The Sleeper and the Bust Episode: 928 – Injuries Just Won’t Stop


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Approximately 44 minutes of joyous analysis.

Paul is the Editor of Rotographs and contributes to ESPN's Daily Notes. Follow Paul on Twitter @sporer and on Twitch at sporer.

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Calf injuries worry me:
– Donaldson: PLayed 629 out of 648 games from 2013-2016. Had his 1st calf issue in April 2017. From 2017 he has played 376 of 585 games. Now some of that was a shoulder issue but he has 5 different Il stints for calf issues on both legs. This all started at age 31 so not that much older than Trout.
– Miggy: Donaldson at least continued to hit. The end of Miggy the All-Star is almost exactly linked to his calf injury in 2015. Miggy for his career through 7/3/15: .406 wOBA and routinely played 95+% of his team’s games only twice playing fewer than 157 and never fewer than 148 games. Miggy after 7/3/15: .343 wOBA (he was still great in 2015-2016) and has played 664 of 911 games. I remember saying at the time in 2015 “Uh-oh, that’s an old man injury”. Now, it’s kind of hard to link it to the calf since he also got old quickly at age 34 but he was 32 when that happened and again, not that much older than Trout.

BTW, you didn’t mention it but the clear beneficiary to Stanton going on the IL is Sanchez. With Stanton, HIcks and Torres on the IL (& Tauchman in SF), their bench is Sanchez/Higashioka (whoever doesn’t catch), Mike Ford, Miguel Andujar and Ryan Lemarre. Ford probably deserves his “sink or swim” chance given how he hit in the minors but they haven’t given it to him yet when it’s been apparent for a few years that he deserves a shot. Lemarre is a no. Andujar might be an option but he isn’t currently giving them any reason to DH him. Even when Torres comes back all that does is move Tyler Wade to the bench and he’s also a no. Given that they pretty clearly want to see more of HIgashioka behind the plate, I think we’re going to see Sanchez DH-ing quite a bit until Stanton comes back.