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Introducing THE BAT X

I haven’t been this excited to announce something since I first created THE BAT.  Today I get to announce a brand new projection system I’m calling THE BAT Experimental (or THE BAT X)! These are now available on the FanGraphs player pages and as sortable projections.

THE BAT X is going to serve as a sort of drawing board for new ideas and innovations that I’m not quite ready to replace the tried-and-true, classic version of THE BAT with yet.  Basically, it will be a set of projections that should be the best possible version of THE BAT, but which I’m not 100% certain of yet. The first of these THE BAT X innovations: Statcast data!

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An Intro to THE BAT

What’s up, FanGraphs!  My name is Derek Carty, and I’m pumped to announce that my projection system, THE BAT, is back at FanGraphs for its second season!

If you’re into DFS, you may have heard of THE BAT.  I’ve been building this system for the past eight years, and 2019 will be the sixth season it’s been available publicly, first at Fantasy Insiders and now at RotoGrinders.

Last year I brought THE BAT season-long projections to FanGraphs, a recent article by Ariel Cohen (which was nominated for FSTA Article of the Year—congrats!) with some really unique methodology showed it to be the most valuable of all the non-aggregate projection systems that were tested by a large margin.

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THE BAT Projection System Joins FanGraphs!

What’s up, FanGraphs!  My name is Derek Carty.  If you’ve been into sabermetrics long enough, perhaps you recognize me from my time managing the fantasy sections for Baseball Prospectus and The Hardball Times a while back.  The past half-decade or so I’ve been focused solely on daily fantasy sports, most notably with, Baseball Tonight, RotoGrinders, and on Twitter (@DerekCarty).  I’m so pumped to be announcing today that I’m getting back involved publicly on the sabermetric side (privately, I never left!) by integrating my projection system, THE BAT, into the offerings here at FanGraphs!

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