Beat the Shift Podcast – NL Central Episode w/ Sara Sanchez

The NL Central Episode of the Beat the Shift Podcast – a baseball podcast for fantasy baseball players.

Guest: Sara Sanchez

Strategy Section

  • Injured List roster slots in fantasy baseball
    • Do they add or remove “luck” to the game?
    • Do they take away “decisions” that fantasy owners have to make?
    • Is 2021 different than other seasons with regard to its use?
    • The use of a Limited IL slot for high value / undropable players.

Chicago Cubs

Milwaukee Brewers

  • The Brewers have a .212 team batting average.
    • How long will that continue?
    • Should you automatically play starting pitchers against their offense in fantasy?
  • Christian Yelich
    • What to expect rest of season?
    • Where does he currently rank amongst outfielders for roto leagues?
  • Will the Brewers be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline?
  • Will Josh Lindblom 린드블럼 get any more opportunities to start games?

NL Central Predictions

Waiver Wire

Pitcher Preview


  • Hitters that have greatly changed in value from pre-season expectations.

Injury Update – Reuven gives us the injury updates.


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Possible question for a future podcast…

Say you have to choose between two SP to stream who are identical in every way except one will be facing a team with several of your hitters and the other is facing a team with none of your hitters. FWIW, my intuition is that you want to pick up the SP who will be facing your hitters as a costless way to hedge since the expected production of the hitters and the SP are inversely (but not perfectly) related. As an actuary, is that the correct way to be thinking about this decision? Or would you think about the problem differently?