Daily Fantasy Strategy — April 5 — for Draftstreet

The first weekend of all day viewing is upon us, and it’s only fitting that we’ll have an opportunity to see multiple aces in action.  It’s also fitting, and quite welcoming, that weather forecasts today look fantastic.  The only game with a better than nominal chance for rain takes place in Houston, which has a retractable roof, so yay. And thankfully to the new television rules, you can tune in to any out of area game today on MLB.tv.

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Some teams’ aces are taking the mound – Hi, Jose. Others either saw one of their frontline guys pitch yesterday, or due to scheduling quirks, haven’t quite made it through their rotation yet. Per usual, the chart I use is below.

The Angels offense is already pretty studly, but with Dallas Keuchel on the mound they could be an absolute juggernaut. Keuchel, so far in his career, hasn’t contained lefties very well and has been absolutely torched by righties. John Danks has also pitched rather poorly to both sides of the plate the past few seasons, which is somewhat sad considering how well his career began.

The Daily Five

Victor Martinez – $6,720

Orioles’ starter Bud Norris really, really struggles against left handed batters. Martinez has posted a .359 wOBA against right handed pitchers throughout his career, and thanks to his spot in the batting order he should have a decent shot to drive in a few runs.

Kole Calhoun – $5,253

Norris struggles against lefties. Keuchel struggles against everyone. The Angels’ lineup could make for a nice stacking opportunity, and their leadoff seems like a nice place to start.

Pedro Alvarez – $4,300

Alvarez is a definite boom or bust option. And he set off resounding booms twice last night. Kelly has had trouble containing lefties so far in his career, and at this price it’s impossible to pass on El Toro.

Julio Teheran – $15,648

The Nationals lineup is good, but I’m a believer in Teheran. The blemishes on his record came mainly from left handed batters in 2013, and outside of Adam Laroche and Bryce Harper, the Nats’ don’t have much from the left side. Teheran’s the 15th most expensive pitcher going today. He’s cheaper than Michael Pineda; roll with him.

Hunter Pence – $6,019

The Giants offense has gotten off to a tremendous start. Unfortunately, Pence hasn’t had a large part in their exploits so far. I like his odds to get involved tomorrow against Maholm. Pence crushes lefties, and while Maholm isn’t terrible versus righties, he still struggles a little.

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Really bummed about Hunter (flex spot) so far. Had Kipnis in this spot, but I’ll give him a flyer today and see what happens