Roto Riteup: August 14, 2013

The present author was without power for 24 hours, which really made him think about his priorities in life. Mainly, it left the author with the realization that watching the return of Breaking Bad was of the utmost importance.

That being said, today’s Roto Riteup is largely injury related, because that’s what the news of the day required.

On today’s agenda:
1. Josh Johnson to DL
2. Aramis Ramirez activated from DL
3. Dustin Ackley to play a little more
4. Matt Harrison won’t be back this year
5. Dan Uggla to DL

Josh Johnson to DL
A major offseason acquisition, Johnson is heading to the disabled list with tightness in his forearm, which can often mean bad times for a pitcher’s elbow. Johnson’s fantasy numbers are devastatingly bad this year, but there’s still some reason to believe he can be an effective starter in the major leagues. Johnson’s velocity didn’t suffer a dip in 2013, and his strikeout and walk rates were standard. JJ’s biggest issues were simply hits and homers, and both of those factors are likely to regress some if the right-hander is healthy enough to pitch next year. While there’s no official word, I’d bet that JJ is done for the year, and most likely even done as a member of the Blue Jays.

Aramis Ramirez activated from DL
A-Ram has been on the disabled list since early July, and the Brewers’ third baseman has barely played in 50 games this year. Ramirez has struggled to produce for the Brewers this year, but how much of that poor production is due to his bum knee is entirely unknown. Ramirez has been mostly healthy throughout his career, but at 36 years old, injuries are going to pop up more often than before. Ramirez looked like a top-12 third baseman coming into the year, but he’s certainly fallen from that mantle now. With a lack of other big bats in Milwaukee’s lineup, Ramirez doesn’t have a whole lot of promise going forward.

Dustin Ackley to play a little more
With the 2013 season continuing to look like a lost cause, Ackley is going to see the field more for the remainder of the year. Ackley has been pushed out of regular playing time by a combination of Nick Franklin, Mike Morse, and Raul Ibanez, but now he’ll be taking the field at the expense of the likes of Michael Saunders. Raul is going to be the one sitting eventually, so this doesn’t spell the end of Saunders as an occasionally-productive roto player.

Matt Harrison won’t be back this year
At the time of Harrison’s initial injury, I didn’t believe that he would be able to make it back for the 2013 campaign, and it turns out I was right. Harrison will be back for the Rangers next year, but back problems — especially those requiring two surgeries — are a huge concern. Harrison isn’t worth keeping, pretty much regardless of cost.

Dan Uggla to DL
The muscled second baseman is going to miss the next 15 days due to LASIK surgery, which should hopefully help his eyesight, and thus, his bat. Uggla should only miss the minimum number of days, but there’s always those horror stories you hear from people who have had corrective eye surgery. Uggla hasn’t been worth a damn to fantasy owners all year anyway, and he still won’t be when he returns from the operating chair.

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That seems like a glib way to dismiss a guy who has had OPS of .905, .746, .871 and .901 over the last four years. Sure, he’s aging and coming off an injury and the counting stats might not be where they were in the past, but in a year where Kelly Johnson and Mike Aviles are top-15 options at 3B it’s not hard for me to imagine Ramirez having value this season. In anything but shallow leagues he’s worth owning right now I think.


Inclined to agree. With Wright on the DL, Headley having an awful season, and Sandoval proving far more devastating at the buffet than at the plate, it’s difficult to imagine Aramis being useless in anything deeper than a 10-Team mixed league.


It took me until the fourth line of your post where you wrote “3B” to realize you were talking about Ramirez and not Uggla. 😛