Starting Pitcher Chart – May 9th, 2024

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Some really interesting 2-x guys on the board here. I could see running some in 10-teamers in the right situations, too.

Starter Notes May 9, 2024
1 Logan Gilbert SEA at MIN x x x 48 1.69 0.79 21% 13th
2 Pablo López MIN v SEA x x x 37 4.30 1.04 25% 20th
3 Hunter Greene CIN v ARI x x x 40 3.12 1.17 18% 23rd
4 Reid Detmers LAA v KCR x x x 40 4.24 1.21 18% 25th
5 Ben Lively 라이블리 CLE at CHW x x x 21 2.08 1.02 21% 30th
6 Erick Fedde 페디 CHW v CLE x x x 39 3.46 1.18 16% 17th
7 Ronel Blanco HOU at NYY x x 38 2.09 0.96 13% 4th
8 Lance Lynn STL at MIL x x 35 3.28 1.40 11% 2nd
9 Michael Wacha KCR at LAA x x 37 5.50 1.46 13% 18th
10 Marcus Stroman NYY v HOU x x 37 3.41 1.43 9% 9th
11 Slade Cecconi ARI at CIN x 16 4.96 0.80 19% 28th
12 Tobias Myers MIL v STL x 13 6.23 1.31 11% 27th
13 Keaton Winn SFG at COL 34 4.41 1.13 12% 26th
14 Cal Quantrill COL v SFG 39 4.31 1.29 7% 19th
Recommendations for Roto 5×5 Leagues


The chart includes their 2024 stats (this changed over from last year’s stats on April 22nd), their opponent’s wOBA versus the pitcher’s handedness from this year so far (this is changed as of April 11th), my general start/sit recommendation for 10-team, 12-team, and 15-team (or more) leagues, and then a note about them (notes will be more statistical-based once we get some sample to work with). Obviously, there are league sizes beyond those three so it’s essentially a shallow, medium, deep. If a pitcher only has an “x” in 15-team, it doesn’t mean there’s no potential use in 10s and 12s, but it’s basically a riskier stream for those spots.

These are general recommendations, and your league situation will carry more weight whether you are protecting ratios or chasing counting numbers. This is for standard 5×5 roto leagues. The thresholds for H2H starts are generally lower, especially in points leagues so I thought there would be more value focusing on roto.

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19 days ago

Jumping the gun a lot (sorry) but who do you like between Marsh and Criswell. this week (Ks/wins) most important but are either long term usable in a team where ~100 SPs are owned?