The Sleeper and the Bust Episode: 457 – Saves on the Market


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Strategy Section: Differences at the Dish

Shallow (4:50)

Deep (11:15)

Super-Deep (15:35)

Other Arms (22:00)

Closers w/New Jobs, Timeshares, & Potential Closers (32:15)

Outfielders (42:50)

Infielders (45:00)

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Approximately 57 minutes of joyous analysis.

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I own Bruce Chen in a 20T H2H Keeper league add QS and K/BB. Not sure what to do with him with this news re: his injury. I have been killed with injuries (as has everyone) and demotions and need to drop someone to get a healthy arm. Drop Chen, McCarthy, or Conley? OR do I hold all of them and wait for health?

Still holding Nola, Cotton, Kluber on bench/IR with Quintana, Shoemaker, Graveman, Wheeler healthy.


Guess i should add that WW has names like Dickey, Richard, Koehler, Butler