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Three Over-Rostered Prospects

Last week, I covered four prospects rostered in less than 10% of Ottoneu leagues who deserve more attention. This week, I want to go the other direction and look at prospects who are rostered in too many leagues. This proved far more difficult, for a couple of reasons.

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Four Under-Rostered Prospects

For a variety of reasons, since the start of June I have been reloading my Ottoneu rosters with prospects and have been surprised to see some interesting names almost universally available. While I am not a prospect expert by trade, I love scouting stat lines, reading scouting reports, and finding prospects who others may not have noticed yet. These four players are all rostered in less than 10% of Ottoneu leagues and should be on your radar.

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The Baltimore Orioles as an Ottoneu Team

I know Mike Elias is not running an Ottoneu fantasy baseball team. I also know this exercise is very unrealistic, yet I’m doing it anyway. For those who have never had the pleasure of playing in an Ottoneu league, you should try it! I’m sure regular readers of our wonderful site here at FanGraphs have heard plenty about it. You get a $400 budget every year. You have a huge roster that functions in a dynasty format. You can alter the scoring from standard roto to sabermetric points leagues to head-to-head leagues. Regardless of the format, the goal of Ottoneu is to be as realistic as possible. It seeks to simulate the real baseball general manager experience. One of the ways it accomplishes that is an end-of-season tradition called arbitration where your league mates get to increase the salaries of your players. If you somehow made it to the end of your season rostering Fernando Tatis Jr. for $10, you likely saw his salary shoot up in the arbitration process. But, it can only go up by so much each year and this, in a way, mimics salary increase through arbitration in real life. If a player gets too expensive to keep on your roster, you have to cut him at the end of the season, sending him back to a re-auction draft and thus, simulating free agency.

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Ottoneu Hot Right Now: Most Active Auctions

Typically a look at the most ongoing auctions shows 4-5 intriguing names, but right now there are a few in the top 10 overall that just aren’t interesting. Trevor Bauer and Adalberto Mondesi are just being auctioned to reduce their cap penalties. Alex Lange and Jason Adam are decent enough RP options, but there are probably 10 other RP you could throw out there right now.

Rather than dive into all of them, today we’ll focus on three names: Christopher Morel, Tyrone Taylor, and Oscar Gonzalez.

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Productive Hitters Hidden by PH Appearances

One of the quickest and easiest ways to find productive Ottoneu hitters is to go to the Ottoneu search and sort by points per game. At the end of the day, that is what we are trying to maximize as Ottoneu managers – we all get the same 1,944 games split over 12 positions and we need to get the most points possible from those games.

However, those numbers can be skewed by pinch hit, pinch run, or defensive replacement appearances. A hitting putting up 1.25 points per plate appearance should score over 5.0 points per game, but if they have a handful of games with one PA, that will pull down the average.

To find players who you might be underrating by viewing points per game, it’s helpful to look at points per game as a starter.
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Ottoneu Hot Right Now: Most Live Auctions

As of Thursday afternoon, there were four players up for auction in more than 10% – a prospect, a guy finally getting a clean chance, a power hitting 1B, and a reliever. And all four of these players are legitimately interesting and worth rostering.

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Early Ottoneu Prestige League Analysis

We are less than a month into the season, meaning we have yet to hit the first Ottoneu Prestige League (OPL) cut. But it’s time to do your roster analysis, as Thursday will be the last day to start auctions in time to add players to your second-round roster – if you survive the first cut.

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Ottoneu Cold Right Now: Most Cut Players

The season is just two weeks old, but that doesn’t mean fantasy managers are sitting on their hands. We are busy overreacting to three-inning samples of relievers, two starts for starters, and a single hot (or cold) streak for hitters. And that means rosters are churning and cuts are being made. Here are the players cut in at least 10% of leagues in the last week, along with advice on how to handle them if they are on your roster or if they are now free agents in your league.

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Ottoneu Hot Right Now: Most Active Current Auctions

As always happens a few days into the season, Ottoneu managers are firing up auctions left and right, trying to grab the next big thing before it becomes too big for grabbing. Today, we’ll look at the six players who are being auctioned in the most leagues right now.

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The Ottoneu Players I Roster Most

Last year, I shared the 12 players I had on most of my rosters, broken into types of players. This year, I want to dive into the five players I have on more than half my Ottoneu rosters.

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