Beat the Shift Podcast – Player Pool & Catcher Episode w/ Todd Zola

The Player Pool & Catcher Episode of the Beat the Shift Podcast – a baseball podcast for fantasy baseball players.

Guest: Todd Zola

Todd’s Mastersball Projections

  • What’s new?
  • Assuming a DH in the National League
  • Adjusting for the Camden Yards’ new dimensions
  • Adjusting for the Blue Jays irregular home park in 2021

Strategy Section

  • Player Pool
    • Starting Pitchers
      • Is there more risk at the very top?
      • Is this the year to wait and grab pitchers in the early middle rounds?
    • Closers
      • Where is the value?
      • How many saves do you really need to be competitive?
    • Corner infielders
      • Bargains in the first base position
        • Pass on top talent?
      • The drop in talent at third base
        • How to attack/address the 3B position
    • Middle infielders
      • Do you need to obtain steals from the middle infield position?
      • Setting hotspot values and budgeting for the middle infield
    • Outfielders
      • At what price points should one purchase outfielders?
        • Early, middle, late, or spread them out?
        • The $1 outfielder conundrum
        • The effect of multiple position eligilibity on the OF pool

Injury Guru’s Trivia of the Week

ATC Player Discussion


  • Justifying the poor batting average from the catcher position
  • Drafting catchers in a draft & hold / draft champions format
  • Drafting catchers in 10-team 1-catcher leagues
  • Which catchers get the biggest boost in value with the NL designated hitter?
  • The best advanced statistics to settle player debates
    • Hitters
    • Pitchers
  • Alejandro Kirk’s playing time and value

Injury Update – Reuven gives us the injury updates.


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Ariel is the 2019 FSWA Baseball Writer of the Year. Ariel is also the winner of the 2020 FSWA Baseball Article of the Year award. He is the creator of the ATC (Average Total Cost) Projection System. Ariel was ranked by FantasyPros as the #1 fantasy baseball expert in 2019. His ATC Projections were ranked as the #1 most accurate projection system over the past three years (2019-2021). Ariel also writes for CBS Sports, SportsLine, RotoBaller, and is the host of the Beat the Shift Podcast (@Beat_Shift_Pod). Ariel is a member of the inaugural Tout Wars Draft & Hold league, a member of the inaugural Mixed LABR Auction league and plays high stakes contests in the NFBC. Ariel is the 2020 Tout Wars Head to Head League Champion. Ariel Cohen is a fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) and the Society of Actuaries (SOA). He is a Vice President of Risk Management for a large international insurance and reinsurance company. Follow Ariel on Twitter at @ATCNY.

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10 months ago

Ariel! Did you release 2022 ATC projections with nary an announcement on this site?!?!
So happy to see – thank you!!!

I don’t see BAT / BAT X projections yet. Will these be incorporated into ATC when they’re finally released by Mr. Carty? Is that methodology – pulling in recently published projection systems – part of the ATC process?

You da best. Thanks again!

A-T-C! A-T-C! A-T-C! A-T-C!