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I’m not sure how your roto teams are doing, but I’ve had a rough start so far. I own multiple shares of: Miguel Cabrera, Edwin Encarnacion, Brad Miller, Jason Heyward, Danny Salazar, and Aaron Hill. I also recently lost Chris Sale from two teams. So, thankfully Edwin and Miggy have began to come around otherwise this week would have given me a whole lot of sadness. It can’t all be bad though, right? Andrew Cashner has been very good. Kluber was lights out yesterday. Lance Lynn has quietly been very good. So it appears better days are on the horizon. Hopefully better days are on their way for you too, if your squads have limped out of the gate.

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As usual, we’re looking at a full slate thanks to the fact that it’s Friday. I realized yesterday how lucky I’ve been to not have to make picks on “get-a-way days,” because it’s never fun playing a guessing game as far as playing time is concerned. Unfortunately, weather looks like it could be a factor again in the Northeastern part of the country, specifically in New York, Baltimore, and Washington.

Probables Chart

There are a few games that make for nice stacking candidates. Despite the fact that Dodgers’ Stadium favors pitchers, you could make a case for stacking either side of that game. Just, for gods sake, don’t watch Josh Beckett pitch. What a neverending, time consuming, nightmare that is. The Orioles-Royals tilt doesn’t have a good forecast, but if any one pitcher can cure Kansas City’s homer woes, it’s Ubaldo Jimenez in Camden Yards. Ervin Santana has a lot of green cells above, but with the way he’s been throwing the ball, I don’t like my chances picking against him.

Perhaps the most interesting pitcher of the day is Shelby Miller. Is he broken or not? I lean towards the former, so we’ll see how that plays out now that I’ve written my stance.

The Daily Five

Henderson Alvarez – $11,793

Alvarez, much like his rotation mate Nathan Eovaldi has had a solid start to his 2014 campaign. He’s posting career highs in zone% and f-strike%. Unfortunately he isn’t missing a ton of bats, but with the Mets’ penchant for swinging and missing, he could still muster a few more strikeouts than normal.

Gerardo Parra – $5,837

*inserts note about Roberto Hernandez’s struggles with left handed batters*

Athletics stack

Josh Donaldson – $7,283
Jed Lowrie – $7,085
Alberto Callaspo – $5,797

Brad Peacock isn’t very threatening, but the A’s offense is. All three of the above guys have been swinging the bat wonderfully so far. Callaspo is historically better versus lefties, but I’m willing to plug him tonight because he should have a chance to drive in a few runs.

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long duck dong
long duck dong

From 1-10 how would you rate my pitching staff..h2h points league,weekly lineups
Fernandez,Cueto,Bumgarner,Iwakuma,Minor,Fister,Pineda,Archer,Peralta,Mejia,Robbie Ross and Rafael Soriano.


My uneducated opinion says…Bum, Fern, Cueto, Minor, Iwakuma, Archer, Fister, Pineda and Ross. Minor and Iwa could ascend once they’re healthy and pitching again.




Great staff. Fernandez, Bumgarner, Cueto, Soriano, Iwakuma, Archer, Minor, Peralta, Ross, Mejia.

Lots of good arms. Iwakuma and Minor could move up or down based on their injuries. I tend to think Ross will have some growing pains, but he’s been great thus far. Mejia brings gas….just not sure exactly what his role is yet.