Playoff Performers Could See a Boost in Value

The World Series is a chance to perform on a national platform like no other in the baseball world. Sure, the Red Sox have a ton of nationally televised games throughout the year and a nation of faithful fans, but the Cardinals don’t always get all of the hype they deserve. With a chance to prove themselves, players can see their fantasy value boosted up a couple dollars for the following year just by playing well in front of a large audience. With the 2013 season officially over, let’s take a look at some of the players who benefited from their run in the playoffs.

David Ortiz
68 PA, .353/.500/.706
Papi’s playoff performance wasn’t a breakout or anything, but it may have assured the world that the 37-year-old isn’t done yet. Although his regular season performance likely should have assured some owners, some are just waiting for signs that Big Papi will fall off the cliff and hit like his did in 2009. There are no signs yet, other than the age on his birth certificate.

Koji Uehara
13.2 IP, 34.8% K, 0% BB, 0.66 ERA, 7 SV
Koji likely got noticed a month or two before the playoffs began, but he more than showed he could pitch in big moments against some of the best in the game. Even with a relatively weak fastball, Koji will be fighting against Craig Kimbrel and Aroldis Chapman to be the first closer taken, and he’s definitely the first off the board in AL-only formats.

John Lackey
26 IP, 22.7% K, 5.5% BB, 2.77 ERA, 3-1 record
Lackey had a great 2013, but an ERA of almost five in September was going to leave some with a bad taste in their mouth had he not performed well in the playoffs and in the clincher. And hey, Lackey could be playing for a $500k contract in 2015!

Jon Lester
34.2 IP, 21.6% K, 6% BB, 1.56 ERA, 4-1 record
Lester came out and pitched like an ace during the postseason. Lester’s regular season had pretty much guaranteed his 2014 option would be exercised, but now we may see Lester go for an extra dollar in drafts.

Michael Wacha
30.2 IP, 27.7% K, 10.1% BB, 2.64 ERA, 4-1 record
Getting smacked around by the World Champs in Game Six may drop Wacha down a tiny bit, but the postseason was a breakout for Wacha. More importantly then just showing the world he’s for real, Wacha locked up a spot in the 2014 rotation behind Adam Wainwright. Speaking of a rotation spot…

Trevor Rosenthal
11.2 IP, 45% K, 7.5% BB, 0 ERA, 4 SV
Rosenthal’s numbers were certainly better than his outstanding regular season, but that’s not what will be the ultimate decider of his value. No, what drafters will get excited about is Rosenthal closing out games after racking up only three saves in the regular season while setting up for Edward Mujica and others. Rosenthal was previously a starter, but with Wacha dominating for most of the playoffs, Rosenthal will likely be stuck in the bullpen and one of the first five closers off the board.

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Nelson S.
Nelson S.

You think Koji gets taken ahead of Greg Holland? I dont know if he deserves to be

Matt Bertelli
Matt Bertelli

I agree. They are almost had the exact same stat line this year. The main difference was Holland had a slightly higher WHIP. Holland though is younger and healthier. Uehara has an injury history and pitched a record high in innings this year. 74.1 innings plus the 13.2 in the playoffs for the 38 year old is a lot when high was 66.2 in 2009. Also not that it turned out to be a big deal but the Redsox didn’t insert him as closer earlier due to concern about handling back to back days so they are concerned about his ability to hold up. I would take Holland over him easily and will be very pleased in drafts if Uehara is going earlier. Uehara had the better year for this year if you don’t include saves but you have to favor Holland in 2014.


well, the red sox should be a lot better than the royals, so if for no other reason than the save opportunities