OttoGraphs 01/18/2016- Introduction & Keeper Deadline Review

Episode 1 of “OttoGraphs”, the ottoneu-centric fantasy baseball podcast, is here! This weekly (or possibly more frequent) podcast will cover all things ottoneu, from auction strategy, valuation tools, in season tips/tricks, and offseason trade/keeper strategy.

The first segment of this episode serves as our introduction, and touches briefly on what the four of us (Joe, Justin, Tom, and Trey) love about ottoneu and how we got our start with it.

We apologize in advance for the untimely nature of our second segment’s content, but even though the Keeper deadline in ottoneu has come and gone we thought it would still be instructive to keep this segment away from the cutting room floor.

Feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions you may have about this episode or future topics, and we can be reached individually on Twitter:





Lastly, special thanks to Treemen who provided our intro and outro music. If you like what you hear, please check out their other work at



Justin is a life long Cubs fan who has been playing fantasy baseball for 20+ years, and an ottoneu addict since 2012. Follow him on Twitter @justinvibber.

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Matt Maison

The button on the subscribe on Android link doesn’t seem to be working.

Matt Maison

Should have mentioned, I’m using Chrome.