Ottoneu Trinkets And Assorted Gobbledygooks

Are you ready to be shocked? I’m having trouble selling my $3 Alex Rodriguez. Also my $7 Billy Hamilton, $5 Shane Victorino, $4 Jesse Chavez, and $4 Neftali Feliz to name a few. Unsurprisingly, nobody is busting down my door to own my collection of down-roster bench fodder. Yet I’m pretty sure a guy like Victorino will go for more than $5 on draft day. Somebody will pony up for the latest shot at a Hamilton breakout. My inability to find back end starters has me ready to keep Chavez for myself. Essentially, I’m confident there is cause for somebody to keep these players, even if they possess a second order sort of value.

This puts me in a bit of a pickle. My latest roster tinker session has me at 29 roster spots (of 40) and $286 (of $400) committed to players I consider to be my core. I need a starting third baseman, some kind of middle infielder, and a couple starting pitchers. And then there are the gobbledygooks. I have something like 13 of them. Nine of them, like Victorino, are on what I consider keepable prices – in a fringy sort of sense. The others might still be somebody else’s keeper.

With a little over a month before cuts are due, I’m starting to fret. What should I do with these players? For the most part, they’re all some form of upside play. Several of them may be cut by the end of May. However, if you were to consolidate the list into an index and adjust for draft inflation, they’re a decent bet to outperform their cost. However, that’s a game plan best suited to a rebuilding roster. I’m very much poised to contend.

Now here’s the twist…and there is a twist. I’m going to end the post right here. What would you do with my ottoneu trinkets? Or your own if you prefer.

We’ll discuss what I’m doing about it next week.

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CC AFCmember
7 years ago

I’m at a similar point with own roster. I say cut em if you need the money for other roster spots. If you can’t get those players back in the auction, you can probably find someone of similar value for a similar price. I’ve gotta figure there’s an outfielder or four available that you’ll be able and willing to roster for $3 at the auction if you cut Victorino and Hamilton.