Why We Missed: Wendle, Muncy, & Voit

Every season a few hitters come out of nowhere to become major fantasy contributors. And by nowhere, I mean no one targeted them at all during draft season, even in 50-man roster draft-and-holds. This past season, Max Muncy, Joey Wendle, and Luke Voit provided fantasy production for nothing. An interesting trait for each of these hitters is that savvy teams targeted them in trades before the breakout. In recent seasons, these breakouts include Chris Taylor. Jose Martinez. and Jesus Aguilar. While the general public doesn’t have the same resources, scouts, and data as major league teams, I found the general traits some teams are looking to acquire.

I asked for help in creating the list. I end up with many responses but I wanted productive hitters on no one’s radar. I removed a suggestion if the hitter was on any top-100 list (e.g. John Hicks) or if they were ever an MLB regular (e.g. Scooter Gennett). In the end, 12 hitters made the cut: Chris Taylor, Max Muncy, Luke Voit, Joey Wendle, Jose Martinez, Jesus Aguilar, Teoscar Hernandez, Adam Duvall, Daniel Palka, Eugenio Suarez, Mitch Haniger, and Justin Turner.

While some of these breakouts spent time in the majors, they were mainly Triple-A players before the trade and breakout. I started with every trait available to me  (FanGraphs has a few) and just started whittling down the stats while trying to keep them useful and simple. I ended up with age, walk rate (BB%), strikeout rate (K%), groundball rate (GB%), and isolated power (ISO) as the major factors. Here are the average Triple-A values for these 12 and also the league average and standard deviation.

Averages for Super Sleepers & Average Triple-A Hitters
Group Age BB% K% GB% ISO
The 12’s Average 25.4 8.9% 22.4% 39.8% .202
Triple-A Average 27.0 8.8% 21.3% 43.6% .150
Triple-A StdDev 3.6 3.1% 6.6% 7.0% .058

These hitters aren’t young but young for the level. They at least have league average plate discipline. They put more balls in the air with more power than the average Triple-A hitter. It’s a simple believable combination.

I farted around with the above values and ended up using the following benchmarks:

AGE >= 24 and AGE <27
ISO >= .150
GB% <= 43%
BB% >= 7.5%
K% <= 24%

I’m not set on these values, but they provide a decent place to start targeting hitters. Going into 2018, the hitters would have been:

Note: I didn’t remove anyone who appeared on a top-100 list.

2018 Super Sleepers
Name Position Age Team BB% K% GB% ISO
Alex Blandino 2B/3B 24 Reds (AAA) 13.5% 18.9% 38.2% .173
Cam Perkins OF 26 Phillies (AAA) 10.2% 18.3% 42.8% .160
Cheslor Cuthbert 3B 24 Royals (AAA) 10.3% 18.6% 36.7% .288
Christian Villanueva 3B 26 Padres (AAA) 9.5% 20.9% 32.2% .231
Christian Walker 1B 26 Diamondbacks (AAA) 10.3% 20.2% 30.4% .288
Colin Moran 3B 24 Astros (AAA) 9.2% 18.2% 33.7% .235
Drew Robinson OF 25 Rangers (AAA) 13.6% 27.9% 38.1% .226
Greg Bird 1B 24 Yankees (AAA) 18.6% 19.1% 37.8% .277
Hunter Renfroe OF 25 Padres (AAA) 9.8% 12.7% 37.0% .382
Jorge Bonifacio OF 24 Royals (AAA) 10.5% 15.7% 25.6% .294
Luke Voit 1B 26 Cardinals (AAA) 9.4% 19.7% 31.9% .238
Max Muncy 1B 26 Dodgers (AAA) 14.2% 26.3% 42.6% .181
Max Stassi C 26 Astros (AAA) 13.2% 27.8% 42.0% .207
Mitch Garver C 26 Twins (AAA) 13.4% 26.6% 38.4% .250
Nolan Fontana 2B 26 Angels (AAA) 16.6% 26.9% 29.9% .177
Oswaldo Arcia OF 26 Diamondbacks (AAA) 11.3% 25.2% 33.5% .314
Pat Valaika 3B/SS 24 Rockies (AAA) 8.0% 24.4% 35.3% .156
Preston Tucker OF 26 Astros (AAA) 11.4% 20.7% 37.0% .215
Rafael Ortega OF 26 Padres (AAA) 9.7% 11.7% 39.4% .150
Rhys Hoskins OF 24 Phillies (AAA) 13.5% 18.7% 31.5% .297
Ryan Cordell OF 25 Brewers (AAA) 8.6% 24.9% 34.2% .222
Teoscar Hernandez OF 24 Astros (AAA) 11.2% 23.9% 40.3% .206
Tyler Naquin OF 26 Indians (AAA) 9.1% 24.1% 41.5% .176
Tyler White 1B 26 Astros (AAA) 9.5% 23.2% 36.1% .227

Even some players who weren’t originally listed in the 12 but contributed were Tucker, White, and Villanueva. Now, Wendle didn’t make the list based on his age, power and walk rate but Voit and Muncy made the cut. The filter passes the eye test for now.

Now onto next year’s list which is half the length for some unknown reason (min. 50 PA).

2019 Super Sleepers
Name Position Age Team BB% K% GB% ISO
A.J. Reed 1B 25 Astros (AAA) 11.9% 27.7% 29.3% .251
Christin Stewart OF 24 Tigers (AAA) 12.8% 24.3% 38.1% .216
Dan Vogelbach 1B/DH 25 Mariners (AAA) 20.4% 19.9% 38.7% .256
J.D. Davis 3B 25 Astros (AAA) 9.5% 20.7% 40.6% .240
Jordan Luplow OF 24 Pirates (AAA) 10.9% 20.4% 33.5% .175
Jose Osuna 1B/OF 25 Pirates (AAA) 9.1% 16.9% 41.8% .175
Max Moroff 2B/SS 25 Pirates (AAA) 14.5% 27.5% 34.3% .170
Phillip Ervin OF 25 Reds (AAA) 9.9% 22.5% 37.8% .202
Phillip Evans 2B/3B 25 Mets (AAA) 8.6% 19.2% 42.6% .237
Renato Nunez 3B 24 Orioles (AAA) 10.1% 24.4% 37.0% .154
Socrates Brito OF 25 Diamondbacks (AAA) 9.2% 24.3% 36.2% .222
Taylor Ward 3B 24 Angels (AAA) 13.5% 26.9% 41.9% .185
Tommy Joseph 1B 26 Rangers (AAA) 7.8% 24.3% 30.2% .265

Some of these hitters have already got the call in 2018 like Ervin, Stewart, and Ward. Besides being an offseason tool, it looks like the filter may also be decent in season filter to find potential callups.

Overall, I happy with the initial results. One adjustment I may implement is to weight each category to find those hitters who are close to the cut when promoted. Additionally, I may come back to the above list of players to dive deeper into each player. On the next installment of why we missed (and missed), Jesus Aguilar.

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Jeff, one of the authors of the fantasy baseball guide,The Process, writes for RotoGraphs, The Hardball Times, Rotowire, Baseball America, and BaseballHQ. He has been nominated for two SABR Analytics Research Award for Contemporary Analysis and won it in 2013 in tandem with Bill Petti. He has won three FSWA Awards including on for his MASH series. In his first two seasons in Tout Wars, he's won the H2H league and mixed auction league. Follow him on Twitter @jeffwzimmerman.

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