Roto Riteup: April 30, 2013

On this day 20 years ago, CERN announced that the World Wide Web would be free to everyone. Let that sink in as you read this on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

On today’s agenda:

1. The return of Hanley Ramirez
2. Brandon Beachy watch
3. Wilson Ramos is back
4. Friendly reminder regarding Carlos Ruiz
5. Stephen Strasburg’s forearm tigthness

The return of Hanley Ramirez
Hanley Ramirez was activated from the 15-day disabled list yesterday, and while he didn’t get the start, he figures to get plenty of playing time moving forward as the starting shortstop. Hanley already has both third base and SS eligibility, making his position flexibility a bonus on top of his hitting talent. Both third and shortstop are in need of healthy and worthwhile offensive options, and Hanley is most likely both. The keywords are “most likely” as Hanley will play with a splint on his thumb for some time. How that splint will affect his swing and overall numbers remains to be seen.

Brandon Beachy watch
Readers are no doubt familiar with the present author’s affection for Andrew Cashner, however the author also has a strong love for Brandon Beachy (as well as Xavier Avery and Cory Luebke, but I digress). Beachy is on pace to begin a rehab assignment next week and still projects to join the Atlanta Braves around mid-June. It would behoove any fantasy owner in a league with an extra DL slot or a deep enough bench to grab and hang on to Beachy. He is owned in 60% of CBS leagues, 23% of Yahoo! formats, and just 3% of ESPN leagues.

Wilson Ramos is back
After being placed on the DL with a sore hamstring, Wilson Ramos is back in action for the Washington Nationals. Well, at least he is back, if not in action just yet. He didn’t get the start yesterday, however Ramos should continue to see a time share with Kurt Suzuki going forward. No doubt that Ramos has the higher offensive ceiling of the two, however Nats manager Davey Johnson will give Ramos plenty of time off. This is speculation, however Ramos should be seeing the majority of the starts by June. Ramos has a lifetime 109 wRC+ and Suzuki has a 88 wRC+. It shouldn’t take terribly long for Ramos to win the majority of the catching duty.

Friendly reminder regarding Carlos Ruiz
As our very own Mike Petriello noted just over a week ago, Carlos Ruiz still exists. In agreement with Mike, the present author does not expect another massive 2012-esque offensive performance from Ruiz, however he still makes for a useful fantasy options. Ruiz is still owned in just 23% of Yahoo! and ESPN leagues and 57% of CBS leagues. For those of you in two catcher leagues, Ruiz is a must own. Any one catcher league owner that is currently riding John Buck or J.P Arencibia’s hot start would do themselves a favor to keep an eye on Ruiz. If it comes down to Ramos or Ruiz, go with Ruiz.

Stephen Strasburg’s forearm tightness
Details are few, speculation is rampant, and all hope is lost. Just kidding on the last part, but the first two are accurate. Right now it is too early to tell exactly what is going on with Strasburg, other than he had forearm tigthness after (possibly during) his start yesterday. Cross your fingers and let us all hope this blows over quickly.

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is the Gattis express over? drop for wellington?

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