Beat the Shift Podcast – Predictions Episode w/ Scott Pianowski

The Predictions Episode of the Beat the Shift Podcast – a baseball podcast for fantasy baseball players.

Guest: Scott Pianowski

Strategy Section

  • 2022 Draft Season Wrap-Up
    • Younger players over boring vets
    • Reliable pitching
    • It’s less about the player information advantages, and more about the game play.
  • What do you look for / watch closely for early in the season?
    • Roles
    • Manegerial tendencies
      • Lineup
      • Bullpen
      • Stolen base attempts
      • Platoon splits
    • Pitchers
      • Velocity
      • Walk and strikeout rates
      • Don’t look at pitch count
    • Which baseball is the MLB using?
  • How quickly can you trust the hot/cold player starts?

Over-reaction Theater

Bonifide or Bonifacio

Playing in the New York market

Bold Predictions

  • Hitter Predictions, Pitcher Predictions, Award Predictions, Team Predictions, etc.

Shea Stadium Memories

  • Eastern seaboard radio broadcasting memories

Waiver Wire / Pitcher Preview

Injury Update – Reuven gives us the injury updates.


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2 months ago

arraez vs. kwan minior league ISO numbers indicate Kwan is more than just an arraez. he is bonafide in my book. Kwan had a higher ISO in AA than julio rodriguez. Not saying he will hit more homers, but Kwan has some pop to get extra base hits, unlike arraez.

Pat Listachiomember
2 months ago
Reply to  Ian.SoCal

I’m curious what value he might have with a best case scenario line of say .320 75 rbi 100 runs 15 hr 10 sb. That’s just not a shape of production we usually see… I’ve heard the comp to Brantley, which seems approximately right. Is that a top-50 guy? probably? It would be the best case scenario, but on the other hand his floor is pretty high in that he’ll at least be providing average and some runs. Seems like he’d be an ideal fit on a roster with a lot of low avg bopping going on.

15 hr seems rich but I figure he’ll run up close to that just given the sheer number of batted ball events.

2 months ago
Reply to  Ariel Cohen

I like the Brantley comp.

2 months ago
Reply to  Pat Listachio

ya 15 hr seems rich, but I think the extra base hits will be there. What’s interesting is kwan could have a higher slugging % than Gallo come end of the season given the contact skills. I would even bet he will if I could.