Co-Manager Wanted: Play With Me For Charity

UPDATE: A co-manager has been selected. Thank you to all who applied.

I’d like to thank all those who applied in response to last Thursday’s talent search for the Screw Cancer ottoneu league. We raised over $300 for charity in the process. Unfortunately, we only had one open spot thus quite a few applicants were left hat in hand. Today, I have a fresh new opportunity to play fantasy baseball and battle cancer.

First, a little background information about the league and format. Ottoneu is the award-eligible fantasy platform hosted by FanGraphs. Think of it as dynasty-lite. You get a 40-man roster, a $400 payroll, and way too much freedom to manage your team your way. For reasons unbeknownst to me, the platform is named after former St. Louis Browns player Otto Neu who compiled a whopping zero plate appearances over his “career.”

The Screw Cancer league was originally founded by Dave Cameron as a fundraising tool. Dave now works for the Padres front office. They don’t let him out of the house to play with the neighborhood kids. He has to stay home and study. Since its inception in 2012, the league has contributed over $30,000 to cancer related charities. This particular league is of the season-long FGpts variety.

And now, on to the latest shameless plug for charity. On the auction block today is a chance to co-manage with me. Furthermore, you’ll be given the opportunity to take a primary role running the roster.

Here is what I envision for the co-manger. Duties may include allocating arbitration, negotiating trades, and a say on trades, cuts, waiver transactions, and daily lineups. For this relationship to work and be mutually beneficial, the co-manager must be in close communication with me, i.e. in communicado, not incommunicado. I’d like to use gchat, twitter DM, or Discord DM. For myself, I plan to serve in an advisory capacity while helping with daily lineups and offering input on basically every decision point. I’ll probably also run the draft, although that is up for discussion.

Not up for debate is the charity aspect. There are two qualifications to be my co-manager. You must be willing to donate to a cancer-related charity. You must want to cooperatively manage a team with me. That’s it. No ottoneu experience required. In fact, this is a prime opportunity for somebody who wants a full crash course on ottoneu.

Applications should briefly touch upon these two points. Give me the abridged version of your credentials. In fact, using bullet points isn’t a bad idea. Send your applications to pitchin432 AT Use the phrase “Screw Cancer Application – YOUR NAME” in the subject line.

Please include the amount you will donate in your application. If you have fundraising channels like twitch, perhaps include those too. Although I will not promise to give the spot to the highest bidder, it will have a very large impact on who I select. I plan to review applications next Monday so I suggest submitting yours by the end of the week.

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