Daily Fantasy Strategy — June 3 — For Draftstreet

In the comments I’ve had some interesting interactions lately. Because of that I wanted to address a few things here, in case some of you don’t make it down to the comment section.

First off, thanks for reading these. It feels like the pieces are getting bigger responses.

Secondly, when I make picks I’m doing my best to give you value options. For example, the Blue Jays’ offense is ruthless. You know that, and you definitely don’t need me to recommend them four days a week because you’re more than smart enough to do that on your own. I usually pick a stack against one of the pitchers that has a lot of green cells in the chart I embed. I alluded to it last week, but you could probably pretty easily throw together a stack, or play match-ups, against any of the pitchers I mention in the blurbs under the chart.

Lastly, I was asked why I recommend a three man stack instead of a four man option. My response and, later, my further explanation is below:

It’s honestly kind of just personal preference. Most of the time when I enter GPPs I use multiple three man stacks. This is a good read (http://www.fangraphs.com/fantasy/daily-fantasy-strategy-march-31-for-draftstreet/). I’ve just usually had better a little better luck with a three man stack. Sorry if that seems like a cop-out. I may start including a fourth option for you guys though now that you’ve mentioned it.

Yeah, I should have worded that a little better. Usually I have two three man stacks against two of the five or so pitchers I highlight in the blurb. I usually then try to find two upside plays on the same team – around $5,000-$6,000 or so a piece. Then I just fill out the last position with a cheaper guy who happens to have a nice matchup. It rarely works out to where I find three stacks I like, but when it does the results have been nice.

I mostly try to save my money on pitching. Usually I can find two to three options for under $15,000 that I’m comfortable with. Sometimes I get burned on that, but at their price I’m not expecting them to carry me anyways.

I hope that helps explain the process/reasoning I undertake before making my picks. And hopefully we have a little better luck this week. Only Thursday was kind to me last week.

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Probables Chart

The Rockies are back in Denver tonight. You know what that means. T.J. House doesn’t have much of a track record in the major leauges. He’s on the bump today versus Boston. Their offense hasn’t been what we thought it would be, but I still like them today. Ditto for the Nationals’ lineup versus David Buchanan. I like Drew Hutchison, but if his command issues pop up, he could be in for a rough day in Detroit.

Joe Saunders is always stackable, although the Orioles’ lineup is noticeably weaker from the right side if Nelson Cruz is absent from it. On the other side of that matchup, Ubaldo Jimenez has either been dreadful or masterful so far; with the bad outweighing the good. Samuel Deduno hasn’t had many homer problems in his career, but I still like Milwaukee today. Finally, Hector Noesi is always an option to stack against.

The Daily Five

Jordan Zimmermann – $13,994

Admittedly, I haven’t taken an extremely deep dive into Zimmermann. His last four starts have ranged from okay to blah, but his peripherals for the season are still pretty darn good. Today he gets 23rd worst offense in the major leagues and costs about $4,000 less than he usually does.

Rockies stack

Carlos Gonzalez – $7,818
Justin Morneau – $7,817
Charlie Blackmon – $7,678
Corey Dickerson – $4,826 (if he plays)

Any time CarGo is playing at home and is under $8,000 he’s going to be in my lineup. Anderson’s flyball ways could get him into trouble tonight. I absolutely love Corey Dickerson tonight if he finds his way into the lineup. Michael Cuddyer suited up at third base this weekend, so maybe that’s a harbinger of things to come?

Adam Jones – $6,494

Joe Saunders doesn’t miss many bats. Adam Jones has crushed lefties this year – although not nearly as much over his career, but positivity! Lastly, the weather in Arlington is expected to be a balmy 88 degrees at first pitch.

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Sorry if this should be common knowledge, but for your chart, is that projection numbers or actual? McHugh caught my eye with a lot of green that I wouldn’t expect… and the numbers posted are no where close to what he’s actually done this year.