OttoGraphs Episode 8: The Standings Dashboard

In this episode of OttoGraphs, Tom, Trey, and Justin discuss the Standings Dashboard, a tool that helps you analyze your team’s performance and compare it to the league. Later, we talk about how to handle a hot or cold start from your team, and our strategies for buying and selling in April.

Here’s a link to the standings dashboard. Save the file to your own google drive, then open it up, enter your league number and check out how your team stacks up against your competitors! Right now the standings dashboard only works for Fangraphs Points leagues, the most common format – we’ll be sure to let everyone know when we have an upgraded version that works for SABR points as well.

Editor’s note: We’ve gotten some good feedback about the audio quality, and I hope it’s been getting noticeably better the past couple episodes as we improve our on-air and editing skills. Thanks for bearing with us as we work to get better (and sorry in advance for a little audio hiccup in this episode)! Feel free to continue letting us know how we’re doing, and to comment with any other questions or suggestions you may have about this episode or future topics.

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Lastly, special thanks to Treemen who provided our intro and outro music. If you like what you hear, please check out their other work at

Tom Oltarzewski is a musician and composer, and works at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. He has been playing ottoneu baseball since 2012, and ottoneu football since its inception in 2015. Follow Tom on Twitter @tomhasopinions if you don't mind a very low ratio of baseball tweets to other topics.

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