2020 Shortstop Rankings

Shortstop is regarded as the deepest position on the diamond and I agree with that. It is remarkably rich with talent and you might wind up with your SS, MI, and UT from the position in some drafts. I can’t recall a time where that was ever the case.

Any of the top 26 could feasibly be your starter at the position and it wouldn’t be awful. Those guys in the 19-26 range have either already done it or have real upside to be strong starters. That kind of depth is usually reserved for 1B!

The blue bar starts a new tier. I included guys with at least 10 appearances/5 starts at SS to accommodate Yahoo!’s eligibility rules. Please let me know if I forgot to include anyone who definitely belongs on the list (meaning like an obvious top 25 type… there are some guys toward the end you might like but I likely didn’t include them because they’re not good enough)

If you want to check out my list from September with some commentary on the Top 30, you can still find that here.

Let me know what you think in the comments! What’s your gameplan at SS? Are you looking to pile up multiple studs at the position or are you going to push you luck and wait for the depth to come to you?

SS Rankings for 2020
min. of 5 starts to qualify in accordance with Yahoo! requirements

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4 years ago

Surprised to see JP Crawford at 55. What turns you off from him? Seems like he would fit in around Orlando Arcia seeing they are the same age and JP posted a better wRC+ last year? Plus JP is going to have that shortstop job all year? Thanks!