Coors effect either.
5 Kris Bryant As advertised. Maybe be a little suspicious of .369 BABIP
6 Miguel Cabrera Injury adjusted, and Yahoo! only. You can avert your eyes if you need to.
7 Alex Rodriguez Really.
8 Chris Davis He may not hit .240, but 35 HR’s are still mighty tasty
9 Matt Carpenter OBP league darling
10 Anthony Rendon I don’t know, he’s gotta go somewhere. Ought to shake off the cobwebs soon.
11 Mike Moustakas Buoyed by huge April, but .297/.353/.427 is solid.
12 Evan Longoria On pace for his lowest HR total over a full season. Not a big difference between this and Seager.
13 Kyle Seager Doing what he does, on pace for another 20+ HR, hitting near .270.
14 Carlos Santana He’s a catcher but if I didn’t include him you would have pointed it out. Wouldn’t you?
15 Xander Bogaerts Still just a kid, the power should follow. But a pretty hollow .304/.338/.411
16 Adrian Beltre Maybe, finally, acting his age
17 Miguel Sano It’s early, but boy has he delivered on all that hype
18 Yunel Escobar Hey, if you love what Bogaerts has done, you kind of have to give some love to Yunel.
19 Jimmy Paredes Great first half, but I think he may turn into a pumpkin soon
20 Trevor Plouffe He’s pretty much Seagering. Could be 13th on this list.
21 Justin Turner Who leads all 3B in wRC+? This guy. Producing like a top-10 off the scrap heap. Good on you, Justin
22 Brett Lawrie
23 Pablo Sandoval After a dreadful May, he picked himself up in June. Still a pretty ugly season though
24 Logan Forsythe
25 Luis Valbuena On pace to Chris Davis all of us.
26 Chase Headley
27 Yasmany Tomas A pretty slash line and so far a little power and a little speed, but .383 BABIP raises an eyebrow
28 Maikel Franco More power in the bigs than he’s had since AA. If he keeps this up, he slides up considerably.
29 Jung-Ho Kang
30 Matt Duffy Yeah, Matt Duffy
31 Pedro Alvarez
32 Aramis Ramirez
33 Juan Uribe
34 David Freese
35 Kelly Johnson
36 Ryan Zimmerman


Michael was born in Massachusetts and grew up in the Seattle area but had nothing to do with the Heathcliff Slocumb trade although Boston fans are welcome to thank him. You can find him on twitter at @michaelcbarr.

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Lawrie over Franco? Give me a break.