The Stash List – The Quiet Performers Edition

Hey y’all! Another week of baseball in the books. With July coming to a close, this week’s Stash List is filled with guys most likely on your waiver wire. It includes an outfielder in the Braves system that is not getting much love, a defensive minded catcher that has found his hitting stroke, and two pitchers that are performing well to little to no attention.

Trey Harris (ATL AA) OF Age: 23 ETA 2021

While Cristian Pache and Drew Waters are killing it in AA this year, there is another outfielder having a breakout season. Trey Harris put together an excellent college career at Missouri before the Braves selected him in the 32nd round of last years draft. The 5’10” outfielder is a great athlete and has a projectable body. After being drafted, the Braves assigned him to rookie ball. In 31 games, he struck out less than he walked, 9.8 K% to a 15.9 BB%. The Braves promoted him to A ball to finish out the season, where he had a 0.286 AVG. To start out this year, the Braves assigned him to A ball.

In his first 56 games, Harris hit 0.366 with a 0.437 OBP and smacked eight ball out of the park to go with his fourteen doubles. A+ ball was no match for Harris. He had a 0.303 AVG with 0.388 OBP and picked up another four home runs. He swiped three bags to call along with four in A ball. Going forward, I would not expect many steals from Harris. In Rookie ball, he was four for seven and then in A ball this year he was four for eight. It is great to see an advanced college bat like Harris killing the lower minors. He was recently promoted to AA and this will be a big test for Harris. In deeper leagues, I would keep him on my watch list.

Luis Campusano (SD A+) C Age: 20 ETA 2022

The Padres system is loaded with interesting guys and Luis Campusano is one of those guys. The Padres drafted prep catcher, Campusano in the second round of the 2017 draft. At the time he was drafted, he was rated as the best defensive catcher in the Padres system. After being draft, the Padres assigned in Rookie ball, where struggled with strikeouts. The strikeout rate of 14.3% was not concerning but the SwStk% of 26.5% most definitely was. Last year, he spent all year in A ball. The SwStk decreased to 9.4% with a 15.1 K%. Campusano has put up a respectable 0.288 AVG and 0.345 OBP.

However, he lost all his power. He hit three home runs and eleven doubles, which was only a 0.077 ISO. It seemed like Campusano wanted to focus on making better contact and decreasing his swinging strikeouts. This year, the Padres moved him up to A+ ball where he has really put it all together. In 83 games, he has a 0.328 AVG with a 0.394 OBP. The power has really come on with ten home runs and 25 doubles. The biggest encouraging sign was strikeouts have decreased to 12.5% and walks increased to 10%. Catching prospects are a risky dynasty league asset but I would take the gamble on Campusano. He has the defensive chops to stick behind the plate full time and the bat is starting to breakout.

Seth Corry (SFG A) LHP Age: 20 ETA 2022

It has been a few lean years in the Giants minors as of late but don’t fret San Francisco fans. The Giants have some interesting pitchers and a few have been in my recent Stash Lists. So lets add another to the list. Corry, a two-sport star, was all set to go to BYU before he tore his ACL during his junior year of high school. The Giants drafted him in the third round and gave him an over-slot bonus of $1 million dollars. In his first taste of professional ball, the pitched 24.1 innings in rookie ball to the tune of 5.55 ERA and a 1.48 WHIP.

The Giants left him in the AZL to begin the 2018 season and Corry performed much better. In 38 innings, he dropped his ERA to 2.61 but WHIP was still high at 1.45. Towards the end of the season, the Giants promoted him to low A ball, where in 19.2 innings, he had a 5.49 ERA and 1.47 WHIP. The Giants were not concerned and challenged Corry to A ball to begin the 2019 season. Corry is having a breakout year in A ball. In 86.2 innings, he has 119 strikeouts to go along with a 1.97 ERA and a 1.15 WHIP. For dynasty purposes, I’d keep my eye on Seth Corry. The Giants development team have been successful with developing pitchers in the past.

Josiah Gray (LAD AA) RHP Age: 21 ETA 2021

There are a couple of baseball teams I trust with developing their players. Interesting, Josiah Gray moved from an organization I dislike to one I absolutely love. This past off-season, the Reds moved Gray to the Dodgers in the Puig deal. At the time, I was excited for both sides. I loved that the Reds were going for it and Gray was moving to the Dodgers organization. Gray has had an excellent start to his Dodgers career. He started the 2019 season in A ball, where in 23.1 innings he posted a 1.93 ERA and 0.86 WHIP with a 29.6 K% and 8 BB%. He was promoted to A+ ball and did not miss a beat. In 67.1 innings, he kept the high K-BB%. He had a 2.14 ERA and a 0.97 WHIP to go along with a 30 K% and 4.9 BB%. Gray is a very athletic pitcher that has huge arm-acceleration. He was drafted from a small school and scouts have praised his makeup. If for some reason, Gray is available on your waiver wire, pick him up NOW.

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Uncle Spikemember
2 years ago

Excellent work as always, Shelly! Color me skeptical on Corry but I really like the other three.

Uncle Spikemember
2 years ago
Reply to  Uncle Spike

I’ve come back to recant my comment. Corry has been phenomenal lately, especially after I made this comment. He’s now firmly on my radar.