The Sleeper and the Bust Episode: 1298 – FAAB, Mailbag & More!


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Notable Transactions/News/Rumors

  • Ball is still dead
  • Stolen Bases are up



Rays Corner


Mail Bag

  • Joey Ortiz or Brenton Doyle most likely to stay relevant in a 12-team league throughout the season?
  • I had mortgaged this season to win last season, but still making it competitive. I had Lee, Rooker, Ward, and Jimenez as my 4 outfield in a deeper 12 team, h2h (300 drafted, plus 2 minor league and 4 IL spots). Currently rolling with Rooker, Ward, Rafaela, and Pham as my main OF. Rafaela feels like he’s turning back into a pumpkin, and I got Doyle as a UTL and Winker as my current bench. Could you guys do a would-you-rather with some dudes who are streaking and who might be better long term in the OF? OBP and SLG, daily moves.
  • Favorite buy low in 12 -15 team leagues right now?

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Approximately 60 minutes of joyous analysis.

Justin is the co-host on The Sleeper and The Bust Podcast and writes for Rotographs covering the Roto Riteup as well as other periodic articles. In addition to his work at Rotographs, Justin is the lead fantasy writer/analyst and co-owner for, and the owner of The Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational. He is also a certified addiction treatment counselor. Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinMasonFWFB.

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1 month ago

Lol Johnny Leduca, Jason?

I am happy to hear that power is getting the attention that steals used to in years past. This season has been brutal trying to find consistent power, especially with more veteran options feeling like they’re not hitting like you drafted them for.

I picked up Luis Matos and Jake Meyers in my 12 team league just to try and get maybe catch something before my league mates do. My outfield is Josh Lowe, Jo Adell, Anthony Santander and then a rotating door of whatever hot hand I can find next.