Chad’s 2024 Tiered Ottoneu Rankings: Middle Infield

As we move into draft season, I will be updating these rankings occasionally, when there is news to justify changes. The original rankings will stay at the bottom of the article to maintain my player notes. The original middle infield rankings were posted 1/25 and the most recent update is 2/27.


2/27 – Moved Corey Seager down a tier due to injury. Moved Jose Altuve, Andrés Giménez and Jorge Polanco each down a tier as part of an overall adjustment balancing spend by position. Moved Bo Bichette up a tier and Jeff McNeil down a tier after reviewing projections again. Moved Ezequiel Tovar up a tier based on a re-evaluation of his long-term outlook. Moved Brooks Lee down a tier based on opportunity. Moved Tim Anderson up a tier based on new role after his signing. Moved Cedanne Rafaela, Michael Busch, Miguel Vargas, Addison Barger, Kyren Paris, Weston Wilson, and Mikael Garcia down a tier based on early auction results (specifically, noting availability of better options late in auctions). Added Samad Taylor, Roderick Arias, Joey Loperfido, Colt Emerson, Leodalis de Vries, Tommy Troy, Jahmai Jones, David Hensley, Coco Montes, Andre Lipcius, Zack Short, Eddys Leonard, Niko Goodrum 구드럼, and Cristian Hernandez to the rankings as they now meet the criteria for being ranked (all are in the $0 tier except Taylor in the $0-$1 tier).

Updated Rankings:

Tiered MI Rankings for FanGraphs Points Scoring (2/26)
Rank Name Position Eligibility Tier
1 Mookie Betts 2B/SS/OF $55-$65
2 Corey Seager SS $36-$44
3 Bobby Witt Jr. SS $28-$35
4 Trea Turner SS $28-$35
5 Jose Altuve 2B $28-$35
6 Marcus Semien 2B $28-$35
7 Bo Bichette SS $28-$35
8 Ozzie Albies 2B $21-$27
9 Gunnar Henderson SS/3B $21-$27
10 Francisco Lindor SS $21-$27
11 Ketel Marte 2B $15-$20
12 Xander Bogaerts SS $15-$20
13 Matt McLain 2B/SS $15-$20
14 Gleyber Torres 2B $15-$20
15 Oneil Cruz SS $15-$20
16 Isaac Paredes 1B/2B/3B $15-$20
17 Luis Arraez 1B/2B $15-$20
18 Spencer Steer 1B/2B/3B/OF $10-$14
19 Jackson Holliday 2B/SS $10-$14
20 Elly De La Cruz SS/3B $10-$14
21 Carlos Correa SS $10-$14
22 Junior Caminero SS/3B $10-$14
23 Nolan Gorman 2B/3B $10-$14
24 Willy Adames SS $10-$14
25 Edouard Julien 2B $10-$14
26 Nico Hoerner 2B/SS $10-$14
27 Brandon Lowe 2B $6-$9
28 Jorge Polanco 2B/3B $6-$9
29 Andres Gimenez 2B $6-$9
30 Christopher Morel 2B/OF $6-$9
31 CJ Abrams SS $6-$9
32 J.P. Crawford SS $6-$9
33 Luis Rengifo 2B/SS/3B/OF $6-$9
34 Brendan Donovan 1B/2B/OF $6-$9
35 Zack Gelof 2B $6-$9
36 Ryan McMahon 2B/3B $6-$9
37 Jonathan India 2B $6-$9
38 Brandon Drury 1B/2B $6-$9
39 Vaughn Grissom 2B/SS $6-$9
40 Dansby Swanson SS $6-$9
41 Anthony Volpe SS $6-$9
42 Justin Turner 1B/2B/3B $6-$9
43 Colt Keith 2B/3B $3-$5
44 Ha-seong Kim 2B/SS/3B $3-$5
45 Noelvi Marte SS/3B $3-$5
46 Jordan Lawlar SS $3-$5
47 Bryson Stott 2B $3-$5
48 Jeff McNeil 2B/OF $3-$5
49 Thairo Estrada 2B/SS $3-$5
50 Jordan Westburg 2B/SS/3B $3-$5
51 Davis Schneider 2B/OF $3-$5
52 Ezequiel Tovar SS $3-$5
53 Zach Neto SS $3-$5
54 Gavin Lux Util $3-$5
55 Brooks Lee SS $1-$2
56 Jonathan Aranda 1B/2B $1-$2
57 Jackson Merrill SS $1-$2
58 Trevor Story SS $1-$2
59 Adael Amador 2B/SS $1-$2
60 Termarr Johnson 2B $1-$2
61 DJ LeMahieu 1B/2B/3B $1-$2
62 Tim Anderson SS $1-$2
63 Brendan Rodgers 2B $1-$2
64 Matt Shaw SS $1-$2
65 Ceddanne Rafaela SS/OF $0-$1
66 Michael Busch 2B/3B $0-$1
67 Miguel Vargas 2B/3B $0-$1
68 Colson Montgomery SS $0-$1
69 Jett Williams SS/OF $0-$1
70 Marcelo Mayer SS $0-$1
71 Jeremy Pena SS $0-$1
72 Luis Urias 2B/3B $0-$1
73 Geraldo Perdomo 2B/SS/3B $0-$1
74 Ezequiel Duran SS/3B/OF $0-$1
75 Carson Williams SS $0-$1
76 Brayan Rocchio SS $0-$1
77 Oswald Peraza 2B/SS/3B $0-$1
78 Justin Foscue 2B/3B $0-$1
79 Luisangel Acuna SS $0-$1
80 Orelvis Martinez 2B/SS/3B $0-$1
81 Luis Garcia 2B $0-$1
82 Tommy Edman 2B/SS/OF $0-$1
83 Connor Norby 2B/OF $0-$1
84 Masyn Winn 2B/SS $0-$1
85 Orlando Arcia SS $0-$1
86 Marco Luciano SS $0-$1
87 Samad Taylor 2B/OF $0-$1
88 Willi Castro 2B/3B/OF $0-$1
89 Jake Cronenworth 1B/2B $0-$1
90 Javier Baez SS $0-$1
91 Jace Jung 2B $0-$1
92 Thomas Saggese 2B/3B $0-$1
93 Joey Ortiz 2B/SS $0-$1
94 Amed Rosario 2B/SS $0-$1
95 Nick Gonzales 2B/SS $0-$1
96 Nick Yorke 2B $0-$1
97 Michael Massey 2B $0-$1
98 Enmanuel Valdez 2B $0-$1
99 Brice Turang 2B/SS $0-$1
100 Chris Taylor SS/3B/OF $0-$1
101 Cavan Biggio 1B/2B/3B/OF $0-$1
102 Addison Barger SS/3B/OF $0
103 Kyren Paris 2B/SS $0
104 Weston Wilson SS/OF $0
105 Maikel Garcia SS/3B $0
106 Braden Shewmake 2B/SS $0
107 Ronny Mauricio 2B/SS/3B/OF $0
108 Roderick Arias SS $0
109 Sebastian Walcott SS $0
110 Cole Young SS $0
111 Joey Loperfido 2B/OF $0
112 Colt Emerson Util $0
113 Jon Berti 2B/SS/3B/OF $0
114 Gabriel Arias 1B/SS/3B/OF $0
115 Leodalis De Vries Util $0
116 Paul Dejong SS $0
117 Ramon Urias 1B/2B/3B $0
118 Adalberto Mondesi Util $0
119 Tommy Troy SS $0
120 James Triantos 2B $0
121 Liover Peguero 2B/SS $0
122 Donovan Solano 1B/2B/3B $0
123 Adam Frazier 2B/OF $0
124 Michael Stefanic 2B/3B $0
125 Zach McKinstry 2B/SS/3B/OF $0
126 Nick Loftin 2B/3B $0
127 Christian Arroyo 2B $0
128 Mauricio Dubon 2B/SS/OF $0
129 Joey Wendle SS $0
130 Austin Martin 2B/OF $0
131 Ryan Bliss 2B/SS $0
132 Josh Rojas 2B/3B $0
133 Aaron Schunk 2B/3B $0
134 Oswaldo Cabrera SS/3B/OF $0
135 Nick Gordon 2B/OF $0
136 Xavier Edwards 2B/OF $0
137 Kody Clemens 1B/2B $0
138 Casey Schmitt 2B/SS/3B $0
139 Kyle Farmer 2B/SS/3B $0
140 Ji Hwan Bae 2B/OF $0
141 Kolten Wong 2B $0
142 Jahmai Jones 2B/OF $0
143 David Hensley 2B/3B $0
144 Enrique Hernandez 1B/2B/SS/3B/OF $0
145 Jorge Mateo SS $0
146 Osleivis Basabe 2B/SS/3B $0
147 Andruw Monasterio 2B/SS/3B $0
148 Nick Madrigal 2B/3B $0
149 Taylor Walls 2B/SS/3B $0
150 Coco Montes 2B/SS $0
151 Andre Lipcius 1B/2B/3B $0
152 Zack Short 2B/SS/3B/RP $0
153 Jared Triolo 1B/2B/3B $0
154 Whit Merrifield 2B/OF $0
155 Gio Urshela 1B/SS/3B $0
156 Vidal Brujan 2B $0
157 Eddys Leonard SS $0
158 Andy Ibanez 2B/3B/OF $0
159 Owen Miller 1B/2B/3B/OF $0
160 Rodolfo Castro 2B/SS/3B $0
161 Elvis Andrus 2B/SS $0
162 Jeter Downs SS $0
163 Niko Goodrum 1B/2B/3B $0
164 Cristian Hernandez 2B/SS $0
165 Wander Franco SS $0

January Rankings and Notes:

Merging 2B and SS into a single ranking is one of my favorite and least favorite decisions I made in the process of developing these articles. I like it because there is so much overlap. Out of 151 players ranked, 35 qualify at SS and 2B, including a number of the most valuable names. The similar replacement levels and the existence of the MI spot make it hard to determine which spot is more valuable for a player, so I either rank a guy like Mookie Betts in both lists (okay, he would be first, that is easy) or I merge the two. It’s my least favorite because ranking 151 guys and making notes on all of them isn’t fun.

Middle Infield is never a super strong position, but it is often filled with some of the most exciting names in the game, and that has not changed. Betts, Corey Seager, Jose Altuve and company are established stars. Elly de la Cruz, Oneil Cruz, Matt McLain, Jackson Holliday, Junior Caminero and others represent potential future elite stars. And of course there are a ton of MI prospects who, whether or not they stick, have the potential to be game-changers.

But the position thins out fast. I ranked 66 players in the $1-$2 tier or above, which feels fair – teams typically roster around 5 active MI to fill games played and, as noted above, MI prospects tend to be the most popular. This ranking assumes about 5.5 MI per roster, plus another 38 names in the $0-$1 tier that will be rostered in some places.

But the bottom of that 66 is a mix of guys who are exciting but might not get playing time (Matt Shaw, Jackson Merrill), guys who will get playing time but aren’t exciting (Trevor Story, Brendan Rodgers), and guys you don’t want to have to rely on (Miguel Vargas, Michael Busch). I only see about 30 names I feel good about as my starting MI options for Opening Day. And that means there aren’t enough to go around, which means I’ll feel compelled to aggressively keep or spend on MI.

For the methodology and notes on the rankings, please check out my intro column.


Tiered First Base Rankings for FanGraphs Points Scoring
Rank Name Position Eligibility Tier Column Note
1 Mookie Betts 2B/SS/OF $55-$65 The ceiling justifies this ranking; the floor solidifies it. 2B+SS doesn’t hurt.
2 Corey Seager SS $45-$54 He sits just below Betts because he hasn’t played 120+ games with a 115+ wRC+ since 2017.
3 Jose Altuve 2B $36-$44 Isn’t in the class of the two above him but more reliable than anyone below him.
4 Bobby Witt Jr. SS $28-$35 I was low on Witt going into 2022 and boy was I wrong.
5 Trea Turner SS $28-$35 The first half of 2023 looks like such an outlier in his career.
6 Marcus Semien 2B $28-$35 In the last four 162 game seasons he has missed one game. Total.
7 Bo Bichette SS $21-$27 His fantasy stock is down but a lot of that is a decrease in SB and disappointment that he never reached another level, but he has been solidly in this tier for years.
8 Ozzie Albies 2B $21-$27 There’s probably a step back coming after a career-year, but there’s room for him to take that step back and still be a star.
9 Gunnar Henderson SS/3B $21-$27 He doesn’t need nearly the leap Witt took to get to the next tier, but it would still be a big leap to jump into the $30’s.
10 Francisco Lindor SS $21-$27 Since that ugly first year in New York, he’s looked like exactly the star player the Mets traded for and extended.
11 Ketel Marte 2B $15-$20 The drop from the previous tier to this one is heavily based on some warts – for Marte, it is wild inconsistency, year-to-year. But oh that upside.
12 Xander Bogaerts SS $15-$20 2023 was a down year and he was still 16th in P/G among MI with 300+ PA.
13 Gleyber Torres 2B $15-$20 It seemed like playing SS in 2021 interfered with his offense and if you leave that year aside, he’s been rock solid.
14 Matt McLain 2B/SS $15-$20 Some poor strike zone judgement and a high BABIP are enough to give me pause. Not like, pass on him in auctions pause, but a little pause.
15 Oneil Cruz SS $15-$20 His K-rate was decreasing at the end of 2022 before taking a big drop in his brief 2023, and I can’t stop dreaming about the upside that could unlock.
16 Luis Arraez 1B/2B $15-$20 Arraez got more aggressive at the plate in 2023 and his BABIP rose, which made those additional balls in play super valuable. I am not sure how confident I am that BABIP stick.
17 Isaac Paredes 1B/2B/3B $15-$20 His ability to pull the ball in the air on a regular basis will allow him to hit more HR than his raw power would lead you to believe.
18 Carlos Correa SS $10-$14 2023 was bad, but Correa has bounced back before and he’s much better in this format than many other fantasy formats.
19 Spencer Steer 1B/2B/3B/OF $10-$14 He controls the zone so well and makes really smart swing/take decisions, which gives him a high floor.
20 Jackson Holliday 2B/SS $10-$14 The top prospect in the gamea and we should see him right away.
21 Junior Caminero SS/3B $10-$14 Very close to the top prospect in the game and we should see him right away.
22 Nolan Gorman 2B/3B $10-$14 This is the (first) year he hits 30 HR (but not the last).
23 Willy Adames SS $10-$14 Adames hasn’t live up to expectations when he moved to Milwaukee, but he has settled in as a solid $10+ SS in this FGPTs.
24 Edouard Julien 2B $10-$14 Excellent quality of contact and great understanding of the strike zone make for a great combination.
25 Elly De La Cruz SS/3B $10-$14 He’s incredibly fun and incredibly talented and I don’t think he is quite ready to put it all together.
26 Jorge Polanco 2B/3B $10-$14 When he is healthy, he hits. If you promise be 140 games, I would push him up a tier.
27 Andrés Giménez 2B $10-$14 Look for his BABIP to split the difference between the last two years leading to a nice value rebound.
28 Nico Hoerner 2B/SS $10-$14 I almost moved him down a tier. I still wonder if I should. I just don’t love the specific skils for this format.
29 CJ Abrams SS $6-$9 Legit progress last year and he has enough raw power to take another step. This value requires him to improve, but there is upside beyond this price, for sure.
30 Christopher Morel 2B/OF $6-$9 Given the approach, he’ll continue to be streaky and I think that will continue to lead him to spend time out of the lineup.
31 Brendan Donovan 1B/2B/OF $6-$9 I was dubious he could repeat 2022, but he did it, and increased the quality of his batted balls in the process.
32 Brandon Lowe 2B $6-$9 His K-rate jumped last year, despite fewer swinging strikes thanks to a less aggressive approach paired with more contact. That could be a recipe for a nice rebound.
33 J.P. Crawford SS $6-$9 Driveline helped him put up a career year and he is apparently back there again. But without another jump in skill, the HR will go down and the value will drop, too.
34 Ryan McMahon 2B/3B $6-$9 He’s simply unplayable on the road and this is about all you get expect to get out of him over 81 games.
35 Jonathan India 2B $6-$9 I think he is probably more like a $10 MI, but I have real concerns about a potential trade and what it would mean for him to be out of Great American Ballpark.
36 Zack Gelof 2B $6-$9 I liked what I saw from Gelof but expected a pretty meaningful drop in performance. But the projections are still pretty solid, and I am will to push my spend a bit as a result.
37 Luis Rengifo 2B/SS/3B/OF $6-$9 Really good sensse of the strike zone and enough quality contact to be a solid option. And Roster Resource has him leading off and if that holds he could move up this list.
38 Brandon Drury 1B/2B $6-$9 The last three years he has started striking out more, but also hitting the ball with more authority and it is working.
39 Vaughn Grissom 2B/SS $6-$9 I really want to believe in Grissom and the bat looks legit, but it’s probably smart to be at least a little skeptical instead of assuming he’s a $10 guy for sure.
40 Dansby Swanson SS $6-$9 Improved plate discipline didn’t lead to better results, but it is an intriguing sign for the future.
41 Justin Turner 1B/2B/3B $6-$9 Needs a job and he’s pushing 40. The bottom could drop out at any time.
42 Jeff McNeil 2B/OF $6-$9 McNeil never really got his power together so rostering him is just betting on BABIP – when it’s good, he is good; when it is down, he is down.
43 Anthony Volpe SS $6-$9 His rookie year was weak for this format, but so was his time in Triple-A. The talent is legit but it hasn’t come together yet and I am hesitant to rely on him this year.
44 Thairo Estrada 2B/SS $3-$5 Don’t let the 5×5 hype get you overly excited about Estrada – he has some value in this format but not as much as he does in those where his SB matter more.
45 Noelvi Marte SS/3B $3-$5 The results were clearly BABIP-fueled, but the underlying performance from Marte in 2023 was really positive.
46 Jordan Lawlar SS $3-$5 The Diamondbacks appear committed to starting him in Triple-A, but I want him on my roster when he comes back up.
47 Colt Keith 2B/3B $3-$5 Could be ahead of Lawlar especially if he has an Opening Day job.
48 Jordan Westburg 2B/SS/3B $3-$5 The LF wall in OPACY took at least a couple HR from him last year and I would be much higher on him if he were left-handed.
49 Bryson Stott 2B $3-$5 He’s a perfectly cromulent MI depth optiona and maybe he could turn into more.
50 Ha-Seong Kim 김하성 2B/SS/3B $3-$5 I don’t think the improved performance was based on improved skills. He was more passive, but his HH% was down and his xwOBA was steady.
51 Davis Schneider 2B/OF $3-$5 He’s not going to do what he did last year but he did show that he can succeed.
52 Zach Neto SS $3-$5 He handled the transition to MLB quite well for a guy with basically no pro experience but he needs to increase his ISO this year to take a step forward.
53 Gavin Lux Util $3-$5 Lux has more than 1000 pretty bad MLB PA but his minor league track record is good enough to at least give him another look.
54 Brooks Lee SS $3-$5 On the one hand, there are multiple players in his way, given the talent on the Twins. On the other, all of those players in his way have some risk, so he could be up soon.
55 Ezequiel Tovar SS $1-$2 He was good enough at home to be useful half the time and good enough as a 21 year old to leave me excited about his future development.
56 Jonathan Aranda 1B/2B $1-$2 Being the strong side of the DH platoon is a good way to get him in the lineup, but his long-term fantasy outlook is cloudy without MI eligibility, as seems likely in the future.
57 Adael Amador 2B/SS $1-$2 This is a big year for Amador, as he needs to show he can make the transition to the high minors. But if he does, given what the Rockies did with Tovar, you have to wonder how quickly he might move.
58 DJ LeMahieu 1B/2B/3B $1-$2 He swung less, made less contact, saw a huge jump in K-rate. Cashman has said they liked his second half, but even then he had a notably lower-than-normal xwOBA with way too many K given his profile.
59 Ceddanne Rafaela SS/OF $1-$2 His 2023 showed both his potential and the work he has to do to be ready for MLB pitching. And it sounds like he will get every chance to prove himself in Boston this year.
60 Brendan Rodgers 2B $1-$2 The last two seasons he has been an absolute stud at home, but it was 91 games total between the two years.
61 Termarr Johnson 2B $1-$2 He needs to grow into more of his raw power but there’s a potentially elite Ottoneu 2B bat here, given the skills.
62 Miguel Vargas 2B/3B $1-$2 Vargas has elite understanding of the zone, but I am not sure he has enough pop to translate that into more than a “better real than fantasy” profile.
63 Jackson Merrill SS $1-$2 Potentially elite hitter but on the lower end of the power spectrum. His defense could be an issue as he is way more exciting as a SS than a 3B or OF.
64 Matt Shaw SS $1-$2 Shaw is taking reps at 3B and the Cubs starting 3B has the same HR projection as I do (ok, Madrigal projects for like 2-4 HR but close enough).
65 Trevor Story SS $1-$2 It’s kind of hard to imagine him playing 120+ games or putting up good offensive numbers so I really can’t see him doing both.
66 Michael Busch 2B/3B $1-$2 I don’t love the bat but he’s worth a look this year, since he still has 2B/3B eligibility.
67 Colson Montgomery SS $0-$1 Putting him ahead of the next two on this list was not an easy choice. Feel free to shuffle them as you see fit.
68 Jett Williams SS/OF $0-$1 I want to see him adjust to the high minors before I get too invested, but if he takes off at Double-A, his price will skyrocket.
69 Marcelo Mayer SS $0-$1 I wish I could wait 6-12 months before buying in, because it feels early and he still has development to do, but this is proably the window.
70 Tim Anderson SS $0-$1 Look, 2023 sucked but assuming he gets a job, I am happy to spend a buck or two to see if he can regain his form. His profile was always hanging by a thread, though, so don’t wait long to move on.
71 Luis Urías 2B/3B $0-$1 The projections feel low and I think he can be closer to his ’21-’22 self. Maybe? Perhaps?
72 Jeremy Peña SS $0-$1 Two years of promise but no breakout, but he will keep playing and that has some value.
73 Geraldo Perdomo 2B/SS/3B $0-$1 He managed to put up league average offense without hitting well or hitting for power, just because he walks so much. That gives him some floor and you can hope for upside, but it’s not a profile that works well for this format.
74 Ezequiel Duran SS/3B/OF $0-$1 More than 5x as many K as BB and he needed a .358 BABIP to still not be Ottoneu useful (4.37 P/G even as a starter).
75 Carson Williams SS $0-$1 Three true outcomes shortstop with a potentially elite glove. But that won’t be good if the outcomes are not balanced approriately and right now it looks like too much of hte bad outcome and not enough of the good ones.
76 Oswald Peraza 2B/SS/3B $0-$1 Inconsistent offense, even in the minors, seems to have him stuck on the bench.
77 Brayan Rocchio SS $0-$1 Feels a little like Peraza to me, with the exception that there isn’t a Volpe-type in his way in Cleveland.
78 Justin Foscue 2B/3B $0-$1 I worry about his long-term value if he loses 2B eligibility, and he might, but he’s very interesting and moves up even more if the Rangers find a way to get him in the lineup, perhaps over Duran.
79 Luisangel Acuna SS $0-$1 I get Esteury Ruiz vibes, but he is younger than Ruiz was at the same level, so there is probably more upside. I am just not convinced it’s huge upside for this format.
80 Orelvis Martinez 2B/SS/3B $0-$1 He doesn’t appear to have a home in the field, but he also hit 28 HR with a high walk-rate across the high-minors last year.
81 Luis Garcia 2B $0-$1 I know there are some projections that think he is more like a $2-$3 guy, but he doesn’t create enough loud contact to take advantage of his bat-to-ball skills.
82 Tommy Edman 2B/SS/OF $0-$1 Not much reason to think he will be a good Ottoneu points producer.
83 Connor Norby 2B/OF $0-$1 He’s a power-first prospect in a very crowded roster with a home park that will significantly suppress his right-handed power. Get him a trade and a clear path to playing time, and I might feel differently.
84 Masyn Winn 2B/SS $0-$1 I would like him better as a real GM than a fantasy one.
85 Orlando Arcia SS $0-$1 He’s a solid player who has made big strides but he still isn’t useful in this format except as roster filler on a team that needs to find a way to fill games up the middle.
86 Marco Luciano SS $0-$1 If he gets the starting SS job, he is worth rostering, even though I think it is unlikely he is an impact fantasy player. But the upside is there and if he’s in the lineup, why not take a chance?
87 Willi Castro 2B/3B/OF $0-$1 Chased less, walked more, and apparently loved the new SB environment. And as a result, he put up over 5 points per game as a starter.
88 Jake Cronenworth 1B/2B $0-$1 The power just evaporated and it’s hard to see a reason to believe it will come back.
89 Javier Báez SS $0-$1 His last four years combine to an atrocious overall line, and the last two years have trended down. He will play, so he gets to be in this tier instead of the $0 tier, but he is on his way to being a very high-paid DFA before this contract is up.
90 Jace Jung 2B $0-$1 I see a lot of people discussing Colt Keith annd Justyn-Henry Malloy, but Jung will have something to say about the shape of that IF.
91 Thomas Saggese 2B/3B $0-$1 He’s interesting, but I would love to see him succeed without a .375 BABIP.
92 Joey Ortiz 2B/SS $0-$1 I don’t think he can break through and Baltimore seems like they don’t want to trade anyone.
93 Amed Rosario 2B/SS $0-$1 If you have room on your roster for a backup MI who can only be used against lefties, he is your guy.
94 Nick Gonzales 2B/SS $0-$1 He should be in Pittsburgh for an extended look sometime this year, but he hasn’t done enough to make we want to roster him until that happens.
95 Addison Barger SS/3B/OF $0-$1 People were high on him a year ago, but I am unimpressed with what I read about him. He’s another guy I want to pick up only when he is up.
96 Nick Yorke 2B $0-$1 The performances have been underwhelming, but he’s young and could still take a big step forward.
97 Michael Massey 2B $0-$1 2023 was bad enough to move him off my rosters and onto my watchlists but not bad enough that I won’t pick him up again at the first sign of life.
98 Enmanuel Valdez 2B $0-$1 With Grissom in town, he is probably locked into a part-time role, but the bat is still intriguing.
99 Brice Turang 2B/SS $0-$1 I think he is intriguing for 5×5.
100 Chris Taylor SS/3B/OF $0-$1 His rebound was based on HR/FB rate but his increasing strikeouts and his declining contact quality are still real issues.
101 Cavan Biggio 1B/2B/3B/OF $0-$1 Followed up a poor start with a pretty solid 2023 season. The upside isn’t what we once hoped, but the plate discipline gives him a better shot to produce than I think people are expecting.
102 Kyren Paris 2B/SS $0-$1 He appears to just be extremely passive, trying to get on base so he can run wild, even if that means striking out a ton. Without power, I don’t see that being a successful FanGraphs Points profile.
103 Weston Wilson SS/OF $0-$1 Spotty track record and dominating AAA at his age isn’t as impressive as it looks.
104 Maikel Garcia SS/3B $0-$1 He’s miscast as a 3B for the Royals and likely has a future as utility guy unless they move Witt off SS.
105 Braden Shewmake 2B/SS $0 During 2020, a bunch of us in Ottoneu Slack started an OOTP league and Shewmake was a really useful player for me.
106 Ronny Mauricio 2B/SS/3B/OF $0 I just can’t talk myself into stashing him, but pre-injury I was really excited to roster him. I should maybe move him up a tier.
107 Sebastian Walcott SS $0 Huge power potential, but a lot can go wrong in the multiple years he needs to develop.
108 Cole Young SS $0 Needs more power.
109 Gabriel Arias 1B/SS/3B/OF $0 There are some real tools here, but he needs to cut back on the K’s or he’ll be out of a job in a hurry.
110 Paul DeJong SS $0 His power could play up in Guaranteed Rate (I think that is the right name for that stadium) but I don’t want to use up a roster spot to find out.
111 Ramón Urías 1B/2B/3B $0 How Baltimore has room for him on the roster with all the talent coming is beyond me. But he did show flashes in the past so there could be something here. He just won’t play enough to find out.
112 Adalberto Mondesi Util $0 Just 190 PA since 2020 and none last year. Until he is on the field and performing, I am out.
113 James Triantos 2B $0 He had some real breakout potential but so far he looks more “solid prospect” than “future fantasy star.”
114 Liover Peguero 2B/SS $0 I think he is just a placeholder but placeholders get the first look.
115 Donovan Solano 1B/2B/3B $0 Donnie Barrels doesn’t actually get that many barrels and he’s a 36 year old FA. He did put up 4.95 P/G as a starter last year, though.
116 Adam Frazier 2B/OF $0 He’ll be making soft contact and going on inexplicable two-week-long hot streaks somewhere.
117 Michael Stefanic 2B/3B $0 The prospect team here has his hit tool as an 80 which is pretty fun and probably still not enough to carry him Ottoneu given the utter lack of pop.
118 Zach McKinstry 2B/SS/3B/OF $0 He ran into that one hot streak with the Dodgers but that was a long time ago now.
119 Nick Loftin 2B/3B $0 I just don’t see a lot to get excited about.
120 Christian Arroyo 2B $0 Solid veteran bench player, which isn’t a thing I want in fantasy.
121 Mauricio Dubón 2B/SS/OF $0 Like Arroyo, I guess. Maybe he should be above Arroyo? Maybe not? Does it matter?
122 Joey Wendle SS $0 Like Arroyo and Dubon. And yeah, just put them in any order you want.
123 Austin Martin 2B/OF $0 He’s on the 40 man and only so many guys on that roster can play CF, so he will get some looks this year.
124 Ryan Bliss 2B/SS $0 He’s a watchlist guy who might be worth picking up if he starts to show something in his new home.
125 Josh Rojas 2B/3B $0 If he gets back to his peak performance, he might be close to replacement level for Ottoneu and there’s no guarantee he gets back to that.
126 Aaron Schunk 2B/3B $0 He’s too old to be excited about, given his power hasn’t yet dominated AAA. But if he gets to play in Coors this year, he could put up some decent home numbers.
127 Oswaldo Cabrera SS/3B/OF $0 Man, I had high hopes for him a year ago.
128 Nick Gordon 2B/OF $0 Man, I had high hopes for him a year ago.
129 Xavier Edwards 2B/OF $0 I don’t think he’ll hit the ball with enough authority to have value.
130 Kody Clemens 1B/2B $0 I can’t imagine he sees much time in Philly.
131 Casey Schmitt 2B/SS/3B $0 His approach does him no favors.
132 Kyle Farmer 2B/SS/3B $0 You might think he is close to playing time due to the injury risk in Minnesota, but there are a lot of guys fighting for time there and he is the least exciting.
133 Kolten Wong 2B $0 I’ll be watching him through Spring Training, assuming he lands a job, because I don’t believe he was as bad as his 2023.
134 Ji Hwan Bae 2B/OF $0 There was a moment he looked interesting, but that moment has passed.
135 Enrique Hernández 1B/2B/SS/3B/OF $0 Even if he gets a job, you can’t even rely on him as a small-side platoon guy anymore.
136 Jon Berti 2B/SS/3B/OF $0 Even when he’s running well, he isn’t an Ottoneu-relevant player.
137 Jorge Mateo SS $0 He can’t keep getting regular PA, can he?
138 Osleivis Basabe 2B/SS/3B $0 More fun in 5×5 and not even that fun there.
139 Andruw Monasterio 2B/SS/3B $0 Just because the Brewers may be comfortable with him as their starting 3B doesn’t mean you should be.
140 Nick Madrigal 2B/3B $0 Finding Ottoneu value in a guy who would struggle to hit 5 HR in 600 PA is really hard to do.
141 Taylor Walls 2B/SS/3B $0 Not a great fit for the format and he’s going to miss Opening Day, which will give others a chance to claim the SS job.
142 Jared Triolo 1B/2B/3B $0 It’s not everyday I learn about a player for the first time while doing these ranks, but welcome to my awareness, Jared!
143 Whit Merrifield 2B/OF $0 He wasn’t terrible last year but he was useless for Ottoneu.
144 Gio Urshela 1B/SS/3B $0 I just don’t believe in the bat.
145 Vidal Bruján 2B $0 It’s less than 300 PA but his career wRC+ is 28. It was 29 last year, though!
146 Andy Ibáñez 2B/3B/OF $0 If he finds himself getting regular playing time, you could maybe squint and see him being useful for a couple of weeks, but it feels like a lot has to go wrong for the Tigers to find themselves relying on him.
147 Owen Miller 1B/2B/3B/OF $0 His hot streaks have basically been BABIP and little else.
148 Rodolfo Castro 2B/SS/3B $0 Not a guy you need to worry yourself with.
149 Elvis Andrus 2B/SS $0 Good chance he ends up a utility infielder for someone, but that won’t help you.
150 Jeter Downs SS $0 He’s looking for his 5th organization and who knows if/when he will find one.
151 Wander Franco SS $0 He’s still rostered in more than half of leagues, and one of the ways I determined who I ranked was if they were rostered in 3% of leagues or more, so here he is. But (leaving aside the fact that I just cannot imagine putting him on my roster and cheering for this guy), I am pretty sure his career is over.

A long-time fantasy baseball veteran and one of the creators of ottoneu, Chad Young's writes for RotoGraphs and PitcherList, and can be heard on the ottobot podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @chadyoung.

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4 months ago

Your comment about 5.5 MI for a team had me wondering – have you done any articles debating different ways to build a roster from a positional POV? Just thinking about this as I try harder to max out on games played and innings pitched this year – would be interesting to take into account lower IP on avg for starters nowadays, managing platoon players, prospects, etc. thanks!