MASH Report (6/18/15) with PAIN and HURT Reports

Jose Fernandez is scheduled to join the Marlins rotation on July 2nd.

Fernandez is scheduled to make two more rehab starts, on June 22 with Jupiter and on June 27 with Double-A Jacksonville.

After that, the 22-year-old will return to Miami’s rotation on July 2.

Corey Dickerson is back on the DL with his plantar faciitis.

As for now, his immediate future remains cloudy. Dickerson said he’ll be back in a walking boot, but that surgery still isn’t being considered. Weiss, however, said he has “no idea” when Dickerson will return.

“It did feel better after awhile, but after I played a couple games in Miami, it just didn’t recover as well.” Dickerson said. “It’s kind of that back-and-forth. It feels good one day and hurts the next. It won’t get better until it has time to rest.

“When you have tears or whatnot in your plantar fasciitis, you have to let it scar-tissue over and let it heal. But I just didn’t really have enough time to do that.”

This injury just never seems to clear up. If I owned him in a keeper league and an in the hunt for first, I may look to move him to a non-contending team for a more reliable player.

Wil Myers will be out at least eight weeks after having bone spurs removed from his wrist.

Padres outfielder Wil Myers will undergo surgery to remove bone spurs in his left wrist and will be out about eight weeks.
Murphy said Myers will be able to start baseball-related activities again in eight weeks but he would not rule out a quicker recovery.

Even if he is starting his recovery “early”, it will take him a couple of weeks to get up to game speed.

Tony Cingrani is on the DL with a strained shoulder.

Doug Fister returns to pitch for the Nationals tonight.

Delino DeShields is on the DL with a strained hamstring.

Ender Inciarte will miss a few weeks, also with a strained hamstring.

Jerome Williams will go on the DL with again, a strained hamstring.

Chris Hatcher will miss some time with a strained oblique.

• Teams are back to putting made-up players on the DL as the Cubs place Zac Rosscup on the DL with an inflamed shoulder.

• The Rays have installed a pitcher tracking device which should help to detect changes in the pitcher and possibly future injuries.

While Kinatrax’s current version measures the angles and velocities of bones and joints, future versions hope to calculate stress and strain on tendons and ligaments – a potential landmark leap that theoreti-cally would show signs of pitchers whose ulnar collateral ligaments are in peril.

Live in-game data from Kinatrax will not immediately be available. Each pitch is 1.3 gigabytes per camera, and with eight cameras, there are upwards of two terabytes of data per game. Kinatrax will upload data from a game into cloud storage, and it will be ready for the Rays to analyze the next day

• Brewers fans got an injury scare when Bob Uecker got hit by a ball and got a mild concussion.

Velocity Readings

Scott Atchison’s average fastball velocity is the same as it was before his DL stint which was 2 mph less than last year.

LaTroy Hawkins’s velocity is fine

HURT (Hitter’s Under-performance from Recent Trauma) Rankings (introduction/explanation) :

Any player with a HURT value over 100 (red) has the traits of a batter playing through an injury. Min. of 40 PA

PAIN (Pitcher Abuse INdex) Rankings (introduction/explanation)

Any player with a PAIN value over 100 (red) has the traits of a pitcher likely to be hurt. Min of 300 pitches (~ 3 starts)

2014 compared to 2015 (min 300 pitches)

April and May 2015 compared to June 2015 (min 50 pithces)

Players on the DL in 2015

The Red players have had updates since the last report. Click on the “Date” for a link to go to the latest article on the player.

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Wouldn’t it make sense to regress expected ISO down to league average for guys like Soler whose ISO is based on just 97 PA of one season? I.e., Soler is going to top this chart all year long unless he has an MVP-caliber season.