Starting Pitcher Chart – May 26th

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The chart includes their season performance, their opponent’s wOBA versus the pitcher’s handedness over the last 30 days, my general start/sit recommendation for 10-team, 12-team, and 15-team (or more) leagues, and then a note about them. Obviously, there are league sizes beyond those three so it’s essentially a shallow, medium, deep. If a pitcher only has an “x” in 15-team, it doesn’t mean there’s no potential use in 10s and 12s, but it’s basically a risky stream for those spots.

These are general recommendations, and your league situation will carry more weight whether you are protecting ratios or chasing counting numbers. This is for standard 5×5 roto leagues. The thresholds for H2H starts are generally lower, especially in points leagues so I thought there would be more value focusing on roto.

Friday, May 26th Starter Notes
1 George Kirby SEA PIT x x x 58.1 2.62 1.01 18% 26th Remarkable results even though the Ks haven’t materialized as his drafters likely hoped
2 Mitch Keller PIT at SEA x x x 62.2 2.44 0.97 25% 19th More is less w/the fastball as he’s dropped the usage 10 pts & surged in performance (.507 OPS is 3rd best on heat, min. 70 BF)
3 Hunter Brown HOU at OAK x x x 50.2 3.20 1.26 19% 29th What a dream getting OAK in back-to-back starts
4 Jon Gray TEX at BAL x x x 50.2 3.02 1.16 10% 11th Has quickly shaved his ERA from 4.40 to 3.02 over the last 3 starts a solid 20% K-BB and 0.90 ERA
5 Kevin Gausman TOR at MIN x x x 63 3.14 1.08 28% 10th Probably deserves even better than the 3.14 ERA he has so far
6 Chris Sale BOS at ARI x x x 50.1 5.01 1.17 23% 15th Looking strong of late with a 3.05 ERA & 0.89 WHIP in 38 IP with 43 Ks
7 Reid Detmers LAA MIA x x x 40.2 4.87 1.43 20% 8th Maybe the regression of Bieber’s LOB rate can shift over to Detmers who should be able to improve upon his tiny 61% mark
8 Justin Steele CHC CIN x x x 61.1 2.20 1.01 15% 9th Has traded Ks for BB improvement so while his K9 makes it look like a plummet (1.7 K drop), it’s a 2.5 pt drop in K%
9 Jesús Luzardo MIA at LAA x x x 56.1 3.83 1.37 19% 16th Allowed 1 HR in his first 4 starts (0.4) and then 7 over his last 6 (1.9)
10 Freddy Peralta MIL SFG x x x 52 4.15 1.31 14% 16th Rocking a hot 0% K-BB in his last 2 starts at STL & at TBR which isn’t cool… obviously not sitting him anywhere, though
11 Shane Bieber CLE STL x x x 64.1 3.08 1.21 12% 2nd I know the skills are light for this ERA and his 81% LOB will dip, but I’m not sure this is just who he is going forward so I’m sticking with him
12 Matthew Liberatore STL at CLE x x x 6 3.00 1.33 11% 30th Looked good in his season debut w/improved stuff from last yr; should have staying power if they commit to him at SP
13 Joe Musgrove SDP at NYY x x x 24 6.75 1.58 14% 13th Hasn’t fully found his groove, but has had to face LAD x2 and BOS since the Mexico City nightmare
14 Alex Wood SFG at MIL x x x 20 4.05 1.45 14% 27th Good spot to stream him; HRs are his biggest risk but MIL’s .138 ISO isn’t best-suited to take advantage of him
15 Max Scherzer NYM at COL x x x 33.2 4.01 1.19 13% 6th I’m going for the World Record of recommending guys pitching in Coors this week!
16 Lance Lynn CHW at DET x x 57.1 6.28 1.47 19% 23rd Soft spot in the schedule has helped (CLE, KCR before this) him get back on track… if he’s great here, are you trusting him for LAA next wk??
17 Louie Varland MIN TOR x x 28 4.18 1.25 20% 4th Feels a bit like early career Bailey Ober w/the impressive core skills but a considerable HR issue which does make this matchup a bit scarier; I’m still in for most lgs
18 Jared Shuster ATL PHI x x 19.2 5.49 1.42 4% 29th Splendid outing last time out v. SEA (6 IP/1 H/1 ER/7 Ks) & wasn’t terrible v. TEX before that (5 IP/3 ER)… I’ll ride the favorable matchup here
19 Patrick Corbin WSN at KCR x x 56.1 4.47 1.38 10% 14th Hasn’t allowed more than 3 ER in any of his L7, posting a 3.40 ERA and 1.14 WHIP but a meager 12% K-BB… I’m rolling with him
20 Hunter Greene CIN at CHC x 50 4.68 1.50 22% 15th After allowing 1 HR in his first 6 starts, he has allowed 11 in the last 6 and his 1.4 HR is still an improvement over last yr’s 1.7
21 Brandon Pfaadt ARI BOS x 20 7.65 1.55 7% 7th HRs have smoothed out w/just 1 in his L2 starts after 6 in the first two; there’s still plenty to like about this rookie arm
22 Grayson Rodriguez BAL TEX 42 6.21 1.64 17% 9th The 4.03 SIERA gives some hope, though until the 2.1 HR and .363 BABIP improve he won’t get anywhere near that SIERA
23 Taijuan Walker PHI at ATL 46.2 5.79 1.44 10% 18th Maybe in the best of matchups, but no shot against Atlanta
24 Randy Vásquez NYY SDP #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A 25th Making his debut from Triple-A where he had a 4.85 ERA, 1.57 WHIP, and 14% K-BB in 43 IP
25 Joey Wentz DET CHW 38.2 7.45 1.63 10% 11th Has shown some elements over his 71 MLB innings but also faaaarrr too much risk to consider him in many spots
26 Noah Syndergaard LAD at TBR 41.1 5.88 1.33 14% 3rd Hard to trust him in even the lightest of matchups let alone one of the absolute toughest
27 James Kaprielian OAK HOU 28 8.68 1.86 8% 27th Remember when he was kinda deece back in 2021? Feels like ages ago!
28 Connor Seabold COL NYM 31.2 5.97 1.64 9% 20th No thanks
29 Jordan Lyles KCR WSN 56.2 7.15 1.34 9% 17th No format or situation where I land on a Lyles start
30 Jalen Beeks TBR LAD 25 4.68 1.20 9% 10th Likely just opening for a couple innings here
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11 days ago

You’ll get to recommend another guy in Coors with Verlander going tomorrow!

But, just a reminder that Coors is undefeated:

Scherzer at Coors – 31.0 IP, 6.39 ERA or 131 PA and a .902 OPS

Verlander has only made 2 starts there and has done much better with a 1.20 ERA and .425 OPS but he also last pitched there in 2017 (& before that 2011).

10 days ago
Reply to  Paul Sporer

I absolutely agree. But you’re always crossing your fingers when you start a guy at Coors. You just never know when a game is going to get away from a guy, even an elite guy.

Kershaw is another one – career 2.49 ERA but 4.82 at Coors in 155 IP so not that small of a sample size. That’s his highest ERA by a lot for anywhere he’s pitched more than once (the only place higher is the old Shea Stadium – he made one start there his rookie year and gave up 4 ER in 3.2 IP). His ERA everywhere other than Coors is 2.34 so Coors has single-handedly raised his career ERA by 0.15. (Although, Kershaw is 11-8 in 26 career starts at Coors because his opponent also has to pitch in the thin air and Kershaw is better than anyone the Rockies have ever run out there, though Ubaldo was pretty good for a couple years there back in the day)

10 days ago
Reply to  Anon

RE: Verlander’s case, although those were from a long while back, isn’t Coors also a tad less extreme nowadays due to use of humidor? Plus the Rockies lineup is most likely a good deal worse right now than they were back then?

They won’t even have Cron back this weekend.