Introducing StatCast/xStats Week(s) at RotoGraphs

From now until some point before the season starts, the focus of most RotoGraph articles will be on getting the most useful information out of the StatCast information. It’ll include as many or as few of articles to create a good understanding of the data. With tons of available information much has been written about the subject especially here at RotoGraphs. The key with this series is to cut through all the different data points (e.g. launch angle, spin rate, sprint speed) and how they measured (e.g. max, average, weighted) to find which values to focus on and which ones to ignore.

The point of this article is to provide an initial forum, via the comments, to collect and try to answer the question with any previous research. There is no need to completely recreate everything.

Starting off, here are the very best articles I could find on various StatCast subjects. I’m 100% sure I missed better articles on making StatCast information usable for fantasy owners. Let me know in the comments of any articles I should add (they don’t have to be from a FanGraphs website, it just happens Andrew Perpetua writes here and run the website

Overall hitting article

Three articles on converting StatCast data to fantasy stats.

Sprint speed

Pitch Spin Rate

As a group, we’ll be head deep in the subject so it’ll a perfect time to ask questions and hopefully, they can get answered. One article, I’m for sure writing is finding which stats on the Baseball Savant dashboard are useful and which ones aren’t. Many more are planned. Please ask away now. Thanks.

Jeff, one of the authors of the fantasy baseball guide,The Process, writes for RotoGraphs, The Hardball Times, Rotowire, Baseball America, and BaseballHQ. He has been nominated for two SABR Analytics Research Award for Contemporary Analysis and won it in 2013 in tandem with Bill Petti. He has won four FSWA Awards including on for his Mining the News series. He's won Tout Wars three times, LABR twice, and got his first NFBC Main Event win in 2021. Follow him on Twitter @jeffwzimmerman.

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5 years ago

When have you scheduled Wander Javier Week for? I would like to take that week off of work.