Starting Pitcher Chart – April 19th, 2024

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Decided to skip commentary on some of the obvious ones where I didn’t have anything terribly insightful to say.

Starter Notes April 19, 2024
1 Yoshinobu Yamamoto LAD v NYM x x x #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A 18th
2 Joe Ryan MIN v DET x x x 161 4.51 1.17 24% 27th
3 Freddy Peralta MIL at STL x x x 165 3.86 1.12 23% 24th
4 Chris Sale ATL v TEX x x x 102 4.30 1.13 23% 25th
5 Garrett Crochet CHW at PHI x x x 12 3.55 1.97 -2% 13th His bump v. CIN still came w/10 Ks, remains a must start while in the rotation
6 Spencer Turnbull PHI v CHW x x x 31 7.26 1.68 6% 30th Even if the dud v. PIT has you tightening your thresholds w/him, this is still easily in play
7 Blake Snell SFG v ARI x x x 180 2.25 1.19 18% 2nd He’s rounding into form, but I’m along for the ride if I paid that Top 100 pick
8 Nick Lodolo CIN v LAA x x x 34 6.29 1.75 22% 5th Cheaper than Snell, but another one where you kinda committed to the ride, however bumpy
9 Jordan Montgomery ARI at SFG x x x 188 3.20 1.19 15% 14th Everyone plays these situations their way, I’m inclined to start someone this good pretty easily
10 Justin Verlander HOU at WSN x x x 162 3.22 1.13 15% 5th I don’t believe his MiLB #s mean he can’t be ready to go immediately upon returning to MLB
11 Jack Flaherty DET at MIN x x 144 4.99 1.58 13% 29th Bounced back from his dud v. OAK; all of the 2-x guys have 10-tm potential
12 Brayan Bello BOS at PIT x x 157 4.24 1.34 13% 13th I respect PIT, I don’t yet fear them and as such, Bello is viable in 10s, too
13 Clarke Schmidt NYY v TBR x x 159 4.64 1.35 15% 21st Guys like Flaherty/Bello/Schmidt are “your dudes” if you draft them, so I’m more often looking to get them in the lineup
14 MacKenzie Gore WSN v HOU x x 136 4.42 1.40 16% 3rd Has “your dude” vibes, too, but a legitimately scary matchup so it’s dicier
15 Tyler Alexander TBR at NYY x x 44 4.50 1.11 22% 11th I prefer Yariel on a per-inning basis, but like Alexander to go more IP
16 Triston McKenzie CLE v OAK x x 16 5.06 1.56 4% 28th Trying to pitch thru an elbow tear (something MANY pitchers are doing, btw) which is scary, but if you can’t start him here, just cut him
17 Yariel Rodriguez TOR at SDP x #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A 9th IP counts will be limited so if you’re win chasing, look elsewhere; imagine if he was 2nd part of a tandem start!
18 Quinn Priester PIT v BOS x 50 7.74 1.70 4% 23rd Turning a corner? 35% K, 26% K-BB, 18% SwStr in 3 MiLB starts; small sample but enough to jump on it and see if he’s for real
19 Joe Boyle OAK at CLE x 16 1.69 0.81 17% 15th First 3 starts perfectly outline the risk/reward: 10, 64, 58 GSv2s (GameScore Vol. 2)
20 Alec Marsh KCR v BAL x 74 5.69 1.56 13% 3rd Start v. BAL looking more like a flash in the pan as opposed to continuation of a strong Spring Training
21 Jameson Taillon CHC v MIA x 154 4.84 1.28 15% 22nd Not on the level of JV or Monty where I’m auto-starting once he’s healthy
22 Matt Waldron SDP v TOR x 41 4.35 1.23 11% 20th Looks like a firm 5-and-dive which shrinks his margin for error
23 Tyler Anderson LAA at CIN 141 5.43 1.49 9% 9th Back on my radar as I think his 17% K rate will rise if the 14% SwStr holds, but not in CIN
24 Sean Manaea NYM at LAD 117 4.44 1.24 17% 12th I miiight’ve gotten frisky w/this one had he not been cooked by KCR
25 Kyle Gibson STL v MIL 192 4.73 1.32 13% 2nd It’s one thing to throw around low-20%s K rates, but 15% is brutal
26 Dean Kremer BAL at KCR 172 4.12 1.31 14% 11th I’m not dying to start non-studs with “at KCR” on the docket
27 Emerson Hancock SEA at COL 12 4.50 1.33 6% 10th Not taking this heavy-contact profile to Coors
28 Andrew Heaney TEX at ATL 147 4.15 1.38 14% 8th
29 A.J. Puk MIA at CHC 56 3.97 1.18 27% 1st I just haven’t seen anything to make me confident of a good start
30 Dakota Hudson COL v SEA 81 4.98 1.50 3% 25th
Recommendations for Roto 5×5 Leagues

The chart includes their last season performance until we get some actual data for this year, their opponent’s wOBA versus the pitcher’s handedness from this year so far (this is changed as of April 11th and I’ll start to add the SP’s data when we start getting 4-5 starts for most guys), my general start/sit recommendation for 10-team, 12-team, and 15-team (or more) leagues, and then a note about them (notes will be more statistical-based once we get some sample to work with). Obviously, there are league sizes beyond those three so it’s essentially a shallow, medium, deep. If a pitcher only has an “x” in 15-team, it doesn’t mean there’s no potential use in 10s and 12s, but it’s basically a riskier stream for those spots.

These are general recommendations, and your league situation will carry more weight whether you are protecting ratios or chasing counting numbers. This is for standard 5×5 roto leagues. The thresholds for H2H starts are generally lower, especially in points leagues so I thought there would be more value focusing on roto.

Paul is the Editor of Rotographs and Content Director for OOTP Perfect Team. Follow Paul on Twitter @sporer and on Twitch at sporer.

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1 month ago

Honestly? As much as I love McKenzie and am a Guards fan, you can’t start him with the way he’s been playing. He can’t find the zone at all. Looking at his pitch-by-pitch results in his last few starts, he’s been incapable of consistency. His release point as been all over the map as well.

The team should shut him down at least for a while. Right now, he’s only hurting himself.

Last edited 1 month ago by EonADS
A Salty Scientist
1 month ago
Reply to  Paul Sporer

My question is what to do with him in Dynasty? Seems too young and talented to just drop, but it’s hard to just keep him benched indefinitely.

1 month ago
Reply to  EonADS

Of course he goes out and drops 1 run on 3 hits across 5 IP with 6 Ks. Granted, still walked 3 guys, but that’s not bad overall.

1 month ago
Reply to  Paul Sporer

Not really as worried about the Velo, tbh. He’s kind of discount Shane Bieber; as long as he locates, the swing-and-miss on his breaking pitches makes things work. His increased spin on his fastball is a better sign imo. That doesn’t happen if things are going wrong.