The Sleeper and the Bust Episode: 448 – Bullpen Chatter & Early Strugglers


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We had some sound issues with Eno’s end, thanks to Christopher Welsh from for helping clean it up as best as he could and make it listenable. 

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Leading Off: Question of the Day

Notable Transactions/Rumors/Articles/Game Play

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Approximately 90 minutes of joyous analysis.

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Devon Travis was highly over-drafted coming into the season. No power upside, no SB upside, and downside in AVG, injury, and batting order (last one already happened). His .339 career BABIP is unsustainable for a guy with below average speed and exit velo. If Brandon Phillips, Neil Walker, Joe Panik, Jorge Polanco, or Josh Harrison are available strongly consider a swap. I wouldn’t quite drop him for Adam Frazier, but there is a little more upside for the latter.