Roto Riteup — Presented by DraftKings: July 3, 2014

Today features a massive edition of arbitrary endpoints, because we’re halfway through the season and it just feels right for this Roto Riteup.

On today’s agenda:
1. Cliff Lee to begin rehab assignment
2. Joe Kelly needs more DL time
3. Fun with arbitrary endpoints: June
4. Fun with arbitrary endpoints: Last 365 days
5. The Femicidal Five

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Cliff Lee to begin rehab assignment
After hitting the deck in mid-May, Lee is finally ready to get some rehab work in down in the minor leagues. Lee threw a simulated game on Tuesday, and he’ll be starting for High-A Clearwater on Sunday. Lee managed a 3.18 ERA and 2.66 FIP before being sidelined due to elbow problems.

Joe Kelly needs more DL time
Unlike Clifton Phifer, Kelly has already had a rehab outing, but it won’t be enough to propel him back to the big leagues. The Cardinals believe that Kelly needs a couple more rehab starts before rejoining the club, which makes sense considering he threw just 49 pitches on Tuesday. Marco Gonzales has been filling in for Kelly as of late, and although he hasn’t looked sharp, he’ll remain in the rotation until Kelly returns.

Fun with arbitrary endpoints: June
All stats through Tuesday unless otherwise noted.

Jay Bruce: 112 PA, .300/.351/.540; 27 K, .366 BABIP
Khris Davis: 113 PA, .260/.319/.480; 27 K, .296 BABIP
Scooter Gennett: 86 PA, .397/.447/.692; 14 K, .450 BABIP
John Jaso: 80 PA, .219/.288/.370; 12 K, .237 BABIP
Josh Donaldson: 112 PA, .181/.223/.286; 23 K, .200 BABIP
Kole Calhoun: 89 PA, .346/.386/.568; 17 K, .393 BABIP

Fun with arbitrary endpoints: Last 365 days
All stats through Tuesday unless otherwise noted.

Brian Dozier: 731 PA, .245/.333/.434; 26 HR, 23 SB, .272 BABIP
Ian Kinsler: 724 PA, .290/.340/.442; 16 HR, 20 SB, .303 BABIP
Daniel Murphy: 738 PA, .298/.337/.426; 15 HR, 25 SB, .324 BABIP
Elvis Andrus: 692 PA, .282/.335/.337; 6 HR, 43 SB, .319 BABIP

The Femicidal Five

SP: Matt Shoemaker | $6,800 | vHOU
SP: Vance Worley | $7,000 | vARZ
C: A.J. Ellis | $3,100 | @COL (Franklin Morales)
3B: David Freese | $3,600 | vHOU (Brett Oberholtzer)
OF: Torii Hunter | $3,800 | vTB (Erik Bedard)


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