Crowdsourcing Yu Darvish’s Ottoneu Points Stats

Once Yu Darvish agreed to his fat new contract with the Rangers a few weeks ago, we crowdsourced his traditional 5×5 stats to determine his fantasy worth. The results came back, and the 560 responses indicated that most of RotoGraphs’ readership expects him to approximate the 2011 version of Madison Bumgarner next season, meaning he’s a top 15-20 starting pitcher. This week we’re going to take it a step further and crowdsource Darvish’s ottoneu points stats.

The points scoring in ottoneu is based on linear weights, and you can review the rules and derivations here. Here’s a quick breakdown of the points values…

IP: 3.0 7.4
K: 2.0
H: -2.3
BB: -3.0
HBP: -3.0
HR: -12.3
SV: 5.0
HLD: 4.0

The form for these stats is below, so please take a minute or so to fill it out honestly. It’ll remain open all week, and next Monday I’ll present the results. Once he we have that, we can spend some time determining Darvish’s draft position and auction value. Thanks for your response.

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Kyle H
Kyle H

I have no clue how many Hits are average, how can I find that out.