Screw Cancer Ottoneu League: Co-Owner Wanted

It’s time for our annual donation drive in the Screw Cancer ottoneu league. Originally founded by erstwhile FanGraphist Dave Cameron, the league has raised over $30,000 for cancer-related charities since its inception in 2012. Dave was forced to leave the league by the screwheads at Major League Baseball, but we continue to carry out his mission of raising important money via the silly game we play.

This year, I’m auctioning the opportunity to co-manage with me for the 2020 season. I’m looking for two things. Obviously, a willingness to donate to a charity is the main factor. Last year, my co-owner donated over $300. With that in mind, let’s start the bidding at $100. You may choose the charity. Or I can do so for you. Your call.

“Ownership chops” such as ottoneu experience (especially winning) are a huge plus. The slot won’t automatically go to the largest pledge. I’m expecting my co-owner to take an active role in building the team. I’ll explain exactly what I have in mind in a moment.

As a tiebreaker, my familiarity with you via FG comments, twitter, Patreon, or other platform could certainly influence my choice. So feel free to highlight any ways we currently interact in your application.

Applications can be emailed to pitchin432 AT Use this format in the subject line: “Screw Cancer Application: YOUR NAME.” Please keep them brief while highlighting your qualifications as an ottoneu co-manager and your pledge amount. You may also apply via Twitter or Discord.

Expected Role

The co-owner will be expected to take a lead with handling trade negotiations and waiver wire management. I will serve as a backstop to give input/advice. Trades should be mutually agreed. In most cases, I am available to adjust daily lineups shortly before game times. Responsibilities related to the draft will be decided at a later date.

Roster Highlights

Our team is coming off a disappointing fourth place finish, but there’s opportunity to leap into contention. A few roster highlights include but at not limited to $39 Ronald Acuna, $37 Francisco Lindor, $33 Gerrit Cole, $18 Vladito, and $17 Joey Gallo.

Via the Roster Organizer, I currently have $328 penciled in for 21 players. The starting pitching staff appears to be a strength. There are no glaring weaknesses beyond the typical need for MI, OF, and pitching depth.

Additional Donations

If you would like to make a donation regardless of affiliation with the league, please do so! Just send us the receipt, and we’ll add it to the running total. If you would like to donate but feel daunted about picking a specific charity, reach out and I’ll help you choose.

You can follow me on twitter @BaseballATeam

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