Roto Riteup: August 23, 2013

Apparently today is Ride The Wind Day. The present author would much prefer Ride Wit Me (the radio edit version of the video).

On today’s agenda:
1. Potentially bad news for Wandy Rodriguez
2. Yet another blurb on Adam Eaton
3. Dan Uggla is scheduled to return

Potentially bad news for Wandy Rodriguez
Generally speaking, any time that a pitcher is scheduled to see Dr. James Andrews, it tends to be a bad sign. For Wandy Rodriguez in particular, he will see the famed doctor sometime early next week. Rodriguez will seek out another opinion on his forearm following more soreness after his latest simulated game. Still without any sort of recovery time table, it is best for anyone still clinging to Wandy to let him go.

Yet another blurb on Adam Eaton
In what will Shirley surely be the final update of the 2013 season regarding Adam Eaton, the author feels compelled to announce Eaton’s recent success. Even before counting last night’s 2-for-4 performance, Eaton was hitting .288/.351/.442 this month. Yes, his .361 BABIP for the month is high, however Eaton’s skill set would suggest an ability to consistently post higher than average BABIP’s. He is yet to record a stolen base — though he did attempt to steal yesterday — but does have two home runs in August.

Eaton has managed to hit either leadoff or two-hole in six of his past seven games started and may have gained the upper hand in terms of playing time and favorable lineup positioning. The Arizona outfield is still crowded, but Eaton should be able to maintain enough playing time going forward to be owned in 14-team mixed leagues and 12-team mixed leagues with deep benches. Eaton is still available in 95% of ESPN leagues, 80% of Yahoo! formats, and 55% of CBS leagues.

Dan Uggla is scheduled to return
After undergoing Lasik surgery to address his vision issues, Dan Uggla is progressing well enough in his recovery to warrant a return date. Yesterday the Atlanta Braves announced their intentions to activate Uggla on August 28, the first day that he is eligible to return. Though Uggla may be enjoying another 20-home run season, his rate stats have fallen off the table. His current .186/.307/.389 and 96 wRC+ is a far cry from his career 113 wRC+ mark. This season has seen his struggles surpass last year’s down season where Uggla still managed a 104 wRC+ with 19 home runs, 86 runs, and 78 RBIs.

Assuming that he doesn’t meet any setbacks, Uggla would be ready to go for the final five weeks of the year. His power is still intact — at least his home run count and his .204 ISO would suggest that much — but he projects to have a brutal batting average and on-base percentage. If one happens to be hurting for power or looking for middle infield help, Uggla is an option. While fully acknowledging his warts, Uggla is capable of popping home runs in bunches and his .228 BABIP is bound to regress to something more reasonable. Given that Uggla is freely available in over 45% of both ESPN and Yahoo! formats, though just 25% of CBS leagues, grab him and hope for some power.

On a personal note, the Oakland Athletics have seemingly acquired former catcher Kurt Suzuki from the Washington Nationals, presumably for a prospect that is yet to be named. Suddenly the author’s Suzuki shirsey is slightly less irrelevant! Unfortunately the Daric Barton shirsey remains nothing but a conversational piece. And the conversations tend to be shrouded in a mix of pity and mockery.

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At first, I thought, why in the world would anyone, even an A’s fan, own a Barton and/or Suzuki shirt? But then, I started to think of who else was on that team a few years ago that would have warranted shirt sales… Nope, still weird!


They were giving em away for free.


Yes, ’07 to ’09 was bleak in Beaneville. But Barton’s 2010 season was outstanding. After that campaign, as a left-handed would/wanna-be first baseman myself, I would have gladly spent $200 on an authentic Barton jersey. I didn’t do it, and he didn’t do anything after that. But for a moment all was right with the world.

Also, Zooooooooooooooook!