Podapallooza 2023 Day 1 Live Stream

Justin Mason is joined by some of the best fantasy analysts in fantasy baseball industry to raise money for Keep Playing Baseball!

Podapallooza Day 1 Live Stream Schedule
Saturday 2/25 Host Guest 2 Guest 3 Guest 4 Prize Given Topic
10 EST Justin Mason Kris Olson Peter Pratt Lou Landers 2 Month Subscription to Dr.Roto.com (from Lou Landers) Fantasy Ethics Questions
11 Nick Pollack Michael Simone Callen Elslager Bat Flip Crazy PL Pro Subscription (from Nick Pollack) Starting Pitching After Pick 100
12 Sam Wirshing Michael Schneider Bryson Ostepchuk Drew Wheeler Dog toys and treats package. ($100) (from Sam W) Dynasty Leagues
1 Scott Chu Ray Kuhn Blake Meyer A Rotowear t-shirt of the winner’s choosing (From Peter Pratt) Hitting Targets
2 Justin Mason Jake Halusker Todd Whitestone Matt Cain Perfect Game Bobblehead (from Justin Mason) NFBC
3 Mike Carter Greg Jewett Doug Dennis a 3-month membership for Recon (from Greg Jewett) RPs
4 Bubba Entrekin Jake Crumpler Britton Allan Jacob DeGrom Card (from Britton Allan) Busts
5 Todd Zola Marty Tallman Shawn Knoche Carlos Marcano 2023 Mastersball Platinum Subscription (from Todd Zola) Starting Pitching Sleepers
6 Howard Bender Steve Gardner Jordan Eisen John Lepore Free one-year subscription to Fantasy Alarm (from Howard Bender) Bold Predictions
7 Justin Mason Baseball Pods Dave McDonald Michael Govier Baseball Cards (from Baseball Pods) What makes a good podcast


Donate to raise money for Keep Playing Baseball  is “an organization providing a free source of information and advice for high school baseball players who want to play baseball in college at any level, with or without athletic scholarships.” For every dollar you donate, you get a raffle ticket for amazing prizes!

Donate via paypal to JustinMasonFantasy@gmail.com and via venmo to @justinsalinger.

Justin is the co-host on The Sleeper and The Bust Podcast and writes for Rotographs covering the Roto Riteup as well as other periodic articles. In addition to his work at Rotographs, Justin is the lead fantasy writer/analyst and co-owner for FriendswithFantasyBenefits.com, and the owner of The Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational. He is also a certified addiction treatment counselor. Follow Justin on Twitter @JustinMasonFWFB.

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