Crowdsourcing Results: Yu Darvish’s 5×5 Stats

With Yu Darvish officially a Texas Ranger, we’ve started to spend some time evaluating his fantasy value. He’s very much an unknown at this point, which is why we crowdsourced his 5×5 stats last week. We received a total of 560 responses, so a fairly large sample. Here are average results for those five categories (rounded off)…

Wins: 14
ERA: 3.21
WHIP: 1.13
K: 174
Saves: 0

For all intents and purposes, the masses expect some really good things out of Darvish in 2012. That performance is within shouting distance of the 2011 versions of Jon Lester (15/3.47/1.26/182/0), Cole Hamels (14/2.79/0.99/194/0), Josh Beckett (13/2.89/1.03/175/0), Madison Bumgarner (13/3.21/1.21/191/0), and Hiroki Kuroda (13/3.07/1.21/161/0). Bumgarner is probably the best comparison, and he’s somewhere in the 15-20 range of most 5×5 starting pitcher rankings. If you want to be a little more conservative with Darvish given the unpredictability (and ballpark), he’s still a top-30 pitcher based on our results here.

Next week we’ll crowdsource Darvish’s FanGraphs Points performance for ottoneu leagues. If you’re unfamiliar with the points system, read the FAQ.

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