Chad Young’s Ottoneu FanGraphs Points OF Ranks

Having covered SP and the rest of the offensive positions, we are finishing up with OF ranks (I won’t be doing RP ranks, but keep an eye out for more on that). Outfield is the most strategically interesting position in Ottoneu, as there are so many options for how you approach the five OF spots. Go get two or even three big bats and stay cheap on the rest? Get five $10-$15 guys plus some depth? Load up on platoon bats? All viable options, and there are more.

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But first, one last episode of Chad’s ranking reminders:

  1. These are based on points leagues, but can roughly be used for 4×4.
  2. I use projected points/game as a starting point, but factor in playing time, future value, and my own adjustments to projections.
  3. These rankings are position-specific. Brandon Lowe is valued as an OF, not a 2B. For anyone with C, 2B, or SS eligibility, this means they will be more expensive at auction, as they are worth more at those positions. For 1B/OF guys, OF is their more valuable spot. For 3B/OF, the values are very similar – close enough to be treated the same.
  4. The tiers below range up – so when you see George Springer in the $20 tier, that means I might go to $21, $22, even $24 on him, but probably not $25.
  5. All tiers are pre-inflation.

And here they are – more OF than you care to think about:

Chad Young’s Ottoneu FanGraphs Points OF Ranks
Tier Rank Player Eligibility P/G per Depth Charts Notes
$60 1 Juan Soto OF 7.95 The elite OBP skills and the youth make him the top guy for me in this format.
$60 2 Mike Trout OF 7.83 As he runs less, his 5×5 value and therefore his fantasy reputation are taking a hit, but his value here doesn’t move much.
$50 3 Cody Bellinger 1B/OF 7.07 The shoulder is a bit of a concern, but I am buying the projections here.
$50 4 Mookie Betts OF 6.72 The projection almost convinced me to knock him down to a $45 tier, but I can’t do that to Mookie.
$40 5 Christian Yelich OF 6.72 In 2020 he just…stopped swinging. He was never a free-swinger, but his Swing% was second lowest in MLB among qualified hitters in 2020. I suspect he won’t keep the bat on his shoulder this year.
$40 6 Ronald Acuña Jr. OF 7.35 I suppose I am about to get a flood of Acuña-based complaints, but among theese top seven OF, he has the lowest BB% and highest K% over the last three seasons – he belongs near the bottom of that group.
$40 7 Bryce Harper OF 6.68 And if you want to boost Harper over Acuña, I would have a hard time disagreeing.
$35 8 Giancarlo Stanton OF 6.62 If you guaranteed me 150 games, he would jump 2-3 spots.
$25 9 Yordan Alvarez OF 7.01 Small sample size in his career plus bum knees are enough to make me cautious…and he still makes the top ten.
$25 10 Aaron Judge OF 6.52 His walk rates keep declining, bringing down his overall line.
$25 11 Eloy Jimenez OF 6.45 His second go at AA, he brought down his Ks and walked more, and if he can make similar adjustments at MLB, he could reach another level.
$25 12 J.D. Martinez OF 6.17 I don’t know if 2020 was about the lack of in-game video, just a weird year, or the age curve trending down, but I kinda feel like he is more likely to be a $40 OF or a $10 OF than a $25 OF.
$25 13 Michael Conforto OF 5.95 He and the guy after him have very similar patterns over the last four years (up-down-down-up) but his downs were not as down and his ups look more sustainable.
$20 14 Marcell Ozuna OF 6.51 2020 and 2017 were so good and 2018 and 2019 were so okay. I believe in the talent, but there is some risk here.
$20 15 Dominic Smith 1B/OF 5.29 The projections have not caught up to the impact of a pre-2019 swing change.
$20 16 George Springer OF 6.11 Springer is going from a pretty decent park with a strong lineup around him to a pretty decent park with a strong lineup around him, so I suspect he’ll keep on keeping on.
$20 17 Joey Gallo OF 5.77 Ottoneu is kind of the perfect format for Gallo, as his OBP and power play up quite a bit.
$20 18 Kyle Tucker OF 5.95 Tucker is hurt by typically hitting late in the Astros lineup and I wouldn’t be surprised to see pitchers work around him more if he’s hitting ahead of Maldonado and Straw.
$20 19 Kyle Schwarber OF 6.20 Ignoring 2020, he has been a steady, solid producer and I think he is officially underrated at this point.
$20 20 Jorge Soler OF 5.91 Soler had the same issue as Yelich in 2020 – his K-rate jumped because he stopped attacking pitches in the zone, but he also reduced his chase rate.
$15 21 Nick Castellanos OF 5.52 He absolutely crushed the ball last year and it didn’t really show. I expect a big jump this year.
$15 22 Joc Pederson 1B/OF 5.87 Things that are simultaneously true: (1) I am glad the Cubs are giving Joc a chance to face LHP and I hope he succeeds. (2) I am benching him against LHP until further notice.
$15 23 Jesse Winker OF 5.95 The huge jump in HR/FB rate was unexpected but not hard to explain – he hit the ball a lot harder and displayed a legitimate increase in his power.
$15 24 Charlie Blackmon OF 5.94 On 8/11 he went 3-for-4 and raised his average to .500 and there was talk of Blackmon hitting .400 for the year. The rest of the way, more than 2/3rds of the season, he hit .216 and had a 44 wRC+.
$15 25 Franmil Reyes OF 5.74 On 8/11 he went 2-for-4 and raised his batting average to .262 with an 88 wRC+. That night he stole Charlie Blackmon’s lucky penny (this is just a theory) and posted a 122 wRC+ the rest of the way.
$15 26 Teoscar Hernandez OF 5.67 Go to Baseball Savant, search for Teoscar, and look at the percentiles on his EV, Barrel % and Hard Hit %. And the other stuff, too. Seriously, go do that. I’ll wait.
$15 27 Luis Robert OF 5.56 He fell apart in the second half, mostly because he just stopped hitting the ball hard. I think he’ll start hitting the ball hard again, but there is enough risk to keep him out of the top 25 for now.
$15 28 Trent Grisham OF 5.50 Every year there is some guy that everyone thinks can breakout and then they fall flat and then some years everyone is all in on Trent Grisham and it turns out he’s really good and probably will be for a while.
$15 29 Mike Yastrzemski OF 5.36 His 2020 breakout is easy to brush off as just 60 games, but over 636 PA in 2019-20, he has a 134 wRC+ and that is harder to ignore.
$15 30 Kris Bryant 3B/OF 5.62 It seems like everyone wants to be down on Bryant at the moment but what if he, you know, just had a rough stretch?
$15 31 Austin Meadows OF 5.28 Meadows chased more and made less contact in 2020 than he did in 2019, but his contact quality was still high. If he can get the plate discipline back, he can be a star.
$10 32 Randy Arozarena OF 5.53 Just feeling the need to pump the breaks a bit after just 99 career plate appearances – you are still buying upside, not proven production.
$10 33 Max Kepler OF 5.67 Kepler got a little passive last year, otherwise he looks a lot like the guy who put up a huge 2019.
$10 34 Wil Myers 1B/OF 5.32 When a guy makes a leap in performance, especially in a small sample, it’s easy to brush it off, but a swing change may have unlocked the elite prospect in Wil Myers.
$10 35 Trey Mancini 1B/OF 5.63 Honestly, it is just awesome that he’ll be back crushing baseballs this year (but also he is a really good hitter).
$10 36 Michael Brantley OF 5.63 Some day, age will catch up to Michael Brantley, but until then he is going to smoke line drives around baseball stadiums with reckless abandon.
$10 37 Jeff Mcneil 2B/3B/OF 5.59 You’ll be using him at 2B or MI, but he is a good enough bat that you can take advantage of his flexibility by playing him in the OF as needed.
$10 38 Brandon Nimmo OF 5.52 Not many guys are a good bet to post a .400 OBP. Nimmo is.
$10 39 Brandon Lowe 1B/2B/OF 5.47 He is going to regress from his 2020 breakout and still be a star.
$10 40 Ian Happ 2B/3B/OF 5.63 His projections are lower than his career numbers, despite his last two years being similarly valuable and well better than his career numbers.
$10 41 Lourdes Gurriel Jr. 2B/OF 5.51 The most important thing about this ranking is that in 2022, when Gurriel is no longer 2B-eligible, he’ll still be valuable.
$10 42 Byron Buxton OF 5.66 I have been consistently low on Buxton, but if he can keep up the quality of contact he had in 2020, he can make up for his low OBP enough to be a solid Ottoneu OF.
$5 43 Mark Canha 1B/OF 5.44 From 2017 to 2019, Canha got more patient and started taking walks and he has been underrated ever since.
$5 44 Jarred Kelenic OF 4.65 If I could only roster one prospect in Ottoneu right now, it would be him. Huge ceiling and should be up any day now.
$5 45 Alex Kirilloff 1B/OF #N/A He’s also a good choice, for all the same reasons.
$5 46 Eddie Rosario OF 5.65 A low BABIP hid a big jump in BB% for Rosario next year, which could leave him primed for a career year in 2021.
$5 47 Cavan Biggio 2B/3B/OF 5.12 Biggio has elite on-base skills but doesn’t hit the ball with a ton of authority, which leaves me a little concerned about how his power will play in the new dead ball era.
$5 48 Ketel Marte 2B/SS/OF 5.79 He generates some of the top exit velocities in the game, which gives him a pretty high ceiling, and given what he is doing in Spring Training, I might be too low on him.
$5 49 Alex Verdugo OF 5.58 His 2020 looked like a breakout on the surface, but there was a big jump in BABIP and a big jump in K-rate and I am pretty sure the former will regress, but I am less sure about the latter.
$5 50 Tommy Pham OF 5.60 I feel like I could brush off a rough 2020 and I could brush off an off-season stabbing, but things just don’t seem to be going well for Pham.
$5 51 Kyle Lewis OF 4.48 After coming out firing, he started to strike out way too much in the second half. Time to see if he recovered. The upside is big, but he also might be a cut before long.
$5 52 Brandon Belt 1B/OF 5.46 Brandon Belt has been so good for so long, and maybe the changes in the OF fences at Oracle were enough to let his talent really show up.
$5 53 Anthony Santander OF 5.40 He’s been slowly but surely hitting the ball harder, barrelling the ball more, and controlling the zone better, and maybe that 2020 was the result of that rather than just a one-shot breakout.
$5 54 Dylan Carlson OF 4.86 Through his first 23 games, he had a 26 wRC+, earning himself a trip back to the minors. When he came back he only had time for 12 more games, but his wRC+ was 142.
$5 55 Ryan Mountcastle 1B/OF 5.44 BABIP did some heavy lifting for him in 2020, but he looked good in his debut and I think there is more power he could tap into.
$5 56 Jo Adell OF 4.23 Adell looked overmatched, but so did Dylan Carlson and look what he did after getting some time back in Triple A to adjust.
$5 57 Ramon Laureano OF 5.33 His projections assume a roughly league average BABIP which makes sense and is probably right, but you look back at his 2018-19 and it’s hard not to wonder: what if it’s wrong?
$5 58 AJ Pollock OF 5.41 I feel like no one is talking about how great Pollock was in 2020 so let me be the first to say: Pollock was great in 2020.
$5 59 Clint Frazier OF 5.29 If you look at the rest of his MLB career, Frazier’s 2020 appears to come out of nowhere. If you look at his minor league career, it looks like a breakout that was bound to happen.
$5 60 Alex Dickerson OF 5.45 Dickerson was tailor-made for Ottoneu – the deep rosters let you take advantage of his platoon splits and he gets on base at a nice high clip.
$5 61 Starling Marte OF 5.01 Marte is the opposite of tailor-made for Ottoneu, but he is good enough that he still has value.
$5 62 Nick Senzel OF 4.81 See that Clint Frazier note? Imagine the same thing about Senzel, next Spring, with 2021 in place of 2020.
$5 63 Andrew Benintendi OF 5.10 He’s struggled for a while now, but his full season wOBAs have ranged from a bit above average to very very good, except for 14 games in 2020.
$5 64 David Peralta OF 5.13 Peralta had identical 106 wRC+ in 2020 and 2019 but his 2019 was worth an extra .61 P/G. This projection splits the difference and is as good a bet as any.
$5 65 Austin Riley 3B/OF 5.31 He improved his plate discipline quite a bit in 2020, and a bigger breakout might not be far behind.
$5 66 Julio Rodriguez OF #N/A If I thought he would be up this year (or for most of this year) he would be much closer to Kelenic and Kiriloff, but I think he won’t bring much value before 2022.
$5 67 Justin Upton OF 5.01 The always-streaky Upton closed 2020 on a blistering pace, with a 173 wRC+ over the last month of the season. A 94.5 average EV will do that.
$1 68 Hunter Dozier 1B/3B/OF 5.10 He’s my favorite of the three solid OF/3B eligible guys in this tier.
$1 69 J.D. Davis 3B/OF 5.17 His 2019 breakout remains tantalizing, but with no DH, Davis is going to be stuck sharing time with a bunch of interesting Mets bench bats.
$1 70 Brian Anderson 3B/OF 5.15 Like him more than J.D. because of playing time? I can understand that.
$1 71 Robbie Grossman OF 5.10 It’s tempting to get excited about Robbie Grossman’s 2020, but he did something very similar in 2016 and it didn’t stick.
$1 72 Kole Calhoun OF 5.10 Callhoun posted a career year in 2020, despite a .211 BABIP. I doubt he repeats that and his knee injury adds further risk, but he’s a nice late pickup.
$1 73 Mitch Haniger OF 5.33 The talent didn’t dry up so if he is healthy, there is some real upside here.
$1 74 Andrew McCutchen OF 5.28 Depth Charts projections have him around this tier, but THE BAT (and especially THE BATX) I a lot higher. Wonder if I should move him up?
$1 75 Aaron Hicks OF 5.43 If he stays healthy and holds down the #3 spot in the NYY lineup, he might make me look like an idiot for putting him this low.
$1 76 Whit Merrifield 2B/OF 5.20 He’s 32 and seems to be in decline, and his starting point was more 5×5-exciting than Ottoneu-valuable.
$1 77 Trevor Larnach OF 5.46 He’ll get on base and that will always play in Ottoneu.
$1 78 Brandon Marsh OF #N/A If the power develops, he can be a great complement to Trout in the LAA OF. If not, he may be squeezed between Trout, Upton, and Adell.
$1 79 Austin Hays OF 4.93 Had a great finish to 2020 and should be a leadoff guy for a Major League team. Yes, the Orioles are a Major League team.
$1 80 Kristian Robinson OF #N/A Super fun tools and power, and he’s ready to show what he can do against the high minors.
$1 81 Corbin Carroll OF #N/A Only behind Robinson because his 2023 ETA limits his Ottoneu value. He could easily jump 25 spots on this list this year.
$1 82 Drew Waters OF 4.15 He needs to show he can avoid striking out in more than a third of his PA before he gets a real shot, but the talent is there.
$1 83 Taylor Trammell OF 3.39 Less upside than some of the prospects ahead of him, but he is having a great Spring and the Mariners have nothing in LF blocking him.
$1 84 J.J. Bleday OF 3.06 If the Marlins are aggressive, he could show up soon and have a real impact, but 2021 isn’t a guarantee at all.
$1 85 Heliot Ramos OF 4.10 I guess this is where all the prospects get listed?
$1 86 Josh Naylor OF 5.35 Go back and look at what Naylor did in the high minors. Low Ks, high BBs, and enough power to be very fun in Ottoneu.
$1 87 David Dahl OF 4.59 I just want him to stay healthy and get a full season and let us see what he can do.
$1 88 Nick Solak 2B/3B/OF 4.94 He’ll be on your roster to play MI, but you can use his OF flexibility on occasion, if needed. If you find yourself needing it a lot, though, you might need to make a trade.
$1 89 Bryan Reynolds OF 4.89 I started this off-season high on Reynolds and have been slowing moving him down, which is nice because I’ll be able to say I was right no matter what.
$1 90 Randal Grichuk OF 5.34 Solid and probably better than you realize, but also may get squeezed out of the lineup in Toronto (and probably should).
$1 91 Sam Hilliard OF 4.57 He will strike out a lot, but if he can use his speed and power, he can be a nice upside play for your OF.
$1 92 Cristian Pache OF 4.26 The bat doesn’t project that well, but I never want to write off talented players and his defense will guarantee him the PA to develop.
$1 93 Tyler O’Neill OF 4.81 There are so many Cardinal OF who might breakout, and he’s the second most exciting for Ottoneu purposes.
$1 94 DJ Stewart OF 5.14 He posted a big jump in HR/FB rate last year backed by a jump in EV, but none of the projection systems are buying it and I am not willing to pay too much to find out if it is legit.
$1 95 Riley Greene OF #N/A A little further away than I typically like for an OF prospect, but the upside is exciting.
$1 96 Hunter Renfroe OF 5.33 He’s a weak-side platoon guy but for the 50ish games a year you can use him, he’ll help a ton.
$1 97 Austin Slater 1B/OF 5.06 Read the note above on Renfroe and then decide if you like Slater more than Renfroe, or vice versa.
$1 98 Avisail Garcia OF 4.84 I thought he was an interesting value play until he became a DH in a league with no DH.
$1 99 Adam Duvall OF 5.02 Assuming the Marlins plan to give time to Lewis Brinson, Jesus Sanchez, J.J. Bleday, perhaps Monte Harrison, plus get some PA for Garrett Cooper, both Duvall and Corey Dickerson are going to get squeezed.
$1 100 Daulton Varsho C/OF 4.77 Just use him at C this year, but if he is OF only next year, he’ll still carry a little value.
$1 101 Willie Calhoun OF 4.95 Calhoun looked like a star in the making before his BABIP and HR/FB dropped last year – he’s a fun guy to bet on going forward.
$1 102 George Valera OF #N/A All the tools to be a top prospect and might have been there by now if there had been a 2020 minor league season.
$1 103 Brennen Davis OF #N/A Like Valera, but a little closer to the majors.
$1 104 Luis Arraez 2B/3B/OF 5.24 He needs to be near his peak production to really have much OF value.
$1 105 Garrett Cooper 1B/OF 4.95 It would be really nice if Miami would play him or trade him instead of leaving him in limbo.
$1 106 Franchy Cordero OF 5.07 I want to believe in the power. I do believe in the strikeout rate.
$1 107 Victor Robles OF 4.77 In 5×5 circles, the debate is whether he’ll develop the power to make a leap or not. In Ottoneu, he needs the power to be valuable.
$1 108 Jackie Bradley Jr. OF 4.70 I had him about this far down before he signed and now that he signed, I still think he’s just kinda end of the roster fodder.
$1 109 Yoshi Tsutsugo 3B/OF 5.19 He was about a league average bat despite an ugly, ugly BABIP last year, so imagine what he’ll do if he can get some playing time (likely be a bit above average).
$1 110 JaCoby Jones OF 4.45 His BABIP will likely fall, but his productivity in Ottoneu will depend on whether he can continue to hit 5 HR per 108 PA or not.
$1 111 Jarren Duran OF 4.37 In a year where we saw no prospects, I keep hearing that Jarren Duran helped himself quite a bit in 2020, and I guess I believe?
$1 112 Jason Heyward OF 4.96 He may never be as good as he was as a rookie, but he was awfully close last year.
$1 113 Adam Eaton OF 4.86 In the year 2037, Adam Eaton will be starting his 7th stint with the White Sox, and will still be projected for a .350 OBP.
$1 114 Victor Reyes OF 4.58 He’s very interesting in 5×5 if he can get enough PA but he’s only moderately interesting here.
$1 115 Seth Beer 1B/OF #N/A It’s a shame the Diamondbacks don’t have a DH spot.
$0 116 Corey Dickerson OF 4.92 All the projections hate him but he was very solid until 2020 and he should hit near the top of the lineup, so he’s worth a look.
$0 117 Gregory Polanco OF 4.57 I really thought his 2018 would be a breakout, not an outlier, but here we are.
$0 118 Leody Taveras OF 4.21 He’s a pretty fun real ballplayer but I don’t see much to get excited about in this format.
$0 119 Lorenzo Cain OF 4.74 I maybe selling Cain short, but he’ll be 35 early in the season, took the 2020 season off, and was down in 2019, so it is hard be optimistic.
$0 120 Dustin Fowler OF 3.52 Another guy on the “Chad really would love to see him succeed All-Stars.”
$0 121 Stephen Piscotty OF 4.71 I am not sure I’lll ever really understand why Piscotty wasn’t better than he was, but I have finally moved on.
$0 122 Lewis Brinson OF 3.65 Starting to look like he’ll never achieve his potential.
$0 123 Oscar Mercado OF 4.23 Your prototypical “better baseball player than fantasy player” player. Player.
$0 124 Odubel Herrera OF 4.32 Who is ready for a flurry of redemption stories that gloss over what he did?
$0 125 Seth Brown 1B/OF 3.19 It would be interesting to see how Brown’s power would play in an extended MLB look but Oakland doesn’t seem to be giving him that change anytime soon.
$0 126 Nomar Mazara OF 4.87 I drafted Nomar Mazara in the 13th round of 20 team dynasty league draft (with 28 keepers per team) when he was a teenager, and I have finally decided I am out, so I suspect he’ll put up a huge year.
$0 127 Raimel Tapia OF 4.92 Leading off is great. Leading off in Colorado is great. But even playing at Coors, he really doesn’t have enough power to put up points.
$0 128 Brett Gardner OF 4.92 I sorta thought he would be done, but he is back in NY and he is at least worth a watchlist given his OBP skills and potential spot in that lineup.
$0 129 Dexter Fowler OF 4.38 I am not sure he still has much Ottoneu value even if I could count on 600 PA, and I suspect he is on borrowed time with Adell and Marsh coming.
$0 130 Chris Taylor 2B/SS/OF 5.07 He’s a useful MI and the OF eligibility doesn’t hurt your flex.
$0 131 Scott Kingery 2B/SS/3B/OF 4.08 He may be a useful MI and the OF eligiblity doesn’t hurt your flex.
$0 132 Dylan Moore 2B/SS/3B/OF 4.24 Low OBP doesn’t matter in 5×5 when you run and have some sneaky power, but he doesn’t bring much here.
$0 133 Harrison Bader OF 4.61 The third and final “Cardinal with some upside in the OF” on our list, but he just doesn’t offer the upside of his compatriots.
$0 134 Manuel Margot OF 4.62 Roster Resource has him hitting 5th in Tampa and my first reaction was confusion and my second was, “huh, the Rays offense doesn’t look that great, I guess.”
$0 135 Enrique Hernandez 2B/SS/OF 4.94 He’s like Taylor or Kingery, but with a platoon split that makes me worry about his viability in Ottoneu.
$0 136 Jordan Luplow OF 5.06 His 2020 was awful, but based on his 2019, he belongs in the Slater/Renfroe tier of small side platoon guys, and probably at the top of that tier.
$0 137 Brad Miller 2B/3B/OF 4.82 He should get some playing time, but Kingery, Segura, and apparently Odubel Herrera are going to limit it.
$0 138 Mauricio Dubon 2B/SS/OF 4.37 He has some minor league numbers that hint at untapped upside, but the lack of power – even in those numbers – limits his value in this format.
$0 139 Kevin Kiermaier OF 4.35 Remember what I said about Margot? Kiermaier is hitting 8th in that lineup.
$0 140 Jesus Sanchez OF 3.19 So much hyper a few years back, so little production in the high minors
$0 141 David Fletcher 2B/SS/3B/OF 4.47 He’s likely hitting near the top of the LAA lineup and he’ll get on base, but it won’t be enough.
$0 142 Jurickson Profar 2B/OF 5.06 On a team where he would get more regular run, I might be interested.
$0 143 Garrett Hampson 2B/SS/OF 4.50 Hampson showed some stuff in his first taste of MLB but mostly what he showed was that having a high BABIP can make you look good.
$0 144 Tommy Edman 2B/SS/3B/OF 4.56 I don’t really love the bat for an Ottoneu MI so at OF…
$0 145 Jon Berti 2B/SS/3B/OF 4.38 I don’t really love the bat for an Ottoneu MI so at OF…
$0 146 Adam Frazier 2B/OF 4.63 I don’t really love the bat for an Ottoneu MI so at OF…
$0 147 Miguel Andujar 3B/OF 4.83 I think he needs a trade for us to find out if he has any value and I don’t think he has enough trade value for the Yankees to trade him.
$0 148 Mike Brosseau 1B/2B/3B/OF 4.82 He’s being used as a small side of a platoon and may not even have the full small side of the platoon.
$0 149 Michael Chavis 1B/2B/OF 4.69 There is about a 75% chance that Chavis will get hot early in the season, and I’ll pick him up everywhere, but for now, I am looking at the numbers and staying away.
$0 150 Jake Bauers 1B/OF 4.69 He’s been working on a new swing and maybe that will help him combine his patient with harder contact.
$0 151 Matt Beaty 1B/3B/OF 4.57 He looked kinda interesting out of 2019, but he’s like the 35th best bat on LAD and I doubt he gets a chance to prove he can do much more.
$0 152 Ryan Mcbroom 1B/OF 4.80 He got on base in 2019 and hit for power in 2020, but the OBP was BABIP driven and the power was based on a HR/FB rate I don’t think he can sustain.
$0 153 Myles Straw SS/OF 3.91 He’ll steal some bases and then, if the Astros are in contention, he’ll lose his job to a trade acquisition.
$0 154 Mike Tauchman OF 4.87 He might be decent and if he is decent then he might be able to find a couple hundred PA in a very crowded New York outfield. Or he might not.
$0 155 Brent Rooker OF 4.99 Rooker isn’t a bad OF but he has already been displaced by Kiriloff and Larnach is coming.
$0 156 Jake Cave OF 4.83 Cave isn’t a bad OF, but he was displaced by Rooker last year and Rooker was displaced by Kiriloff and Larnach is coming.
$0 157 Daniel Johnson OF 4.48 Worth watching, cause he has a ton of tools that could translate if Cleveland lets him play.
$0 158 Jose Marmolejos 1B/OF 4.27 Just holding down a roster spot until the kids are ready to play.
$0 159 Jay Bruce 1B/OF 5.25 I don’t really expect him to make the Yankees roster nor do I think he will play much, but if he does play some in that stadium, he’ll be solid.

A long-time fantasy baseball veteran and one of the creators of ottoneu, Chad Young's writes for RotoGraphs and PitcherList, and can be heard on the ottobot podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @chadyoung.

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3 years ago

Not trying to be a Clint Frazier stan, but that same blurb for Yastrzemski works for Frazier, and Frazier’s in a better park and better lineup to put up big fantasy numbers. Plus going into his 26 season with a prospect pedigree, his last 400 PAs look pretty intriguing…