Throwing Heat Week 1

The season has begun and we are back with Throwing Heat! For those who didn’t read these articles last season, this is a weekly article that focuses on pitchers who are pitching well. When we are further into the season it will be based on a pitcher’s previous three starts but for now, it will just be their most recent starts.

The beauty of this article is how it highlights all types of pitchers from the best in the league to pitchers who are barely rostered. If someone is on a hot streak they will be in this article, we will then break down their recent starts and let you know if it is real or a facade.

Tylor Megill, NYM

Last two starts: 10.1 innings pitched, 0.00 ERA, 0.58 WHIP, and a 30.6 K%

Tylor Megill, you are a bad bad man! In his first two starts of the season, Megill has looked phenomenal as he cruised through both the Phillies and the Nationals’ offense. He has yet to surrender a walk, has a 30.6 K%, and a 16.0 SwStr%.

Tylor Megill changed his delivery in the offseason to purposely limit movement and to hide the ball better. He thought he was tipping his pitches last season and made sure to correct it. The change also came with a welcoming increase in fastball velocity. Last season his fastball averaged 94.7 MPH and is now averaging 96.5 MPH with him topping out at 99 MPH.

Megill has just looked flat-out great and he seems to be in full command. I fully expect his success to continue.

Check out his fastball below.



Alex Cobb, SFG

Last start: 5.0 innings pitched, 3.60 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, and a 47.6 K%.

We only got to see one start from Alex Cobb so far but it was a pleasure to watch. He dismantled the Padres lineup inducing 14 whiffs and finished with a 37% CSW rate.

There were two notable changes in this start with Cobb. First was his splitter usage. Last season he threw his splitter 37% of the time and in this start, he threw it over 43% of the time. This is big because Cobb’s splitter is by far his best pitch and it’s a very good one. Last season the pitch had a 47.8 O-Swing% and a 20.2 SwStr%, both well above average. The more he throws this pitch the better (going full Gausman).

The second notable change was his increase in velocity. He threw his sinker 92.7 MPH last season but in this start, he was throwing it 94.5 MPH roughly a 1.8 MPH uptick. Increasing velocity will help his sinker a ton both with whiffs and called strikes.

Both of these changes shouldn’t come as a surprise since this is what the Giants basically did with Kevin Gausman. Cobb is a fantastic pitcher and addition to any fantasy team, we just have to hope he stays healthy.

Jesus Luzardo, MIA

Last start: 5.0 innings pitched, 1.80 ERA, 0.60 WHIP, and a 66.7 K%.

I couldn’t possibly write this article without mentioning Jesus Luzardo. Let me tell you something you already know, Luzardo has seen a massive uptick in velocity on every single pitch in his repertoire. His four-seam was up 1.7 ticks from 95.9 MPH to 97.6 MPH and all three of his breaking balls were up at least one MPH.

Is there a word better than dominated? Because that’s what Luzardo did to the Angels. He finished with 18 whiffs (!) and a 45 CSW%. Two insanely high numbers showing how good he truly was.

Alek Manoah, TOR

Last start: 6.0 innings pitched, 0.00 ERA, 0.83 WHIP, and a 30.4 K%.

Alek Manoah bursted onto the scene last season where he impressed virtually everyone in the industry. In 111.2 innings he pitched to the tune of a 3.22 ERA, 1.05 WHIP, and a 27.7 K%. As a rookie, Manoah seemed to have a bright future and he was looking to continue his success in the 2022 season.

His first start was pretty fantastic as he kept the Yankees to just one hit in six innings while striking out seven. He was able to get seven whiffs on his four-seam and eight from both of his breaking balls. The best part about Manoah is his pitch plot.



Sure there are some pitches left in the middle but his slider location is near perfection here. Then he attacks right-handed hitters on the inside with his sinker and changeup. He goes east to west with his breaking stuff then up north with his four-seam and it’s everything you love to see.

Besides the fact that he looks like a young Lance Lynn, Manoah seems to be on the right track towards having another fantastic season. He has a stellar offense behind him and could be in for a big season.

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Ryan DCmember
9 months ago

“Cobb is a fantastic pitcher” [citation needed]