Justin Mason’s Top 50 Third Basemen for 2020

Hello Draft Season!

Here are my top 50 3rd basemen for 2020. Paul and I will be discussing the position on the Sleeper and the Bust on Wednesday, so definitely check that out. For more ranks of mine for 2020, you can click the links below:

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Justin Mason’s Top 50 Third Basemen for 2020
Rank Player Team Position(s) ADP Justin Mason
1 Arenado, Nolan COL 3B 13.38 Hope the trade rumors don’t turn out to be true.
2 Rendon, Anthony LAA 3B 22.48 Move to Anahiem doesn’t change value for me
3 Bregman, Alex HOU 3B, SS 9.18 CheaterGate doesn’t affect my rank. Super higher floor, just wish he would run more
4 Ramirez, Jose CLE 3B 18.53 Speed makes him a threat to be a top player, but red flags have popped up the last year and a half.
5 Devers, Rafael BOS 3B 23.73 Breakout is 100% legit.
6 Suarez, Eugenio CIN 3B 60.55 Why is he always underrated?
7 Guerrero Jr., Vladimir TOR 3B 58.83 In spite of disappointing debut, he is still being drated really high.
8 Bryant, Kris CHC 3B, OF 61.68 Can he be a star again?
9 Muncy, Max LAD 2B, 1B, 3B 80.3 Repeated the 2018 breakout. No reason to think he can’t continue the success.
10 Moncada, Yoan CWS 3B 67 Still only 24 years old. There’s another level here.
11 LeMahieu, DJ NYY 1B, 3B, 2B 66.48 First year in the Bronx was insane. Has multi-positional eligibility. Why do I not trust him?
12 Machado, Manny SD 3B, SS 61.87 ADP this high because of name value.
13 Donaldson, Josh MIN 3B 108.92 Great landing spot in the Twin Cities.
14 Moustakas, Mike CIN 2B, 3B 115.28 Great landing spot for Moose, who should keep gains while batting in the middle of a very good lineup.
15 Chapman, Matt OAK 3B 87.53 Defense is amazing and keeps him on the field no matter what. Offense is still improving.
16 McNeil, Jeff NYM OF, 3B, 2B 85.5 Love his eligibility and upside. High floor is the kicker.
17 Sano, Miguel MIN 3B 130.75 Hit 34 bombs in spite of missing the first six weeks. I am a sucker for power, but you have to protect your average with him.
18 Escobar, Eduardo ARZ 2B, 3B 125.02 I don’t know why I hate Escobar, but I always seem to be the low guy on him.
19 Gurriel, Yuli HOU 1B, 3B 115.12 Without the trash cans in centerfield, how bad will the regression be?
20 McMahon, Ryan COL 2B, 3B 189.3 I don’t understand why McMahon is so low in the ADP.
21 Turner, Justin LAD 3B 163.3 Position change joke
22 Davis, J.D. NYM OF, 3B 176.08 I worry about the Mets screwing with his playing time, but I believe in what we saw last year.
23 Kingery, Scott PHI 3B, OF 162.37 Batting order could make a big difference for him.
24 Edman, Tommy STL 2B, 3B 128.63 I think he is a fine player, but I expect the Cardinals to block him with someone because that’s how the Cardinals do.
25 Dozier, Hunter KC 3B, OF 184.22 Statcast hero is legit.
26 La Stella, Tommy LAA 2B, 3B 281.75 Injury cut short the breakout, but he should get regular at bats to prove it wasn’t a fluke.
27 Urshela, Gio NYY 3B 250.58 Will he lose time with all the Yankee pieces?
28 Berti, Jon MIA 3B, SS, OF 222.87 Was a sneaky sleeper until the Marlins started signing people.
29 Castro, Starlin WAS 3B, 2B 284.47 Nice landing spot in Washington.
30 Carpenter, Matt STL 3B 350.43 Was he hurt or is he done?
31 Diaz, Yandy TB 1B, 3B 229.13 Will he ever raise the launch angle consistently enough to make use of those pythons?
32 Seager, Kyle SEA 3B 289.55 Still cheap in spite of bounceback
33 Shaw, Travis TOR 3B 394.08 Great chance for him to reset value.
34 Longoria, Evan SF 3B 411.32 Park, team hurts him
35 Franco, Maikel KC 3B 453.48 Underrated with a full time role.
36 Frazier, Todd TEX 3B 550.72 Going to hit in the middle of a great lineup.
37 Fletcher, David LAA SS, OF, 2B, 3B 308.42 Plays all the positions.
38 Alberto, Hanser BAL 2B, 3B 363.57 Love him as a lefty masher in DFS.
39 Cabrera, Asdrubal WAS 2B, 3B 384.05 Returns to Washington on a very team friendly deal. Should get plenty of playing time.
40 Anderson, Brian MIA OF, 3B 249.12 Not as special as his ADP suggests.
41 Gonzalez, Marwin MIN 1B, 3B, OF 347.72 Underrated considering the eligibility.
42 Lamb, Jake ARZ 1B, 3B 473.88 I want to believe we will see the guy we thought he’d turn into, but at this point it is hard to believe that will ever come.
43 Candelario, Jeimer DET 1B, 3B 503.77 Going way too low, but I get why.
44 Jones, Nolan CLE 3B 595.05 Should be on the big league roster early and could be an impact bat.
45 Moran, Colin PIT 3B 464.53 The starter for now.
46 Paredes, Isaac DET 3B 710.7 Should be up pretty early.
47 Bote, David CHC 2B, 3B 513.28 Playing time issues limits him.
48 Bohm, Alec PHI 3B 456.1 Has talent to force his way to the Majors.
49 Hayes, Ke’Bryan PIT 3B 508.08 Will be up at some point.
50 Drury, Brandon TOR 3B, OF 630.42 Utility guy in Toronto.

Justin is the co-host on The Sleeper and The Bust Podcast and writes for Rotographs covering the Roto Riteup as well as other periodic articles. In addition to his work at Rotographs, Justin is the lead fantasy writer/analyst and co-owner for FriendswithFantasyBenefits.com, and the owner of The Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational. He is also a certified addiction treatment counselor. Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinMasonFWFB.

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