ADP Crowdsourcing: Adam Jones

Adam Jones always seems to get a ton of love from someone on draft day, then never lives up to the hype and disappoints. However, his transition from 2008 to 2009 was impressive, so he hasn’t always let his fans down.

After a .277-19-10 season in 2009 in which his HR/FB% was ridiculously high, Jones made some adjustments to his swing and ended 2010 with a .284-19-7 line. While that’s a pretty solid line for a 24-year old, is this what his peak will be?

Jones put up impressive power numbers while in the Mariners organization, and it may finally be transferring over. However, his problems making contact will not only plague his batting average, but limit his power production as well. Some players can get away with contact problems and still hit a ton of homers, but they hit far more fly balls and are much stronger than Jones is.

I know some owners have considered Jones a 30-30 candidate in the past, based on his raw physical tools. I’ve always seen him as someone with a ceiling closer to 25-15, basing my opinion on his performance we’ve seen, more than his physical potential.

So, you tell me: are owners tired of waiting for another big step from Jones, or are they going to give him another shot? His drop in HR/FB% with steady home run production could mean better days are ahead, but will the Average Joe know that?

Below is a link to the voting form, and please read the wording carefully. This is not where you would draft him, but where you think he’ll be drafted in most leagues. For the voting, we’re assuming a 12-team standard league, using 5×5 scoring.

To submit your vote, click here.

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13 years ago

I know it says standard 5×5 scoring but my league counts walks and I can’t get past his 5% walk rate 😛