Roto Riteup March 19, 2017

If you’re subscribed to any type of baseball Twitter accounts or apps (and you probably are) you’ve noticed Adam Rosales keeps doing things and his name continues to pop up. Don’t worry. Not only is this spring training, but it’s Adam Rosales.

No offense, but the guy has well, no offense.

Last season he was making more plate appearances, but he’s back with Oakland and there is a lot of foul territory at His flyball rate has increased, but don’t get excited on his spring numbers…at least not yet.

On the Agenda

  1. Chris Owings…so hot right now
  2. Finding Nimmo
  3. J.D. Martinez

Chris Owings…so hot right now


This guy you can get a little excited about.

When it comes to Chris Owings, he doesn’t exude power, that’s not his role. He has a solid contact rate which has increased since 2015 along with his speed, but he does not walk. He sits at a 4.3-percent ratio, but his strikeout rate has gone down.

Steamer has him projected around the same numbers with a decrease in his power and on-base percentage. He is still in lines to become the starting shortstop, but I’ve seen him play in the outfield where he is successful as well.

Finding Nimmo

Brandon Nimmo was a treat to watch in the Pacific Coast League. A .352 batting average like Nimmo possessed in the PCL translates to a .274 average for the Mets. Which is fair considering most have difficulties transitioning. (Sorry Peter O’Brien, but it had to be said.)

The latest news with the 23-year-old puts his starting date with the big-league club at a delay.

Not only did he have a hamstring injury and was on his way to playing regular games, but he aggravated the hamstring during running drills on Friday.

Consider this a bigger warning. It’s doubtful he will start on the Opening Day roster, but keep him in mind for some of those Triple-A promotions.

J.D. Martinez


The Opening Day status for J.D. Martinez is officially in question after the 2015 All-Star was diagnosed with a mild foot sprain according to Jason Beck.

The injury is on his right foot occurred after diving for a catch in right field. The X-rays came back negative, but that didn’t prevent him from being on crutches.

This is awful news for the slugger who really had a chance to mirror that 2015 stellar season where he hit 38 balls over the fence. At least that’s the season I was hoping for him. His fly ball-rate dropped significantly last season and he seemed to be hitting more ground balls.

Don’t expect him to be making an appearance during those opening games.

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Can we get a little more substance in some of these? Like, as someone who doesn’t get to see much Cactus League and finds spring training pretty boring in general…why is Chris Owings hot? You only referenced some vague career rate stats but when I hear a player is “hot” I’m thinking they are lighting it up at the plate or something.

Manny Ramirez
Manny Ramirez

Seconded. I know we’re still in Spring Training, but I’m used to a bit more in these columns, and a lot more than some info on 3 players…


This column should be called “Like, OMG!” Plus one on 89’s request.