FAAB & Waiver Wire Report (Week 7)

In the article, I cover the players using CBS’s (about 40% or less initial roster rate) and Yahoo’s ADD/DROP rates. Both hosting sites have the option for daily and weekly waiver wire adds. CBS uses a weekly change while Yahoo looks at the last 24 hours. Yahoo is a great snapshot of right now while CBS ensures hot targets from early in the week aren’t missed. The players are ordered for redraft leagues by my rest-of-season preference grouped by starters, relievers, and hitters.


Brent Rooker: With his 9 HR, Rooker is one of the only power bats on the wire. Even though he has a 33% K%, he’s running a .346 BABIP to post a .276 AVG.

Willi Castro: Castro is playing all over the field and starting most days. He’s hitting a respectable .271/.331/.457 and starting to run some (5 SB).

Kyle Manzardo: The highly touted prospect is struggling in 14 major league plate appearances (.286 OPS, 43% K%). Besides the struggles, I expect him to be in demand since there are so few power options on the wire. Tough to rank based on his up and downside.

Jonny DeLuca: Seven straight starts since coming off the IL while posting a .912 OPS so far.

Michael Massey: I wrote up Massey’s changes in this week’s Big Kid Adds. He might have turned a corner.

Tommy Pham: Solid returns (.814 OPS, 2 HR) since joining the club.

Josh Rojas: He is productive (.351/.417/.526, 3 HR, 4 SB) and playing every game with starts in the outfield (6 games).

Zach Neto: Hitting a solid .241/.289/.368 with 3 HR and 6 SB while playing every day.

Wenceel Pérez: Besides missing a games because of illness, Perez (.284/.360/.493, 3 HR, 2 SB) has been a regular in the Tigers lineup.

Jorge Mateo: Ultimately, Mateo’s value will come down to how much he plays (started in seven of the last nine games). He continues to show some power (2 HR) to go with his speed (5 SB).

Davis Schneider: Finally a regular (10 starts in 11 games) while hitting .265/.378/.458 with 3 HR and 1 SB.

Mike Tauchman: A steady, boring contributor (.271/.409/.430, 3 HR, 2 SB).

Dairon Blanco: Blanco with just two straight starts while hitting .265/.342/.441 with 10 SB. He could be a decent roto add for the stolen bases if he gets regular at-bats.

Leody Taveras: While playing every day, the results have been disappointing (.248/.324/.368, 2 HR, 3 SB).

Jon Singleton: Hitting a reasonable .227/.314/.413 with 4 HR.

Abraham Toro: Hit leadoff for four straight games while posting a .783 OPS.

Matt Vierling: There seems to be an unwritten rule that Zach McKinstry must start every fifth day. If not for regular benching, Vierling’s ranking would be higher. Solid .280 AVG and 3 HR.

Paul DeJong: While a .351 BABIP has allowed DeJong to overcome 37% K% and post a decent .252 AVG (.230 career AVG). He has been able to chip in 6 HR.

Mike Yastrzemski and LaMonte Wade Jr.: Strong side platoon bats who could be a solid option with the Giants having five scheduled righties. Most managers were adding them because of the games at Colorado against right-handed starters.

Luis Garcia: While Garica has been great (.318/.370/.491, 3 HR, 7 SB) so far this season, he does sit against lefties (career .612 OPS vs LHP, .738 OPS vs RHP). Next week the Nationals are only scheduled to face four righties.

Max Kepler: Strong-side platoon bat who is scheduled to only face four righties next week but is hitting for a good batting average (.338).

Richie Palacios: While hitting (.282/.408/.424, 3 HR, 6 SB), he’s now splitting time with Amed Rosario at second base.

Brett Harris: The A’s have given him eight straight starts at third base while batting ninth in the lineup. So far he’s hitting .154/.343/.500 (.053 BABIP) with 3 HR.

Whit Merrifield: Managers hoped Merrifield (.226/.294/.355, 2 HR, 4 SB) would play more with Trey Turner on the IL. That has not been the case. Merrifield has only three starts in six games since Turner went down.

Nolan Schanuel: I’m not sure what’s behind the demand uptick. Schanuel is struggling at the plate (.229/.306/.322) and has sat against every lefty the team has faced. Next week, he’s scheduled to only face five righties. Pass.

Vidal Bruján: Playing but not much else (.697 OPS, 0 HR, 2 SB).

Tyler Nevin: Nevin hasn’t had a hit in 26 PA and the A’s have sat him the last two games. I don’t think he can be counted on for any contributions going forward.

Nick Gonzales: After destroying AAA (.358/.431/.608, 4 HR), he’s back in the majors where he has a career .612 OPS. Power potential but he could be a huge drag in batting average.

Bryan Ramos: The 22-year-old rookie has accumulated six straight starts while posting a .742 OPS in 24 PA. It’s tough to get excited over someone who hit a .572 OPS in AAA and is projected for a .658 OPS by Steamer (THE BAT at .655).


Connor Wong: While the .413 BABIP won’t last, it’s tough to ignore .360/.385/.581 with 5 HR.

Korey Lee: Hitting a well-rounded .286/.324/.500 with 4 HR and 1 SB.

Shea Langeliers: Hitting for power (9 HR) but nothing else (.212 AVG, .262 OBP).

Tyler Soderstrom: After hitting .245/.353/.529 with 7 HR in AAA, he has hit one home run in the majors in just 9 PA. Here is our latest report on him:

I did film study on Tyler Soderstrom while I was working on this list and I still believe he’ll eventually be a middle-of-the-order big league thumper. He’d be first on this list were he still eligible. He’s slowly improving behind the plate (the A’s have plenty of time to let him keep developing back there), but mostly, he just has ridiculous lefty bat speed and a body built to last. He is going to have so much power that he’ll be an impact hitter despite elevated chase and strikeouts. He was up enough last year to lose rookie status, but he’s effectively still a prospect.

Projections hate him as seen by his Steamer600 comps.

After reviewing his profile, I’ll value him hitting .200 AVG and 20 HR. A Francisco Alvarez/Gary Sánchez/Shea Langeliers clone.

Danny Jansen: So far, he has 3 HR with a .987 OPS.

Iván Herrera: He’ll see more playing time with Willson Conteras on the IL. So far this season, Herrera is hitting .239/.300/.380 with 3 HR.

Ben Rortvedt: A .467 BABIP has him hitting .333/.432/.381.

Hitting Prospects

Orelvis Martinez: In AAA, the 22-year-old is hitting .276/.359/.551 with 9 HR and 0 SB in 145 PA. Note: He might be dealing with an injury.

Coby Mayo: In AAA, the 22-year-old is hitting .295/.366/.609 with 12 HR and 3 SB in 175 PA.

CBS Batter Rostership Rates
Name Previous Roster% Current Roster% Change
Max Kepler RF  MIN 39% 57% 18%
Connor Wong C  BOS 38% 42% 4%
Willi Castro SS  MIN 37% 67% 30%
Kyle Manzardo DH  CLE 35% 54% 19%
Coby Mayo 3B  BAL 35% 37% 2%
Luis Garcia 2B  WAS 33% 53% 20%
Nolan Schanuel 1B  LAA 31% 33% 2%
Brent Rooker LF  OAK 26% 75% 49%
Shea Langeliers C  OAK 25% 43% 18%
Orelvis Martinez SS  TOR 23% 26% 3%
Mike Tauchman RF  CHC 22% 24% 2%
Danny Jansen C  TOR 21% 29% 8%
Tyler Nevin 1B  OAK 21% 28% 7%
Whit Merrifield LF  PHI 20% 22% 2%
Wenceel Perez CF  DET 19% 25% 6%
Zachary Neto SS  LAA 19% 23% 4%
Mike Yastrzemski RF  SF 17% 20% 3%
Leody Taveras CF  TEX 14% 19% 5%
LaMonte Wade 1B  SF 14% 16% 2%
Josh Rojas 3B  SEA 13% 29% 16%
Ivan Herrera C  STL 13% 19% 6%
Tommy Pham CF  CHW 13% 18% 5%
Jorge Mateo 2B  BAL 11% 14% 3%
Davis Schneider LF  TOR 11% 13% 2%
Richard Palacios RF  TB 11% 13% 2%
J.J. Bleday CF  OAK 8% 14% 6%
Michael Massey 2B  KC 6% 13% 7%
Abraham Toro-Hernandez 2B  OAK 5% 23% 18%
Matt Vierling 3B  DET 5% 8% 3%
Vidal Brujan 2B  MIA 4% 7% 3%
Nick Gonzales 2B  PIT 4% 7% 3%
Ben Rortvedt C  TB 3% 5% 2%
Jonny DeLuca CF  TB 2% 25% 23%
Jonathan Singleton 1B  HOU 2% 13% 11%
Korey Lee C  CHW 2% 5% 3%
Paul DeJong SS  CHW 2% 4% 2%
Dairon Blanco LF  KC 1% 3% 2%
Brett Harris 3B  OAK 0% 3% 3%
Tyler Soderstrom 1B  OAK 8% 9% 1%
Bryan Ramos 3B  CHW 4% 5% 1%


Chris Paddack: While he’s getting hit around (.365 BABIP, 1.50 WHIP, 1.5 HR/9), the rest of his core stats are great (8.9 K/9, 1.9 BB/9). Of the 120 pitchers with at least 30 IP, his 17.4% K% ranks 36th. He’s been able to take a step forward by adding a slider (13% SwStr%).

Hayden Wesneski: His 1.59 ERA will regress up once he starts allowing home runs (0.0 HR/9). Even he does, he could still be a nice starter as a sub-4.00 ERA talent. The only issue is his role once Kyle Hendricks comes off the IL.

Cole Irvin: Just a few walks (1.8 BB/9) and a 49% GB% have him limiting damage (2.90 ERA, 3.82 xFIP, 1.07 WHIP). Already at 4 Wins.

Patrick Sandoval: Two horrible starts (10 ERA in 5.2 IP) have his overall line looking rough (4.85 ERA, 3.45 xFIP, 10.4 K/9, 50% GB%). The only knock on him is too many walks (3.9 BB/9, 1.49 WHIP).

Alec Marsh: Marsh has been limiting hard contact (.234 BABIP, 0.6 HR/9) as seen by the difference in his 2.53 ERA and 4.21 xFIP. Coming off the IL, he posted his highest average fastball velocity (94.8 mph). Might slot in as a bench streamer for 50% of weeks.

Cooper Criswell: Criswell continues to dominate (2.10 ERA, 3.27 xFIP, and 8.8 K/9). No one expected him to do much with an 89 mph fastball. He’s made the leap by not throwing the fastball much (29% usage) and throwing his slider (9% SwStr%) more.

Robert Gasser: So far, it seems like Gasser will stay in the Brewers rotation for at least one more start. In 12 AAA innings, the 25-year-old had a 12.8 K/9, 5.25 ERA, and 1.50. In his MLB debut, he struck out four batters while allowing no runs in 6 IP. Most of the damage came from his slider (19% SwStr%).

José Soriano: Too many walks (4.6 BB/9) has his ERA (4.32) and WHIP (1.35) inflated. If he can get the walks under control, he could be an elite arm with his 8.6 K/9 and 60% GB%. Most of this ranking is based on his upside.

Ben Lively 라이블리: Even when regression hits Lively (2.63 ERA, 4.19 xFIP, 1.21 WHIP, and 8.6 K/9), he still might be streamable. Keep an eye on his fastball velocity which has been declining.

Simeon Woods Richardson: Some regression hit him on Saturday with 5 ER in 4.1 IP. The numbers only pushed his ERA up to 3.24 (3.99 xFIP). An 8.2 K/9 and 2.2 BB/9 aren’t readily available on the waiver wire. His 16.3% K%-BB% ranks 59 among the 174 pitchers with at least 20 IP. His strikeout upside might be limited because his best swing-and-miss pitch (slider) only has an 11 SwStr%. Also, his fastball only comes in at 93 mph.

Bryse Wilson: A .194 BABIP has suppressed his 0.93 WHIP and 2.40 ERA. I would expect both to increase. While he’s not a sub-3.00 ERA talent, he probably is around a 4.00 ERA arm.

Trevor Williams: Allowing zero home runs won’t continue, That said, Williams is displaying a decent skill set this season (7.4 K/9, 3.0 BB/9, 49% GB%). Already at 4 Wins.

Kyle Gibson: Gibson’s talent (3.67 ERA, 4.24 xHIP, 7.4 K/9) points to an arm who is streamed from the wire or a bench in deeper leagues.

Mason Black: The 24-year-old dominated AAA (1.01 ERA, 0.90 WHIP, and 9.8 K/9), but has struggled with the deadly combination of walks (5.2 BB/9) and home runs (2.1 HR/9) in the majors leading to a 6.23 ERA. His 37% Ball% does point to just a 3.2 BB/9, so there is hope. While he might be worth rostering for a rebound, he can’t be started until the walks drop.

Andrew Heaney: A 4.50 ERA talent who might be streamed in 20% of his starts.

Taijuan Walker: I guess Walker and his 91-mph fastball aren’t going anywhere even with a 1.9 HR/9. The Phillies are just so good that Walker can accumulate Wins. Not a talent profile I’d recommend.

Chris Flexen 플렉센: The demand for Flexen is a two-start week (vs WSN, at NYY) and not from his talent (4.29 ERA, 4.89 xFIP, 1.21 WHIP, and 6.3 K/9). Ignore the two-step and try to roster a talented arm.

Colin Rea: His 3.29 ERA (4.58 xFIP, 81% LOB%) won’t last. There are not enough strikeouts (5.9 K/9) and a non-elite walk rate (2.8). Ignore.

JP Sears: Just not enough strikeouts (6.6 K/9) to be homer prone (37% GB%, 1.4 HR/9).

Pitching Prospect

Cade Horton: Over two minor league levels, the 22-year-old has a 3.86 ERA, 1.29 WHIP, and 11.2 K/9 in 23 IP.

CBS Starter Rostership Rates
Name Previous Roster% Current Roster% Change
Taijuan Walker SP  PHI 39% 42% 3%
Kyle Gibson SP  STL 38% 47% 9%
Patrick Sandoval SP  LAA 34% 40% 6%
Chris Paddack SP  MIN 32% 52% 20%
Colin Rea SP  MIL 27% 36% 9%
JP Sears SP  OAK 27% 32% 5%
Alec Marsh SP  KC 25% 26% 1%
Cade Horton SP  CHC 24% 26% 2%
Andrew Heaney SP  TEX 23% 31% 8%
Cole Irvin SP  BAL 21% 48% 27%
Simeon Woods Richardson SP  MIN 19% 32% 13%
Ben Lively SP  CLE 17% 23% 6%
Trevor Williams SP  WAS 16% 33% 17%
Jose Soriano SP  LAA 11% 13% 2%
Hayden Wesneski SP  CHC 9% 18% 9%
Robert Gasser SP  MIL 7% 14% 7%
Cooper Criswell SP  BOS 7% 10% 3%
Bryse Wilson RP  MIL 5% 14% 9%
Mason Black P  SF 4% 13% 9%
Chris Flexen SP  CHW 4% 6% 2%

Relievers – Saves-based ranks

Trevor Megill: Decent reliever who is the closer.

Yennier Cano: Great reliever who may now be the closer.

Daniel Hudson: Good reliever who may temporarily be the closer.

Alex Vesia: Good reliever who may temporarily be the closer.

Blake Treinen: OK reliever who may temporarily be the closer.

Jeff Hoffman: Great reliever who is the backup closer.

David Robertson: Good reliever who is the backup closer.

Lucas Erceg: Good reliever who is the backup closer.

Bryan Hudson: Good reliever who is the backup closer.

Alex Lange: OK reliever who is the backup closer.

John Schreiber: Fine reliever who is the backup closer.

Luke Weaver: OK reliever who might be the backup closer.

CBS Reliever Rostership Rates
Name Previous Roster% Current Roster% Change
Yennier Cano RP  BAL 32% 36% 4%
Daniel Hudson RP  LAD 27% 39% 12%
David Robertson RP  TEX 26% 27% 1%
Alex Lange RP  DET 26% 27% 1%
Jeff Hoffman RP  PHI 17% 20% 3%
Trevor Megill RP  MIL 16% 31% 15%
John Schreiber RP  KC 6% 8% 2%
Lucas Erceg RP  OAK 5% 7% 2%
Luke Weaver RP  NYY 4% 6% 2%
Bryan Hudson RP  MIL 4% 6% 2%
Blake Treinen RP  LAD 2% 7% 5%
Alex Vesia RP  LAD 1% 3% 2%

Jeff, one of the authors of the fantasy baseball guide,The Process, writes for RotoGraphs, The Hardball Times, Rotowire, Baseball America, and BaseballHQ. He has been nominated for two SABR Analytics Research Award for Contemporary Analysis and won it in 2013 in tandem with Bill Petti. He has won four FSWA Awards including on for his Mining the News series. He's won Tout Wars three times, LABR twice, and got his first NFBC Main Event win in 2021. Follow him on Twitter @jeffwzimmerman.

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Good info. Thanks. Those closer roles continue to change as injuries hit and pitchers have a couple of bad outings.