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The Training Room: Clayton Kershaw 2019 Outlook

The Back Problem

Full disclosure, I am a huge Los Angeles Dodgers homer, so it pains me to write this article, but it has to be done. Clayton Kershaw won’t be a top 25 starting pitcher in 2019, despite his tenacity, drive, and historical value. Whether people realize it or not, he was not a top 20 pitcher in 2018. Kershaw’s well-known diagnosis of herniated discs that he’s battled for several years and a physiologic phenomenon known as pain inhibition will limit his innings and his production. Here is the simple version.

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The Training Room: Jose Altuve 2019 Outlook

2018 Knee Problems

Before a diagnosis was divulged, I watched Jose Altuve slide into second-base and come up a little gimpy in the playoffs warning bells were going in my head. He missed 3 weeks from late July to mid-August, and as I sorted through the possibilities of what could be wrong, I grew more and more pessimistic. Read the rest of this entry »