2011 End of Season Player Rankings

Now that the 2011 fantasy season is all but over (don’t forget to play ottoneu Pick Six during the postseason!), we have an opportunity to look back and see which players did what, and where each player should have been drafted if we knew exactly what was going to happen this year. With that in mind, it’s time to produce some retrospective values and rankings for you to enjoy and reflect on.

Earlier this morning, I outlined changes made to the FVARz system that I introduced in February, and that system is what was used to produce these rankings. Please be aware that these are retroactive values only, and while you are free to use them for predictive purposes without adjustment, I wouldn’t recommend it. So, without further ado, let’s do this thing.

The Top Twelve
1. Matt Kemp — $42
2. Justin Verlander — $40
3. Jacoby Ellsbury — $37
4. Ryan Braun — $36
5. Clayton Kershaw — $35
6. Curtis Granderson — $35
7. Roy Halladay — $30
8. Cliff Lee — $30
9. Jered Weaver — $29
10. Miguel Cabrera — $29
11. Jose Bautista — $29
12. Adrian Gonzalez — $28

Since you probably spent well less than $40 on Kemp, Ellsbury and Verlander, those three were clearly the MVPs of the 2011 fantasy season. I’m willing to bet their surplus value was leaps and bounds above any other player in the league.

Since I know you’re interested in seeing where your favorite players ranked according to FVARz, I have published the final values on a Google Doc and made it available for the world to see. All you have to do is click this here link to be magically transported to the spreadsheet.

Zach is the creator and co-author of RotoGraphs' Roto Riteup series, and RotoGraphs' second-longest tenured writer. You can follow him on twitter.

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Mike Podhorzer

Zach, what league format is this based on? I assume mixed, but how many teams and how many starters at each position? 12 teams, 14 hitters (2 catchers) and 9 pitchers?